Luffy walked around the crowded airport with his bag strapped around his shoulders. He sighed, he was lost already. 'Where on earth is Shanks?' He sniffed the air around him, inhaling the delicious aroma of fried wings. He turned around to be face to face with the familiar red head holding a bag of greasy wings.

"Yo!" The redhead said handing Luffy the bag of wings.

"Shanks!" Luffy said excitedly as he hugged him. Shanks put his hand on Luffy's head,"It's been along time. You've grown so big." Luffy snuggled into the warm hand.

"Follow me," Shanks said. Luffy followed Shanks through the sliding glass doors and into an old run down car. Luffy sat down in the front seat and opened the bag of wings and took out a steamy chicken wing. Shanks inserted his key into the ignition and turned it several times before the car finally started.

"How do you like it here in Tokyo so far?" Luffy stuffed another wing in his mouth, and looked out the window.

"It's big and smelly." Shank laughed and turned into a parking lot in front of a run down apartment building.

"This is your new home. We live on the 2nd floor," Shanks parked the car and undid his seat belt. Luffy stared at the old run down apartment building,'Man, what a classy place Shanks lives in.' Luffy undid his own seat belt and opened the door. As he was stepping out of the car he noticed a girl with orange hair in a somewhat classy uniform holding a wallet as she ran away from a man in a suit. Luffy laughed since he thought it was funny, and because the girl was somewhat interesting. Shanks sighed as he saw the sight, " A lot of crime in these areas, be careful okay Luffy?" Luffy nodded as he ate another chicken wing. Shanks locked the car and began heading towards the building, with Luffy following him. Shanks opened the door for Luffy, and they both snuck past the old landlady. Luffy tossed his empty bag in the trash as he entered the elevator.

"When do I start school again?"

"Tomorrow morning." Shanks laughed when Luffy began to pout. "You can't skip school either, this place isn't like up in the mountains."

"I can tell, it smells a lot worse," Luffy said grumpily. Shank laughed and patted Luffy's head,"Don't worry, I think you'll end up liking it here Luffy." The elevators opened and the two both walked out.

"We live here," Shanks said inserting the key into the lock. Luffy looked at the room number,'103' he thought. Shanks opened the door and walked into the messy room, moving the trash that blocked his way. He guided Luffy to a small room,"This is you room. Sorry it's so small. It used to be a storage room. Your uniform is on the bed, and school starts at 7:30 so be sure to set your alarm or whatever you have because I'm not gonna wake you up. As long as you get decent grades in school your free to do whatever you want." He watched as Luffy set his bag on the bed and took his wallet out of his pants and put it in his bag.

"I'm gonna go explore then, I'll call you if I get lost." Luffy walked past Shanks and out of the apartment. Shanks sighed, he was worried for Luffy. Luffy had been acting weird since the day Garp and Dadan died in a house fire. Shanks looked at the trash on the floor then at the dirty dishes in the sink. 'I don't live alone anymore so I better clean this place up while he's gone.'

Luffy looked up at the gray sky as he walked down the sidewalk. Luffy didn't like Tokyo very much so far. It was big, dirty, smelly and a lot of people tried to sell you things you didn't want. He walked past his new school, Newgate Academy. Newgate Academy was a very fancy school with a lot of rich people. 'How on earth did Shanks get me into this school?' Luffy saw a familiar orange headed girl sneakily climb over the gate and land gracefully on her feet. She slid some hair past her ear and noticed Luffy for the first time. She smirked and walked away. Luffy laughed, 'this girl is interesting'. It was around 9:00 when Luffy finally managed to find the run down apartment building. Luffy knocked on the door to room 103 and patiently waited for Shanks to open the door. Shanks opened the door, and groaned slightly. Shank's hair was a mess and his outfit was wrinkled. 'Must've been sleeping' Luffy thought. Luffy walked in and smelled curry. He smiled and walked over to the pot the curry was in.

"Luffy your key is on the table, I'm gonna go back to sleep."

"Night," Luffy said with a mouthful of food. After Luffy finished his food, he cleaned his plate, set his alarm, and went to sleep. Luffy's alarm went off at 6:30 and he slowly got up so he could take a shower. Luffy undressed and turned on the warm water. He quickly washed his body with a very girly smelling body wash and Apple shampoo. 'Shanks really like girly smelling soap.' Luffy put his underwear and pants on and looked at the rest of the complicated uniform. Was he supposed to wear the sweater and the jacket? Or, was he supposed to wear just the plain white shirt and the weird string thingy? He sighed and put a white undershirt on and looked at the time, 7:00. 'I better hurry or else I'll be late.' Luffy quickly put on the white shirt and tied the string thingy into a knot around his neck. 'I think this is where it goes.' Luffy walked out of the room and grabbed the bag Shanks prepared for him.

Luffy hurriedly put his shoes on and ran down the stairs, instead of taking the elevator. He ran the same route he took the day before and eventually ended up at Newgate Academy. He ran through the gate looking at the line of very shiny cars that drove some of the kids to school. Luffy looked at the emblem on his bag to make sure he was at the right school. He ran his hand through his messy hair,' Man, school hasn't even started and I already don't fit in.' He walked into the large school and asked a female student with long black hair and blue eyes where the office was.

As he headed to the office, he noticed a guy with weird blonde hair bullying a guy with an abnormally long nose. Luffy watched for a little longer, he would intervene if things started to get rough.

"You owe me money you brat," The blonde said to the quivering long nose as he grabbed the long nose's collar.

"I-I don't have it with me today." The blonde formed his hand into a fist and raised it. A guy with dark hair grabbed the blonde's arm before he could punch the long nose.

"Come on Marco, let him off for today, or we'll be late." The blonde let go of the long nose's collar and walked down the hall with a man with dark black hair. Luffy couldn't quite see the others face but he was glad he intervened before things got bad. The long nose looked around and walked up to Luffy.

"A-are you Luffy?" Luffy nodded and wondered if the long nose had notice him watch the previous event.

"My name is Usopp, I'm the class president of our class. I'm supposed to show you the way to class."