"So Mario, what do you want to do today?" Luigi asks.

Mario shrugs.

"How about some Mario Karting?" Luigi asks.

Mario shakes his head.


Mario shakes again.

"Any sport?" Luigi asks.

Mario shakes for the final time.

"Well then, I don't know what to do." Luigi says.

Suddenly, a red toad comes up to them in a panic.

"Mario, Luigi, we need your help!" The red toad runs off and Mario follows along with Luigi.

"Look at what someone has done?" The toad points at his store smashed and stolen.

"What's stolen?" Luigi asks.

The toad replies "Someone stole all of my cooking ingredients, but left the rest. The person stole my Flour and Baking Soda. He didn't even touch the coins, either."

Luigi is confused now. "Why would someone only steal cooking ingredients?"

Suddenly, another toad appears as well.

"Mario! Luigi! Come quick!" The toad runs off and they follow. Before Luigi leaves he tells the first toad to stay right there.

"We will be right back!" Luigi says to the first toad.

They run to see another store.

"Someone robbed this one, too!" The toad says.

"What did the person steal here?" Luigi asks.

"He stole Milk and Eggs, but that's it." The toad gives a grimace of confusion.

They both hear Toadette scream.

"That must be where he is now!" The brothers run off into the direction the scream came from. "It came from the bakery!"

They run over to see a big green scaled creature holding stolen goods.

"Bowser! I knew it was you!" Luigi says as Bowser runs away and into his clown-car.

Mario runs over to Toadette to help her up.

"Shoot! He got away!" Toadette says in disappointment.

"What did Bowser steal?" Luigi asks.

"Well, he stole not much. He didn't even go for the cash register. He just took icing and bread." Toadette says.

"This is strange. Why would Bowser steal something like that?" Luigi asks.

Mario points to a castle. "Good idea, Mario. Maybe Princess Peach would know." They head to her castle and walk into the doors. There Princess Peach stands.

"I am aware of what is going on. Bowser is stealing all of these weird things around town. However, I think I know what it is." Princess Peach says.

"Really? What?" Luigi asks.

"Well, think about it, Flour, Baking Soda, Milk, Eggs, Icing, and Bread. This all seems like he's planning…" Suddenly Bowser bursts though her castle walls and grabs Peach. He flies away in his clown-car and to his castle.

"Mama Mia! We're too late! No time to find out, we must save Peach and stop Bowser's plan!"

What will happen next? Find out next episode!