Sabo watched as a spherical space formed around him and his attackers, and turned his head to see Law standing there with a smirk on his tan face. 'What the heck is he doing here?'Sabo's eyes widened as Law cut the four men in pieces.


"Holy shit!" Sabo scrambled backwards into the wall in fear and watched as the body parts floated into the air along with the four men screaming. 'What the hell is going on?!' Sabo fell to his knees and fainted from shock. After Law was finished rearranging the four men he walked over to Sabo and picked him up bridal style,'He's surprisingly...heavy.' Sabo awoke on a fluffy bed and looked around the plain room with white walls,'Where am I?' There was a bookshelf at the end of the room and a desk near the end of the bed where a tan man with dark eyes and hair was staring at him with a smirk on his face. Sabo instantly sat up in surprise, and fell back almost as quickly when he felt the sudden sting of pain in his chest knock the air out of him. He put a hand over his chest, panting slightly and looked back over at Law who still had that annoying smirk on his face.

"You fractured several ribs, I wouldn't move to quickly." Sabo took deep breaths to try and lessen the pain in his chest,"D-did... I get anymore.. injuries?" Law shook his head,"Aside from the rib fractures you didn't receive any major injuries. You got a couple of cuts and a busted lip, but that's about all. You should be fully healed within the next few weeks or month." Law interlocked his finger between his spread out legs,"Why were those men following you? They belonged to a well known yakuza group around here, meaning they had to of been specifically targeting you since you are only a high school student." Sabo did his best to shrug,"Luffy's...uncle... is a...cop. T-they probably thought I was...Luffy."

Law's smirk slowly turned into a frown as he analyzed the situation and watched as Sabo slowly tried to get up again. He glared at Law and clutched his chest,"Did you kill those men?" Law shook his head,"No, I merely rearranged them." Sabo looked at him, confused,"But I clearly saw you cut them into...pieces." Law nodded,"If you'd had managed to not faint then you would've seen that they were actually still alive. Within the space I created, I'm able to control anything within it, meaning that I can levitate things, switch, move, etc.." Sabo sighed in relief,"Wait, what do you mean you rearranged them?" Law smirked, but didn't say anything sensing that Sabo already knew the answer.

Sabo's eyes widened,'This guy is even more dangerous than I thought!' He cautiously watched as Law interlocked his fingers between his spread out legs,"What time is it?" Law shrugged and looked at the alarm clock on the bed stand,"2:30 A.M" Sabo frowned,'Damn, it's late. Ace is probably wondering where I am.'

"I suggest you don't try to go home. With what I did to those men they are probably looking for you and you're in no shape to be moving around anyways." He stared at Sabo, waiting for him to complain.

"Thanks for your concern but I can move just fine and I can handle myself I don't need your help.," Sabo said as he knocked the brown and white spotted bed covers off him and carefully shifted himself so that his feet were touching the ground. Law stood up and walked over to where Sabo was and put his hand on Sabo's chest and quickly pinned him down on the bed. Sabo yelped in pain,"B-bastard!" Law nonchalantly got off of Sabo,"I'm not going to let you leave. Just stay here and rest." Sabo glared at him as he clenched his chest, if looks could kill he would've burned a hole through Law's chest. He reluctantly sighed and laid back down pulling the covers back on him in the process. Law sat back down,"I've been thinking about this for awhile," He said making sure Sabo was still awake before continuing. Sabo groaned in response,"What?" Law chuckled slightly before continuing,"It's to dangerous for you to be alone at night. You shouldn't come to the extra study sessions."

"What? Hell no I'm coming, I can't let Luffy down." Law sighed,"You could've been killed today if I hadn't noticed the strange men motion to each other when they saw you." Sabo frowned,"I'm going. Ace and Luffy are both trying their hardest, who care if I get a little scraped up, I can handle it." A smirk appeared on Law's face,'What the heck is he smirking about?'

"As a teacher I can't allow a student to be in danger if I can avoid the situation." Sabo glared at him,"Fuck that. If you don't tell anyone it'll be fine." Law got back into his previous position, clearly enjoying Sabo's feisty reactions.

"I don't mind the fact you want to continue going to the extra lessons but I can't permit it." Sabo stared at him,"Can't we come up with a compromise?" Law thought about it for a moment,"If you can think of one then feel free to let me know." Sabo nodded, a small smile on his face,'Maybe he's not such an asshole after all. I mean, he did save me when I was walking home. Wait, that's it!' Sabo smiled,"Do you have a girlfriend?" Law shook his head,"No, not really interested in finding one." Law looked at Sabo who was practically bursting with happiness.

"Then can you walk me home? I mean if you walk me home you can know I'm safe and all." Sabo blushed when Law chuckled at his idea.

"That would work but you and me live in very different, 'areas'." Sabo frowned,"What if I bought you a car? You could drive me home." Law's eyes widened,"I'm not going to take money from a kid. Do you know how much a car costs?" Sabo nodded,"If you won't accept a car what do you want me to do? Live with you?" Law crossed his arms,"That could work."

"What? Living with you?" Law nodded,"It would only be until the lessons end." Sabo looked at him,"I don't really mind." Law smirked,"This is about as big as my apartment gets. There's a kitchen and a bathroom and that's it." Sabo smiled,"I used to live in a tree house. This is pretty big believe it or not." Sabo looked around the room,"Do you have a futon?" Law stretched his long arms and shook his head,"No, I don't." Sabo scooted over and patted the side of the bed motioning for Law to sleep there. Law shook his head,"That's illegal, sleeping with a minor." Sabo rolled his eyes,"I'm not inviting you to have sex with me, I'm letting you sleep on 'your' bed." Law sighed and took off his spotted hat and lab coat, revealing his arm tattoo's. He took off his black and yellow shirt and looked at Sabo,'I can't sleep with another man half naked. I don't own a pair of pj's though.' Sabo sighed,'You can take off your pants and sleep in your boxers. My brothers did that all the time, especially Ace. I don't really care anymore."

Law nodded and took off his spotted blue jeans. 'Where does he get his weird attire from?' Law stretched his arms not noticing Sabo staring at his lean tan body. 'He's got a good body, surprisingly.' Sabo rolled over and closed his eyes,'Who cares if hes got a good body, he's still a smart ass!'

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