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Zeus's POV

Breakfast, sadly, was rather uneventful as the children were still shocked at Poseidon's 'transformation' and the sea-god was childishly giving us the silent treatment, as if that would change anything. We, of course, did not eat breakfast in the hotel room as the room did not have a kitchen so instead, we went down to the hotel buffet room, which was actually a small, rather unattractive looking room with a peat green carpet and paisley walls. It was strangely vacant but then again, it was pretty late and most of the other people must've ate already.

As we walked into the small, rectangular room the three demigods rushed in their faces expectant and with an expression like they hadn't eaten for days written on their face.

"I. Am. Starving." Percy exclaimed, seeming to come out of the shock of seeing his father look younger than he was. "Oh man, I could really use a-" He took a deep breath, to breath in the normally present scent of breakfast pastries but then seemed to choke. "EEGHH what is that smell?!"

Thalia gagged and clasped one hand on her nose. "It smells like Ares' gym socks in here-"

"Been there, definitely not pleasant" Percy muttered.

"-That wouldn't be breakfast would it?"

"If it is, I'm not touching it." The son of Hades now also had one hand over his nose and his normally pale complexion was now tinged green, almost the same shade as the rather slimy looking carpet. "I think my nose just died."

"Ditto. You know what, I don't think I'm hungry or ever going to be hungry again."

Sure, the room didn't smell pleasant, perhaps slightly worst then Hera's perfume but there was no reason we would have to go to another restaurant when we had food here right?

Hades, obviously, did not agree. "Zeus," he growled, "We are not eating in The carpet is as old as the fates themselves, the wall paper looks about the same shade as Chimera poison and the food, if you can still call it that, looks like a one-eyed harpy threw Kronos' remains into a blender and topped it off with gasoline. If you wish to ingest this mess, go ahead. I'm going to a place where they actually serve food."

For a god who stared at the dead all day, his descriptions unnaturally colorful and now even I was starting to feel slightly queasy. So for the first time in what must've been a millennium, I gave in to my annoying, ignorant older brother. "Fine." I reluctantly grumbled. "I spotted a Starbucks on the way here. Out the door, 'round the corner."

"Starbucks sounds good. I could do with some coffee." Hades turned to leave and the demigods and god scrambled after him, sighing in relief and taking deep breaths of air. "Oh, and Zeus?"

"What?" I snapped, trying to take my own share of Hera free air while trying not to appear doing so.

"You, little bro, are paying because you were the one that got us here in the first place."

I sighed. For a god nicknamed 'The Rich One', Hades was awfully picky about spending his money. "Of course. Lead the way."

It didn't take us long as in their eagerness the demigods practically ran to the small, green, (expensive) café with the traditional mermaid on it. Pretty soon, we had two tables pushed together and warm pastries steaming in front of us.

Poseidon, who had still not spoken scowled at his doughnut. Hard.

"Eat the doughnut Poseidon. Don't just stare at it."

The sea-god scowled even harder.

"Hello? Is this... yes. Thank you. I would like a reservation." The sound Hades's voice caught my attention and I turned to see him using the pay phone out side. From the way the door was still shut and the fact that he was wearing a baseball cap that kept flicking through the mist, I had a feeling that instead of taking normal methods, he had just passed straight through the walls.


Though the thick glass windows muffled his voice, it could still be faintly heard from the inside. Curious about what what Hades could be calling for, I listened closely.

"For 6, one adult five children..." A dinner reservation? Nice. But wait. Five children? Poseidon's scowl lifted slightly and he turned to smirk at me. "I'm taking my niece and nephews out for dinner..." Hades's nephew. Huh. What an honor. "7:30.. that will be fine. Put it under the name of..." Hades looked like he was thinking hard. As gods don't have a last name, I was interested to see what he was going to call himself. Better think fast, bro. "Mr. Olympia. Thank you."

