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Sabo leaned back in his black swivel chair and stared at the white ceiling. The room he was in was wide and spacious, with red walls, a king bed in the center and a chair and a desk in the corner. 'I wonder how things are going between Luffy and Ace. I just got a call that they got on the Ferris wheel, I wonder if they've made any progress.' Sabo sighed,'I wish I had someone I love. Unfortunately, there hasn't been anyone to catch my eye. There's a number of girls who have claimed they like me, this would be wonderful, if I was interested in girls.' Sabo spun around in his chair and finally stood up once he got bored. He paced across his room for a few seconds before picking up his trumpet case and laying it on his bed. ' I should play for a little bit, just to take my mid off a few things.'

He unlatched his case revealing his shiny silver trumpet, which he recently got polished. He picked up his mouthpiece and pressed it to his lips. he buzzed a siren sound on it before finally attaching it to his trumpet. Sabo fingered through a few minor and major scale before taking valve oil out of his pocket. He loosened the cap to the first valve before lifting the valve up and applying a few drop of oil to the valve. 'I should've put a camera in the passenger car so I could see how things are going.'

Sabo sighed as he put his valve back in and screwed the cap back on. 'Knowing them they're probably awkwardly sitting across each other, wondering what to do.' Sabo put his trumpet to his lips and easily played a Concert B flat scale. Sabo set his trumpet back down into the case,'This is bugging me to much. Was trapping them in the passenger car a bit over the top? Maybe I should text Luffy to see how things are going.' Sabo shook his head,'Me interfering would get them nowhere.' He took his phone out of his pocket and flipped it open.

Sabo's eye widened as he saw twelve unread messages, all from Luffy. Sabo quickly opened the first message, 'Sabo, help I don't know what to do.'
He opened the second one,'Sabo, you there?' Sabo shook his head.' Jeez, Luffy how helpless can you be?' Sabo continued to read the rest of the texts, and frowned. 'I'll call Ace, there's no way Luffy will be able to start a conversation, unless it's about meat.

Sabo dialed Ace's number and patiently waited for Ace to pick up his phone?


"Yo! Luffy sent me like a million texts, something about you two being stuck in a Ferris wheel?"

"Yea, it's really weird. Apparently a bolt or something got loose and they're trying to find out where it goes." Sabo smirked,'That's what they were told?'

"Luffy seems pretty freaked out, you should do something to comfort him."

"Like what?" Sabo sighed,'These two are a pair of idiots.'

"I dunno, you could kiss him, violate him, give him a hug, confess your feeling, or give him a blowjob, I'm sure any of those will probably make him feel better."

"Where the hell did that come from?!"

"Look I set this up so you guys could make some progress in your relationship, hopefully to get out of a brotherly relationship and become more like lovers. If you want to do something too Luffy then just do it! I spent a lot of money to plan this so at least kiss him!" Sabo waited for a minute before he heard Ace let out a sigh.

"I can't just randomly kiss him, or do other things like that. What if he doesn't even feel that way about me? Wait, you set this up?"

"Jeez, what the heck? That's what you're worried about? Who cares how he feels just violate him, I'm positive he won't oppose." Sabo frowned,'I wish I could just tell them that they both like each other, but it only means something when you actually hear it from the person you like.'

"How can you be so sure? Luffy has probably a dozen people telling him they like him. Why would her feel that way about me, his brother?"

"When did you get so insecure Mr. Casanova? Something like this never stopped you before."

"That's different! Luffy's special, I don't want to hurt him!"

"Ace? What do you mean by that?" Sabo burst out laughing after he was sure Ace had hung up,"That idiot forgot Luffy was right next to him! Oh my god that's to funny!"

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