Sabo sighed,'I wish I had a devil fruit power, but I know that's not possible.' He looked up at Law who was surprisingly calm, even though he was supposed to be on guard. Sabo shrugged,"How are you so strong?" Law looked down at the young boy and shrugged, earning him a strong punch to the arm. Law's eyes widened at the sudden punch, while Sabo mumbled jackass under his breath. Sabo began walking faster leaving Law behind and in shock,'What a dick! He doesn't even try and he's that powerful, ugh he pisses me off!' Sabo turned around when someone suddenly grabbed his shoulder,"Dammit don't touch me, Law!" He said slapping the hand off his shoulder, he turned around to see a man in a dark black suit about two times his size. Sabo's eyes widened as he was harshly shoved into a brick wall, making his head roughly slam into it.

Sabo cried out in pain at the sudden pressure put on his chest and tried to squirm out of the man's grasp. The man took out a knife and held it slightly lower than where his throat was pressing it deep enough to draw a fine line of blood, but not deep enough to kill him,yet. "Don't move," the man said as he fumbled to get his phone out of his pocket and select on of the many contacts. Sabo cried out again and tried blinking away the tears that began to well up in his eyes,'Oh god, he's going to kill me.' He closed his eyes, calmly inhaled and slowly mustered up the courage to try and escape. He lifted up his leg and managed to land a kick to the guys stomach making him step back and release his grasp on Sabo's shirt. He quickly slid his messenger bag off his shoulder and hit the guy in the head with it knocking him to the ground. Sabo turned to run despite his uncontrollable trembling and saw Law staring at him, in shock once again. Sabo jumped into Law's arms, sudden relief overwhelming him and making his knees give out.

Law wrapped an arm around Sabo's waist to help him stand, and unsheathed his sword with the other. Sabo buried his face into Law's chest, relaxing in the comforting warmth from the arm around his waist. Law pointed the sword at the guy, waiting for a reaction. Unfortunately, the blow to his head knocked him out. not wanting to kill a defenseless person Law quickly re-sheathed his sword and picked up Sabo's backpack off the ground,"Let's go. We have to get out of here." Sabo nodded, barely managing the strength to move his legs and allowed himself to be dragged along behind Law. Law quickly led Sabo back to the small apartment and locked the door behind him. Sabo slid onto his butt and leaned back onto the wall for support, only to be pulled up by Law and sat down on the bed.

"What are you doing?" Law put his fingers on Sabo's chin and lifted it up slightly so he could see the knife wound on his neck. Sabo shivered slightly at the sudden intimate touch and quickly blushed when he saw Law smirk. "W-we should call Ace a-about this i-incident." Law nodded,"That was a close call," He said as he sat down next to Sabo on the bed and cleaned the wound on Sabo's neck which luckily, wasn't too deep. Law looked at Sabo for a few seconds before grabbing the back of his shirt. Sabo didn't have time to react before he was pulled back onto the bed. Law quickly shifted his position so that his knee was slightly grinding into Sabo's manhood and one of his hands was pinning Sabo's wrists above his head. "W-what a-are y-you d-doing?" Sabo lightly bit his bottom lip, inwardly cursing his dumb stutter when he got nervous, and stared up at the handsome man looking down at him. Law shrugged,"Punishment, for leaving me earlier," he added. Sabo didn't bother squirming to much due to the pain in his chest from earlier, instead he bit his lower lip and turned away from Law's gaze a scarlet blush forming on his face,"S-stop i-it."

Law licked his lips, and moved his knee slightly eliciting a quiet moan from the boy beneath him. He leaned down at planted his lips on top of Sabo's soft pink ones. Sabo's eyes widened,'ohmygodohmygodohmygod!' Law deepened the kiss and pulled back before he went to far by sticking his tongue in. He smirked and released Sabo's wrists and got off from on top of him,"We should call your brother now." Law walked out of the small room leaving Sabo with a mess of unsatisfied feelings along with a certain problem. Sabo covered his eyes,'Shit! What the hell was that?' Sabo waited until he calmed down before he left the room and found Law sitting at the dinner table calmly sipping a cup of coffee while reading a book, his sword slung over the back of the chair in case something happened. 'Asshole.' Sabo sat down in front of him and crossed his legs, extremely pissed.