"Mr. Olympia, huh?" Hades's pale skin colored slightly as he walked in. "Very creative, Hades"

He snorted. "Like you can do better."

Admittedly, I was too familiar with mortal last names either but I wasn't going to tell Hades that. "You're paying for dinner, Mr. Olympia? I presume the children, Poseidon and I are going to be your 'niece and nephews'?"


Poseidon continued to glare at his doughnut.

"Lord Hades?" Percy suddenly broke in, a hint of worry in his voice. "We aren't eating... sea food are we?" At seafood, Poseidon's glare wavered slightly and he turned green.

Nico finished the rest of his doughnut and snorted. "No, Percy, of course we're eating sea food. My dad has noooo idea that his brother, who he's known since the beginning of time-"

"We aren't that old. Try beginning of your known world."

"-is the sea-god and he and his son don't eat fish."

Hades and I suppressed chuckles but Percy seemed unperturbed."Just checking. Besides, everyone knows that fish are friends, not food."

"Are you seriously quoting 'Find Nemo'?" Thalia joined in, snickering.

Percy nodded and thumped his chest. "That's what real men do."

"Seaweed Brain."

"Thanks, Pinecone face."

Hades's son, who had wisely not joined in the nickname contest, turned to me instead. "Lord Zeus," He asked, "Where are we going today? Universal Studio again?"

Pulling back my chair, I stood and stretched. "Actually, Nephew, no." With all eyes suddenly on, me, I grinned.

"We're going to Disney."

Thalia's POV

Disney. Of all places, Disney. The happiest place on earth, the place where dreams came true, and the year of a million dreams.

Or so the brightly colored banners proclaimed.

The park was big, perhaps even bigger then Universal was and through the mobs of vendors, gift shops, food stands, and ridiculously tall figures of "Micky and Minnie Mouse" that looked suspiciously like Laistrygonians in jump suits and mouse hats, I could still clearly see the large, world famous rearing marble and white castle with royal blue turrets.

Well that was perfect. The giant castle had to be the one and only Cinderella Castle and that would mean the Disney park that we were in was...

"Magic Kingdom." Hades read. He and Zeus were, of course, in teenaged form and I had to admit that I was having a pretty amusing time watching the Lord of the Underworld realize that he was going to have to spend all day around fairy tales, princesses, and hundreds upon hundreds of little girls in yet more princess dresses calling for their 'Prince Charming's to arrive.

I shared his pain.

Nobody could decide what they wanted- or rather, didn't want- to do and we ending up standing in the middle of 'Princess Drive' for about ten minutes trying to find a ride that wasn't pink, princessey, or only able to move at 2 kilometers per hour.

That left about, oh, 3 rides.

As we contemplated whether or not 'The Great Nemo Adventure' would be more interesting then "Cars; The Race of Speed' which despite it's fancy title was actually a couple of brightly painting automobiles in a track going at about the speed of Kronos reforming, a brightly clothed Photographer came skipping over, waving a camera.

"Good day, Lady and Germs!" He spoke unnecessarily loudly and with a thick Australian accent which made Percy flinch and mutter about something about cruises and bowling practice. "Would you care to take part in our fun photo contest?"

"Photo contest?"

He nodded brightly, his hat bobbing. "Oh yes! You see, you take these cameras," he quickly produced tow cheap disposable cameras and handed one to Nico and one to Hades, who looked at them curiously. "And you look for these special signs implanted around the park, in, you know, our most famous locations! They will tell you what to do, how to pose, and if you complete three out of four of the photos, you get a seventy-five percent discount at the gift shop!" The photographer smiled, though it was too unnaturally wide for any normal smile. "Isn't that great?"

What sounded great to me was to slam him in the face with Aegis- this man sounded far too happy and definitely deserved a good knock on the head- but I persisted. "So, we look for signs, read the signs, do what they want us to, and hand in the photos?"

