Thalia's POV

"What?!" I shrieked.

I, Thalia Grace, was at Camp Half-Blood, on a break from the Hunters of Artemis so I could spend time with my dear cousins and a few friends. Luckily, Artemis promised not to turn my (admittedly annoying) cousins into jackalopes.

I had been surfing the net – it was a demigod safe laptop made by Hephaestus. Thank the gods it was in ancient Greek - and was about to play my favorite song when news from a certain goddess of the hunt stopped me short.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Now was not a good time to start a lightning storm. With as much control as I could muster, I asked "I'll be doing what with who?" I realized it sounded really rude so I hastily added, "my lady."

Artemis perched on the edge of my bed, twisting a strand of auburn hair between her fingers. She sighed and her silvery eyes were full of sympathy. "The big three gods have decided that they haven't been paying attention to their demigod children, so they've decided to take a little road trip so they can bond more."

A road trip with my dad might not the best idea considering the fact that it's with his brothers or my uncles. Did I mention that my dad was Zeus? King of the Gods, Lord of Lightning, a total drama king (He'd kill me if he heard that) and the brother to Hades and Poseidon, rulers of the underworld and sea?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my cousins company except when Percy acts like an idiot and Nico was acting like a 5 year old but my Dad's relationship with his brothers? They loathed each other and were constantly on the verge of starting World war 3. Could they really survive a road trip together?

I sighed with reluctance, not seeing any point to argue as I didn't think that it would make to big of a difference. "When are we leaving?"

Percy's POV

"When are we leaving?" I asked Chiron.

He had just told me that the big three gods kids and their parents were having a 'road trip' together for some 'bonding time'

I groaned inwardly. A trip with my Uncles? I'd rather go swim in the Styx (Been there, done that)

Zeus and Hades were always itching for the chance to killing me and only the fact that my father would do the same to their kids stopped them.

I have great relatives don't I?

Chirons response pulled me out of my thoughts. "An hour"

Styx! I raced around the cabin grabbing things that I would need. Toothbrush, clothes, a canteen of nectar, a baggy of ambrosia.

When I looked up, Chiron was gone and the time read 11:50. Done with 10 minutes left to spare! I thought for a moment, then decided to go see Thalia and check if this was some kind of cruel joke. I shouldered my pack then headed out of my cabin.

Nico's POV

I pushed my last pair of jeans into my pack and straightened. Bianca had visited me only a few minutes ago as a white form made of mist. She had explained that my cousin, uncles, father and I would be going on a 'road trip' to 'bond'.

Seeing her made my heart ache with remembered grief and I wished she hadn't have died. If only she was here with her brown eyes sparkling with excitement, if only she hadn't gone on the quest, if only she hadn't joined the hunters, if only…

I shook my head. A small part of me still blamed Percy for Bianca's death but holding grudges for a child of Hades was dangerous and I had figured that out first hand. I sighed, grabbed my backpack, then stepped out into the bright light of noon.

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