"That was a dumb joke." Sabo said taking out his phone when he heard it ringing. Law shrugged,'It wasn't totally a joke.' Sabo slammed his hands on the table,"What?! They attacked you and Marco? Where are you?" Sabo paused and listened for a moment,"Yea, one of them tried. I knocked him out though!" He said proudly. Sabo nodded as if Ace could see him,"Yea, we'll be right there." Sabo closed his phone and shoved it back into his pocket,"Some of the thugs tried to attack Ace and Marco just now. They want to meet at the house. Let's go." Sabo pulled Law by the sleeve of his slightly burnt Lab coat while Law grabbed the sword of the chair,"Are you sure that your brother is okay with me going there?" Sabo frowned,"He doesn't like you, but I don't give a damn right now. You're basically my only form of protection, and after what happened there's no way in hell I'm going anywhere without you again."

Law scratched the back of his head, not knowing whether to be happy or somewhat disappointed that he wouldn't get a chance to 'punish' Sabo again. He shrugged it off and the two continued to walk in silence until the arrived at the front door of the mansion. As soon as Sabo opened the door he was scooped up into a pair of large muscular arms and squeezed to the point of suffocation.

"A-ace you hurting m-me." Sabo squealed. Ace released Sabo from the bear hug and looked at him, noticing for the first time the knife wound on Sabo's neck,"You're hurt!" Sabo nodded,"Yea, he was probably going to kill me." Ace glared at Law,"Where were you?" Law frowned,"He ran off and by the time I found him, he had a knife to his neck." Ace sighed,"What the fuck were you thinking, Sabo?" Sabo shrugged,"I was mad and didn't feel like talking to him." Ace put his arm on Sabo's back and lead him into the living room to sit down on the couch between him and Marco. Sabo crossed his arms and relaxed into the overly squishy couch,"What do you think we should do about Luffy?"

"I just received a call from him, apparently the private jet just left. He should be here in about an hour or two." Sabo nodded,"I'll take a nap then." Marco slid to the edge of the couch so Sabo could lay his head down on his lap. Sabo put one of the red couch pillows on Marco's lap so he wouldn't be directly laying on Marco's lap and had his legs sprawled out on top of Ace. He snuggled into the pillow closing his eyes, leaving the three other to talk about whatever they wanted to. Sabo didn't wake up until he felt someone slam into him their elbows hitting in the middle of his chest. "SHIT that hurt!" He hissed and opened his eyes to see Luffy on top of him with a worried look. Ace had situated himself into an armchair next to Law and had a hint of a smile on his face as he watched Luffy.

"Sorry,"he mumbled. Sabo smiled, Luffy's hair was slightly longer and more unkempt from before, his skin was sun kissed, and his lips formed a small pout that he unconsciously always did when he was worried. Sabo patted Luffy's hair,"It's okay you didn't know." Luffy nodded and noticed for the first time Sabo's neck, his eyes traveled from the cut to the hickeys, his eyes widening as he took in the sight. He turned to Ace who only shrugged at him and then to Law who calmly looked away. Luffy put his finger on the hickey,"What happened?" Sabo blushed,"Uh, i-its, h-hard to e-explain." Luffy blinked,"You weren't raped were you?!" Luffy's loud question only made Sabo's blush increase to where he looked like a luscious red tomato and shook his head,"It was nothing like that I swear!" Luffy frowned,"Okay, if you say so." He looked up at Marco who was looking down at the blushing boy on his lap who had buried his face into the pillow,"Hey, pineapple head!" Marco looked up,"What?" Luffy glared at him,"You didn't do that to him do you? I swear if you're the one who hurt him, I'll kill you."

Marco chuckled,"No, unfortunately, I didn't leave those marks." Luffy looked at him confused,"Who did?" Law held back a chuckled while Ace glared at him for probably the millionth time that night. Luffy looked at Law and pointed at him while looking at Ace, who only nodded saying 'yes' to Luffy's unspoken message. Law held his hands up in surrender,"It was nothing serous. Only a harmless game, besides he started it first." Sabo buried his head further into the pillow,"Oh god, Luffy just be quiet!" Marco looked at Law, acknowledging him as a rival and gently patted the curly blond's soft hair. Luffy looked from Law to Marco several times,"Wait, so you both 'like' Sabo?"

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