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Jason's POV

When I woke in the Zeus's cabin with little me, Thalia, and little Thalia, I was shivering from how cold the cabin was. As the cabin was made of white marble and probably had some kind of enchantment on it, the room was always as well chilled as a fridge and half the time I was tempted to ask if Leo could build a heater as I really didn't fancy becoming like a victim of Khione over night because I didn't put on enough layers.

For the same reason, every tiny sound reverberates in the room, making it impossible to ignore sound, even if it was a pin drop. That was how I was awoken. Er, not the pin, but the room reverberating. When I heard that noise, I knew it was one of two things. Someone was knocking on the door or Dionysus had one too many beans that night and had walked into the Zeus's cabin, deciding to visit his younger siblings.

It was probably the first one.

Sleepily, I stood up and stumbled over to the giant door to open it. To my surprise, I found a girl of about 10 with light green eyes and pin-straight, flaming red hair, staring at me and looking around the the cabin before returning her attention to me.

"Nice cabin! I'm Memphis, daughter of Hephaestus."

Memphis... "Leo's little sister" I remembered, looking at little me walked over and rubbed his eyes, yawning.

She looked at him and smiled. "Yep, not the way people normally greet me but that works too. Leo and the others wanted to tell you that they're teaching the five-year olds how to control their powers today so they won't accidentally destroy the camp and give Mr. D a chance to punish them."

That made sense. Though the five year olds powers weren't developed yet so they couldn't exactly kill or fatally harm someone, it was still a good idea to teach them just incase they decided that they didn't like the dessert and wanted to do something about it or one of them got their hands on chocolate.

If that happened, the worst thing that could ever happen is that would give Dionysus a chance to as Memphis pointed out punish them and honestly, I didn't fancy being turned into a dolphin by my older, immortal brother or 'The wine dude' as Percy calls him.

"What time are we meeting?"

"Just after breakfast" She replied, a small smile beginning to form on her lips. "Um, the other reason that I came was I wanted to hand deliver this to you. We printed over a hundred copies so if you lose it, don't worry, we'll always have more"

Uh oh. I slid open the envelope and to my surprise, I found pictures of some dude with orange stuff on his face. Sadly, I knew who the dude was and I knew what the orange stuff was. Heck, I even knew what it tasted like. I took a closer look and groaned. Oh Tartarus! No wonder Light had laughed that hard! "Oh Vlac- Memphis, does everybody have one of these?"

My question, sadly, was not answered as the daughter of Hephaestus was nowhere to be seen, probably slipped away when I was looking-okay-gawking at the pictures but judging by the sound of growing laughter from each of the cabins from around camp, I had a funny feeling that the answer was a yes.

"Oh yes! Give me those!" The photos were ripped from my hands as Thalia, who had soundlessly came up behind me grabbed them, took one look, then burst out laughing.

I sighed. Here we go.

"Oh wow they look awesome! So clear! We should really send one to dad as a Christmas present!"

"What Christmas present?" Great. Two Thalias.

Three minutes later, the two five-year olds and Thalia were doubled over laughing and all around camp, I could hear the same.

I rolled my eyes at the bunch of them. As a Praetor, I had to remain calm and stay cool. Even if I now had a five year-old clone and was the laughing-stock of Camp Half-Blood.

"Come on, let's get breakfast."

(Line break of awesomeness)

What did we do after breakfast?

Power training.

How did we do during power training?


"Look, Jason! I can fly! I can reach the sky! I can-HOW DO I STEER?!"

I sighed, did what must've looked like the most spectacular jump in history and turned him around before he could hit the rather hard (I sadly speak of experience) walls of the battle arena. Then I drifted back to the sand covered ground and waited for the next -and the thirteenth- time he would need help steering.

All around demigods struggled to teach their five-year old selves to use and control their powers. Little Thalia and little Clarisse were down on the ground wrestling, their older selves arguing as presumably little Thalia had 'accidentally' shocked little Clarisse.

Leo and Memphis were trying to convince little Leo that setting people on fire, despite how funny it looked, was not nice and that there was a thing called a toaster, just in case he wanted more charred food like yesterday.

Nico and Amber were nowhere to be seen as upon learning about his power over shadows, he had begun shadow traveling instead of walking and had scared the Hades out of a couple demigods. He would get tired soon, so the two were probably following him to make sure he doesn't faint in say, the Ares cabin or the Demeter cabins garden, both equally dangerous. Really! Those plants are pretty nasty and they bite hard.

Using a small dagger, little Annabeth and Annabeth were sparring and Percy, well, being Percy had slept in and still wasn't here yet.

"They're such a handful, aren't they?" Piper, who was still keeping a careful eye on her younger self smiled at me, before rescuing little Nico, who had just appeared, from being charmspoken into getting her more chocolate from the kitchens. Even as a five year old, Piper's charm speak was powerful.

I opened my mouth to answer. "Yeah, I-"

"Jason! Jason, look! I'm flying again! I- AHHHHHHHHH!" Another sigh, spectacular jump, land. I looked at Piper and sighed.

"You can say that again."

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