Sabo smiled as he watched Luffy throw a few bread crumbs in a small pond to feed the ducks. Pinebrook park was a beautiful place with a lot of tree's and blooming flowers, several small benches so that you could look at the small pond, and a small bridge you could stand on to feed the animals in a pond. Ace was leaning back against a nearby tree, staring up at the orange colored sky.

"This place seems like it would be pretty popular, so why is it so deserted?" Luffy threw the last piece of bread into the pond," 'Cause there's a rumor this place is haunted by a smoke man, or something like that." Sabo shrugged,"It doesn't look haunted at all."

"I know! People believe in the weirdest things!" Ace walked over to Luffy and put a hand on Luffy's shoulder, pulling him closer.

"Don't lean so far over the rail or you'll fall off." Sabo sighed,'This guy is so...'

"We should probably head back now, it's getting late, and I'm pretty tired," Sabo said. Luffy frowned and hugged Sabo goodbye.

"All right then. I guess I've got to head back home, see you guys later." Luffy put his hands in his pockets and walked the opposite way they came.

"I guess we better head back too then,"Ace said as he to stuck his hands in his pockets. 'Why is Luffy so clingy with Sabo? It pisses me off, I mean I would understand if he gave both of us a hug, but he only gave Sabo one and left! Jeez, why does Luffy like Sabo better than me? I don't get it.' Sabo glanced nervously up at Ace,'I hope he isn't jealous about what Luffy did earlier. Man, I know Luffy didn't hug Ace 'cause he'd be to embarrassed, but when he only hugs me, that will just make Ace jealous. Ace doesn't even get that Luffy's just to embarrassed to hug him.'

Ace turned his head to the left to look at Sabo"Hey Sabo?"

"Y-yes?" Ace sighed,"Never mind, just forget it. We'll be home in a few minutes so you should try on your uniform then go to bed okay?"


Shanks looked up from his newspaper,"Oh! Luffy you're back already?" Luffy smiled,"Yup! Both of my brothers are gonna go to school with me now to!" Shanks took the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out in the ash tray,"Both? Didn't you only have one?"

"You've met Sabo before right?" Shanks nodded and lit another cigarette. "Yeah, well Sabo is also my brother. He told me to keep it a secret from you at first though, but I think it's okay now."

"I thought Sabo was a noble though." Luffy looked at Shanks blankly,"He is." Shanks sighed,"So Ace, is the son of Edward Newgate and Sabo is a noble?" Luffy nodded and sat down on the floor.

"Wow, you sure know how to befriend the right people!"

"Befriend? We're not friends, we're brothers!" Shanks put his newspaper down,"Calm down Luffy I didn't mean it like that, sorry." Shanks sighed,"So did anything else happen in the mountains?" Luffy smiled,"Yea we got presents from Dadan and,"

"And what?" Luffy yawned,'I don't think I should tell him I ate a weird fruit. He'd probably worry and take me to a doctor or something.'

"It's nothing, I'm gonna go to sleep." Luffy stood up and walked into his small room. 'I'll ask Usopp to help me with my homework tomorrow.' Luffy crawled into bed,'I can't wait to tell him about Ace and Sabo! I'm so excited.' Luffy layed his head down on the soft pillow and closed his eyes,'Been awhile since I slept in a bed.'

The next morning Luffy opened his eyes to the smell of food,'is something cooking?' He looked at the time and quickly put on his new uniform,'Ace was right. His old uniform is a little to big. It doesn't show to much, does it?' He walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror,'The shirt is hanging down over my hands and the pants are to long. I guess, I could roll them up.'

"Luffy? You up yet? You better hurry or you'll be late!"

"What!? Why didn't you say so?" Luffy ran down the hall and scooped up an egg sandwich off the table. He quickly put his shoes on and grabbed his bag as he ran out of the apartment,'I still gotta do my homework!'

"So, what exactly are you doing here Ace?" Ace took a bite out of the breakfast the cook had made him.

"I always come here for breakfast. I also thought I'd tell you about my two brothers. You know Luffy? It turns out he was my brother! I also got to meet Sabo too! Can you believe it?

"You have brothers?"Sanji asked as he took the cigarette out of his mouth and blew several small smoke circles in the air. Ace nodded,"I also thought I might tell you a secret. I was in the mountains, hunting a wild boar to eat, on the way back I ate a weird fruit, and this happened," Ace lifted a finger in the air and snapped, making the tip of his finger become fire.

"What the hell?!" Ace blew his finger out and ate another bite of his food,"Calm down Sanji, it's not like I'm gonna set this place on fire." Sanji sighed,"So, let me get this straight. You have brothers and you're some type of super human being?" Sanji dropped his cigarette to the ground and stomped it out with his shoe. He sat down and took out a cigarette, Ace smiled as Sanji put the cigarette in his mouth. Ace put up a finger and lit Sanji's cigarette. Sanji gasped, but didn't say anything.

"Don't tell anyone okay? Only my brothers and you know so far." Sanji took the cigarette out of his mouth and blew several smoke circles into the air again.

"I wouldn't even think about it, Ace." Ace smiled,"By the way, Luffy is thinking about joining the soccer club. Please try to be nice to him, Mr. Soccer Captain? I totally forgot you were the soccer captain here until Luffy mentioned about joining the soccer club. Truth be told I forgot you were even a student."

"I'm in the same class as you. You just never attend class, so that's why you only see me in the cafeteria. Even if he's your brother, if he isn't good, I can't just let him on the team this late during the year."

"That's fine, he's pretty tough actually. He's the one that beat your little boyfriend the other day." Sanji coughed and took the cigarette out of his mouth,"That tiny kid is the one who beat Zoro?"

"Yea, the big guy with the green hair? I walked in on them fighting, I was pretty impressed, but I didn't know Luffy was my brother at the time though. Anyways, my second brother, Sabo, is gonna be in our grade, probably in our class to. Sabo's gonna join the music club, since he likes to play the trumpet, and I told Luffy I would join the baseball club if he joined the soccer club, so I'm gonna have to join the baseball club later today."

"Wait, you're gonna join a club?" Ace sighed,"I can't get into fights anymore, at least not with my two precious younger brothers around. Besides, if I get into fights and I accidentally end up using my power, then I could possibly kill someone." Ace looked at his watch,"Well, I gotta go. I've got to show Sabo around school before the bell rings." Ace stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.

'So, Ace is actually gonna 'try' to be a good kid for awhile? He's already the leader of all the nearby schools, he can't just say sayonara and quit being the leader, when he has over a hundred followers. What about the ones that are gonna try to fight him, regardless, of if he wants to? Is he gonna use that power on them? I doubt it, even if he can be mean sometimes, he's not heartless enough to kill someone.'