Yay! chapter 15!Never thought this story would make it this far so hizzah!

"That's gonna be a problem. I've been told I have anger issues." Ace sighed,'It's gonna be especially bad if some thugs come after me at school or something. I don't mind the fact I can't fight anymore, it's just the fact that even if I stop being a delinquent, people will still come after me. If they do, they're only gonna get their asses set on fire, I'm not gonna hold back on them, since it's not my style to be nice. This really sucks, I've become some type of weird super human.'

"Luffy, I need you to do something for me. I need you to try and punch me so that I can know i-" Luffy stood up and brought his arm back,"Gomu gomu no pistol!" Luffy punched Ace sending his flying into the wall. Luffy laughed,"You flew!"

"Luffy you asshole! I didn't tell you to punch me so hard that I flew!" Luffy stuck out his tongue and ran out of the tree house. "Damn, he even gave his attack a cool name. Wait up Luffy!" Ace ran of of the tree house after Luffy. Sabo sighed,'Those two are still the same. It's better that way, I suppose.'

"Luffy! Wait up!" Luffy turned around and stuck his tongue out,"No way! If I do, you'll just punch me!" Ace stopped,'You little!' He readied his fist,"Hiken!" A mass array of flames shot out of his hand towards the forest, setting an acre of trees on fire. Ace stood there stunned, and looked at his flaming hand. 'Did I really just aim that at Luffy?' Luffy laughed,"Wow! I give up! I don't want you to kill me or anything!" Luffy ran into the forest laughing wildly.

"How the hell am I supposed to put out that fire? Forest fires spread like crazy!"

"Anything's possible with money, Ace." Sabo pointed at the fleet of planes in the sky. "Don't worry about it, those planes will put the fire out before it reaches the city." The planes sprayed water from some type of hose they had in the plane. Ace exhaled,'That's a relief.' Sabo took his hat off,"That power of yours is really dangerous." Ace frowned,"I know, I just didn't expect it to be so, powerful. If I didn't miss, that would've hit Luffy." Ace relaxed and his hand became normal again. 'How the heck am I gonna control a power that could kill someone?'

"All Clear, Sabo-sama."

Sabo took a walkie talkie out of his pocket and press a button. "Stand by. We don't know if it'll happen again. Restore your water supply."

"Sabo?" Sabo smiled,"I've done quite well for myself. Money is expendable but my precious home and brothers aren't!" Sabo put the walkie talkie back in his pocket. "Have you ever seen the movie Hulk? You know the one with the big green guy? Maybe your power is like that only with out you going all green and stuff."

"Maybe you're right." Sabo put a hand on Ace's should,"You shouldn't worry about Luffy so much. You two have always hand some type of super human strength. Now, you two just have these unbelievably cool powers! I'm kinda jealous! I guess we should begin practice now." Sabo took a candle out of his pocket and set it on a faraway rock. "Try lighting only the wick." Ace pointed his finger,'This should be easy enough right?' Ace's finger turned to fire and a small fireball shot out of his finger. The fireball headed towards the candle and melted it immediately when it touched the candle.

"Well, that sucked. Try only lighting the surface of the wick, don't send a fireball." Sabo took another candle out of his pocket. 'Wonder if snapping would work.' Ace snapped his fingers creating a small fire on the tip of his forefinger. Ace calmly walked over and lit the wick of the candle. "Good, now try doing that from faraway," Sabo said blowing out the candle."

"It's not as easy as it sounds Sabo." Sabo laughed,"Quit whining, you'll get it eventually! I spent hours researching stuff on how to help you control your powers. It seems like the fruit you two ate is called Devil's Fruit. A company was recently sued under suspicion of using the fruit in their juice boxes. They're extremely rare and almost impossible to find. Each fruit can sell for about 40 million yen!"

"40 million?! Then how the heck did we manage to find two in the same forest?" Sabo shrugged,"At least you two aren't the only ones. They say the side effects of eating it is not being able to swim for the rest of your life." Ace scratched the back of his head,'At least we're not the only ones who have these weird powers.'

"It's also only a rumor, but they said your dad is also a devil fruit eater."

"What? That's impossible I've lived with him for 7 years and I've never seen him use a strange power before." Sabo shrugged,"Well, It's only a rumor." Ace took out his phone,"Hold on I'm gonna call him."

"You're just gonna call him?"

"Why not? There's no harm in asking." Ace held up a finger to quiet Sabo.

"Hello? Ace?"

"Hey dad! I wanted to ask you a quick question. Are you a devil fruit eater?"

Edward laughed,"How do you know about that?"

"Well, I accidentally ate one in the forest. I heard a humor you ate one to, so I thought I'd ask." Ace stretched his arm, moving the phone from his ear.


"Well I kinda just ate one. So, you are one? Cool! We'll talk more when I get back. Bye bye!"

"Oi Ace don't you dare tur-" Ace turned his phone off and set it on fire.

"So, it seems the rumors were true."

"What rumors?" Luffy set down a pile of fruits and began eating one.

"Luffy what are you doing?"

"Relax, this one doesn't look the one I ate before." Sabo put his hat back on. He put his hand on his hip," Yea, but that fruit is called the Love fruit. It's known for making anyone who eats it extremely horny." Luffy spit the fruit out of his mouth,"Why don't you tell me that before I eat it?"

"S-so you ate the fruit Luffy?" Luffy turned to Ace and nodded,"What do you think is gonna happen to me?"