"Exactly! And to make it more interesting it can be a race! Three on three!" He then glanced rapidly down at his large, rather old looking watch and jumped. "Alas, I most leave now for my other part time job on a cruise! Good bye and have a good day!" With that, he dashed off, leaving us with two cameras, an overwhelming sensation to hit something, a distinct impression that the man was mad and what was beginning to look like a good competition.

"Demigods against gods." For the first time all morning, Poseidon spoke. I wasn't sure what surprised me more, the fact that he sounded just like Percy or the fact that he, a god, was the one who was suggesting that we start a competition. As he continued, a small, mischievous smile beginning to form on the young sea-gods face. "And since there's a discount at the end for both teams... losing team has to wear whatever crown or hat the winning team chooses. For the whole day, where ever they go."

Wow. Tough punishment, though I could just see my dad in a pink feather tiara. "I'm cool with that idea. Better then standing in 'Princess Drive' all day."

"I second that" Hades agreed, looking immensely relieved to be able to escape from standing around pink laced curtains and excited little 'princesses'. "We'll start in three, first team to finish wins."

The rest of the group nodded and I noticed that Nico and Percy's eyes were bright with excitement.

We were totally going to rule this contest.

Hades started to count down. "Three," everybody got in running positions "Two," Percy cocked his head to one side, as it listening to something, "One," Percy whispered something to Nico and he nodded, his eyes shining. "GO!"

"Thalia! This way!" Nico immediately called as he and Percy began running full-out towards Cinderella castle. I dashed after them, noticing that the gods were running in the other direction. "Come on, Thalia! There's a sign over there!"

"How do you know?"

Percy turned back to face me with a crooked smile on his face, his eyes gleaming. "We've got air force"

Thank the gods for Annabeth and Blackjack! As we neared the castle, I spotted the sign and raced towards it.

"What does it say?" Percy asked, hopping up and down in agitation.

"It says..." wot eolpep upt on hte utoftis dna seop keli uory ropsgnipo. "Er..." I blinked, trying to stop the words from doing ballet. Finally- "I got it! Two people put on the outfits and pose like your proposing." I read triumphantly. Then- wait. PROPOSING?!

"I called taking the pictures!" Percy called, grinning. That's weird. Percy never had shown any liking to photography before and-

That's when it hit me. AGH that was so stupid! Why didn't I- AAAAGGGGHHH.

"Me and him?!"

"Me and her?!"

Percy just smirked. "Come on, guys, hurry it up."

"But-but-" Nice stuttered, looking frantic. "Percy, can't I take the pictures?"

"Nope, I called dibs. Oh, and you guys have to put these on, I think." He held out two articles of clothing, one of a jacket that looked like chain mail and a large, flowy dress. His grin could've made the even the Cheshire cat jealous.

I was torn. One part of me wanted to take the clothes and chuck it to Tartarus while the other part of me desperately wanted to see three of the most powerful beings in the world wearing Micky Mouse ears. UGH.

I sighed. "Come on, Death boy. Let's get this over with."


Minutes later, Nico and I were posed in front of the castle and I was feeling considerably better about this photos out come.

Why, you ask?



"How in Hades did I end up being the one in the dress?"

I looked him over, struggling not to burst out laughing. Nico di Angelo, the 'Ghost King', the oh so scary son of Hades was now in a big, fluffy wedding dress. The wedding veil had somehow been flipped over his face but underneath it, I could tell that he was blushing profusely. "Well..." I mused, "It fits you Nicole. And plus, I'm a hunter, I can't be the one being proposed to now can I? You're just a guy so why not?"

"Well, maybe 'cause as you said, I'm a GUY?"

I couldn't help it. Neither could Nico.

We both cracked up.



"Done, guys." Percy's mouth twitched and his green eyes were sparkling. "I now pronounce you the strangest couple in the world. You," He turned towards me, already starting laugh. "May now kiss the... thing facing you. I don't even know what to call this."

All three of us burst into spontaneous fits of laughter.

That was only the first of three photos.

Oh boy.

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