Luffy looked up into the soothing blue sky with puffy white clouds, as he ran a hand through his silky black hair,'I never really thought I was the jealous type. Why do I always get so jealous? I mean, I know Ace won't ever love me, despite what Sabo said. But, I can't stand him making googly eyes at some weird girl!' Luffy bit his bottom lip,'This type of feeling is frustrating and bothersome, I need to let out some steam, nothing good ever happens when I think to much.' Luffy let out a long sigh as he stood up and looked down at five boys playing soccer. 'I wonder if they'll let me play.' Luffy smiled hopefully at the chance of being able to play soccer and letting off some steam. 'I've got to hurry!'

Luffy ran down the stairs through the crowded school hallways which always seemed to be filled with bustling people. Luffy hurriedly walked past Ace's classroom and down another set of stairs before reaching the bottom floor. Luffy smiled as he noticed Sanji was one of the players playing soccer.

"Hey! Can I join you guys?" Luffy shouted as he waved at Sanji and another memeber of the soccer club, though he didn't know what the other ones name was. Sanji smiled,"Sure, we've got about 15 minutes left before lunch ends so lets have some fun!" Luffy jumped up into the air in excitement,"Awesome!" Luffy ran over to where the other boys were and rolled up his sleeves slightly. Sanji put his arm around Luffy's neck and playfully gave him a noogie, laughing when Luffy squirmed to get away.

"Allright, this guy here, is on mine and Hisahi's team, the rest of you guys are on the opposing team. Please be gentle to my new little kōhai. " Sanji said patting Luffy on the back,"You go left with the ball and pass it to Hisahi when they come after you, we'll make the triangle shape we practiced yesterday and pass the ball, kinda like the monkey in the middle game, they'll be the monkeys. Don't let them mark you," He whispered into Luffy's ear. Luffy nodded,'I'm glad I'm on Sanji's team!He's so reliable!'

Ace unknowingly raised one of his eyebrows as he watched Luffy join the several people playing soccer. He frowned when he saw Sanji randomly hug Luffy in front of everyone, then lean down close to him and tell him something. 'What the hell is that stupid cook doing to Luffy?' Sabo stared at Ace's angered expression and turned his head to look out the window and see what Ace was looking at,'That's the blonde guy I saw hugging Luffy the other day. Dang, that guy is really clingy, I could've sworn he a womanizer though, when I saw him start to flirt with the manager after she offered Luffy and him water bottles. Wait, isn't he in this class? Crap! I hope Ace isn't too jealous.' Sabo flinched when he saw Ace's fiery glare, his deep obsidian eyes set ablaze with anger and jealousy. 'Oh my gosh he's gonna set the school on fire!'

"Ace, calm down, they're only playing around, no need to get mad." Ace tightly clenched his empty strawberry mild carton, not knowing it had began to burn along with the wooden desk beneath his clenched hand. 'Shit! What the heck does Sanji think he's doing to Luffy? Why does he keep touching him?!' Sabo gulped,'This is the worst possibly situation! Is that smoke coming out of Ace's hand?' Ace angrily grit his teeth,'Is this feeling, jealousy? Damn, what the hell is going on with me? Why am I so mad? Why to I want to burn Sanji to cinders so bad?'


BEEP! BEEP! All students please calmly leave the building. BEEP! BEEP!

"Kya! It's a fire alarm!" Ace looked at Sabo in shock before awkwardly covering the black burn mark on the desk with his arm. The students quickly left the room, while Ace patiently waited until he and Sabo were alone in the classroom before standing up, discarding the ashes in his hand into the empty trashcan.

"We've got to hurry and get a new desk before they begin to take roll count." Sabo nodded quickly picking the desk up,"Where do I hide this?" Ace looked around,"Bring it out back next to the trash bins and I'll burn it before roll call." Sabo nodded and looked out of the classroom to see if there were anymore people in the hallways before carrying the desk out of the classroom. 'I knew something bad was gonna happen! I just knew it!'

Ace ran to the gym on the first floor and hurriedly picked up one of the spare desks he found in the storage room,'Shit, I didn't even know I was on fire. I can't let anyone find out I set the fire alarm off!' Ace hurriedly ran up the stairs to the third floor and into his classroom, quickly replacing his desk. He waited a minute to catch his breath before sprinting down the stairs and to the back of the school where he would meet Sabo. Upon seeing Ace, Sabo quickly moved out of the way and ducked behind the bins where he had place the fire extinguisher.

Ace raised his fiery hand and let out an explosion of flames,"Hiken!" Sabo watched the desk quickly burn to ash before completely putting out the huge fire. He swept up the ash on the ground and threw it in the garbage bins, grabbing Ace by the arms as they ran off to get to roll call. Ace let out a sigh of relief,'Sabo really meant it when he said I could burn a whole town down.'

"Ace! Sabo!" Luffy yelled as he ran to hug them. Luffy buried his face deep into Ace chest letting out soft sniffles,'I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry.' Ace put a hand on Luffy's head and instinctively brought him closer into a deep hug. Sabo awkwardly watched the two brothers embrace each other,'I kinda feel left out.'

"What's wrong Luffy?"Ace asked gently as Luffy snuggled into Ace's chest and let Ace gently run his fingers through his hair to calm him down.

"I was worried something happened to you guys when you two didn't come out. I heard the fire started when two delinquents accidentally left a cigarette burning. It burned down the entire old gym! Where were you two? I thought you got burned alive!" Ace laughed nervously and looked at Sabo who was trying to contain his laughter. Ace glared at him to keep quiet, but that only made Sabo burst into a fit of laughter. He was laughing so hard he clenched his stomach and fell to his knees,'This is to freakin funny!' Luffy stared at Sabo,'What's so funny? I was seriously worried!'

Ace frowned,'I can't believe I did all that work. Well, I would've had to do it anyways. At least I wasn't the one who burned something down.'

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