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Kyle's POV

Halloween is a terrible time to be homosexual. I would know. My name's Kyle Broflovski, and I've lived in South Park, Colorado all my life. I'm a sophomore at the local high school, and I'm a pretty good student. I've also been gay since middle school.

Only a few of my closest friends know that I like guys... Meaning Stan Marsh, my super best friend since forever. Yeah, I know that's gay, but you can't call me gay because I am, so then I could get you in trouble. Anyway, about Halloween. So, Stan keeps saying that I should wear something girly, and that it would be a great way to come out. I'm not sure yet if I want to go public, but Stan thinks it'll help my self-esteem. Being a slutty nurse for Halloween isn't exactly my best plan of action if I do decide to come out, I suppose, but Stan has one thing right. I'm way too insecure. Living in South Park isn't as easy as it sounds... Without even naming all the crazy, random shit that goes down here, the town's full of homophobic rednecks like Eric Cartman.

He's an interesting topic... Cartman, as we call him, has been fat his whole life. He denies it constantly, and always has, but recently I've noticed that he's actually making an effort to watch what he eats. Not that I pay attention to that sort of thing. Over the last three years of our high school lives, he's lost more than a bit of weight, and has settled closer to the muscle side than the overweight. Again, I couldn't care less, except that now he can actually defend himself when I call him a fatass. So that sucks. Other than that, he's a racist, egotistical, cruel, and ridiculously selfish moron. He hates my guts, and I hate him. It's always been that way. So you can see how I'm a little hesitant about revealing my sexuality.

Our social group is small, consisting of Stan, myself, our other friend Kenny McCormick, and Cartman. I don't know why or how our dynamic works with both me and Cartman in it, but that's the way it's always been, since preschool. There's a lot of things we do and say that are like that... They've just always been. You'd have to have watched us in action over and over for years to fully understand.
Stan's coming over soon to "study"... He ends up sleeping and I've gotta do all his work for him, but I can't say I mind. I don't like like him, but we're so close I swear I can read his mind.

Briiiing, briiiing!

There he is. I sit up and swing my legs off my bed. Trotting down the stairs, I hear voices and am immediately confused. I fling the front door open to see Kenny and Cartman standing on my doorstep. I'm pleased to see Kenny, but I'm severely irritated at the sight of Cartman. Kenny is smiling like the Cheshire Cat and Cartman is looking seriously pissed off. "Kenny, you poor piece of crap! Don't fucking talk about my mom like that!" Locks of his light brown hair were poking out from under the hat he'd worn since preschool and his face was red from yelling at Kenny. The blonde boy was snickering through the hood of his old orange parka, which rarely left his body. "But dude, your mom is a complete whore! Don't try to deny it!" Cartman made a sound somewhere in between a growl and a frustrated sigh. "Shut the fuck up, Kenny. You don't know anything." The blonde smiled sadistically and leaned in towards Cartman. Neither of them had noticed me standing there and I was trying not to laugh at Cartman's distress. "I know more than I probably should, fatass." Kenny hissed, his eyes menacingly dark. Cartman just got angrier, and proceeded to shove Kenny away from him. I decided now would probably be a good time to intervene.

"Ahem." I cleared my throat and scowled at them both. They turned to me in suprise, both mid-lunge. "How long have you been there?" Kenny demands. I stare at him and answer airily. "Long enough. What are you guys even doing here?" Cartman takes this opportunity to annoy me. "What, Kahl? You don't want us here?" He asks in a sickeningly sweet voice. "No," I answered hotly. "I don't." Kenny looks confused. "You said we were gonna study here tonight..." Realization hits me. Earlier that day I'd told Stan to meet me at my house, but I guess these idiots thought I meant them. I pinch the bridge of my nose, a habit that hasn't changed. "I was talking to Stan, you morons." Kenny looks embarrassed, but Cartman shrugs and shoulders past me. "It's all the same to me, Jew. Have any food?" I scowl. "Don't call me a Jew like it's an insult, fatass!" He turns on me, getting abnormally close to my face, eyes blazing. "Ay! I'm not fat!" A familiar feeling sets in my stomach. Hatred. It's ice cold, goading me on from the inside and fueling my biting insults. "Of course you're fat, your slut of a mom feeds you fucking cheesy poofs and cake all day!" He loses his composure for just a second, the flicker of hurt in his eyes barely noticeable. Before he could regain his angry look, though, I noticed. I also realized I hadn't seen his mom around for a while... A long while. And Cartman was making an effort to keep all of us away from his house... What was he up to?

"I'm talking to you, faggot!" An infuriated voice reaches my ears, muffled by my ushanka. He's still there, too close for comfort, and yelling like a maniac. I back away, but don't hesitate to snap back at him. "I'm not the one trying to rape me! Back off, fat boy!" His face darkens, and it scares me a little. "Rape you, Kahl?" He says softly, but somehow makes it sound intimidating. He considers this thought for a second. "No... As much as I love to see you in pain, I could never get that close to your filthy body." I'm hurt, but I don't say anything.

This whole time, Kenny has been watching us just as I was watching them not five minutes ago. He's just... Watching. And smiling. Why is he smiling?! Kenny looking like that only happens when he sees a hot pair of tits, when he lies, or when he knows something he isn't supposed to. There are clearly no girls in the house, and he can't be lying because he hasn't said anything... So he knows something. But what? I suddenly realize I've been staring at him with my eyes narrowed, and I look down with a slight cough.

"So, I guess you guys can stay here, but don't expect me to do your homework for you." Kenny seems satisfied with that and heads upstairs, leaving me alone with Cartman. He snickers, still not satisfied with winning our last argument. "But Kaahhhl," he drawls, provoking me even more. "You always let Stan copy your homework..." I scowl. "Shut the fuck up, Cartman." He just smirks wider, his eyebrows raised suggestively. "Are you gay for him?" The question catches me off guard and I stumble over my words. "N-no. No! I'm not gay at all, you homophobic prick!" I'm nothing short of terrified when he suddenly grabs my arm and stares right at me, his face completely serious. "I never said there was anything wrong with that." He seems a little embarrassed, like he said more than he'd intended to, so he covers up quickly, letting go of my arm with a snort. "Of course, you're right. I hate gay people."

God. What am I supposed to do about him?

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