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Percy's POV

It started as just another council meeting.

We were all waiting for the Stolls to arrive -as usual- so we sent Katie, Pollux and Will to look for them and honestly, they were taking forever. Yet little did I know that this was just the beginning of a really long week.

Everybody were absolutely bored out of their minds. Clarisse, who was starting to pace around the room like a cage animal was sharping her knife and glaring the rest of us for declining her offer to go help with the to find the Stolls as honestly, there was no telling what she would do to them, though she claimed that she was just going to 'Help and teach them a lesson'

Yeah, that was about as probable as the chance of seeing Zeus tangoing with a zebra.

Jason and Nico, munching on nachos with a plateful of Cheese Wiz beside them, were busy discussing the pros and cons of sisters while Thalia, who was on break from the Hunters, sat beside them, zapping Jason whenever he said something stupid and filling the room with the smell of singed clothing.

I had a funny feeling Jason's shirt would be quite holey after Thalia was done.

The representatives from the Athena and Aphrodite cabin, Piper and Annabth, were in deep conversation, recounting their time with their dads and last but not least Leo, as always, was fiddling with pieces of string and apparently his personal favorite, rubber bands.

I yawned and stood up from my place around the ping pong table. My ADHD was driving me crazy and I felt like if I didn't do anything, I would die of boredom.

I was seriously considering to take up Clarisse's 'suggestion' for searching for the Stolls.

Right as I was about to suggest that perhaps the hunting party for the Stolls needed help and that we could go find them and do this later, the door flew open revealing two grinning sons of Hermes. Before I had the chance to pull out Riptide and murder them, Travis -or was it Connor?- grabbed something from behind his back and threw it at me. "Percy, catch!"

My reflexes kicked in and I caught it with no problem. I didn't notice as the Stolls slipped away because I was too busy examining the object small, round fizzing object in my hand.

Everybody stared at it in horror.


Because I was holding a small, smoking Greek style bomb. And guess what?

It was about to blow.

So being a real professional (a true hero if you ask me), I did what any brave hero would've done at that situation.

I dropped it.

"Percy, wha-" Annabeth gasped, but before she could finish, the world exploded around me and everything went black.

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