Hey Kevin, I've been holding back this feeling

So I got some things to say to you

I've seen it all so I thought but I've never seen

Nobody shine the way you do.

I have known many people in the past. Been associated with a few and had hated some. Envied some while pitied others. I knew guys who were jerks and the ones who were gentlemen. And especially after the summer Ben discovered his Omnitrix, I've been able to come across people- or rather- creatures from other planets belonging to other species as well. And having such a lot of experience from so many weird and amazing adventures by the time I was just 15 , I thought I knew and had seen all there was in the world. The things my adventures didn't teach me, I learnt from books.

The concept of romance I deduced from Shakespeare, Louisa Alcott, the traits of being a perfect lady from Jane Austen and the art of dreaming and hoping from the fairytales and Disney shows. By now, I knew love made your head spin and your thoughts go crazy – in a nice way. I knew it could make you fall head over heels and still love it. Even the pains that came from loving someone were something lovers enjoyed. And I knew that making love (not the casual sex thing) was the highest degree of pleasure, excitement and fulfillment that the human soul and body could experience. I knew all these things. I had however never felt these.

Never until I met him. Since the very first day that I saw him at the train yard and had put a hand on his shoulder, I knew instantly that there was some connection. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly, but it was something serious, that much- I could tell.

And as he spent time with us as a team, we got to know many things about him, well mostly I got to know coz Ben was way to oblivious. I never had thought in my wildest dreams that Kevin, the boy who had tried to kill us and had kidnapped me just a few years back, was now so changed. He now cared about me more than the missions we were on. The way his persona added to his undying affection for me had developed, was nothing short of amazing. I never knew any human could have that impact on me or that I could have had an impact on them.