Sabo looked over at Law, his tattoo's fully visible without the white lab coat he wore at school. 'I guess they got theirs together. I mean it's not like a couples tattoo. Sure they're hearts, but that doesn't always mean anything. Maybe they were drunk when the got them or something?' Sabo's lips curved into a small pout,'Why am I upset about this?' Law turned to him and frowned,"Is something wrong?" Sabo shook his head,"Nah, it's nothing. I was just thinking about what to order." Law nodded his head, and handed his menu back to the waiter,"I'll have the usual." The waiter nodded,"Just a plain black coffee? We have some homemade fruit tarts today." Law glanced at Sabo quickly before nodding,"We'll take two then." The waiter nodded and jotted down the order,"Raspberry and blueberry?" Law nodded. The waiter then to to Sabo and smiled,"I'm Penguin by the way! Well, that's my nickname at least, anyways what would you like?"

Sabo glanced down at the menu,"Uh, the vanilla bean frappe-chino with extra whipped cream!" The waiter smiled at the and secretly winked at Law before leaving the table. Law smirked,"If you keep eating so many sweets you'll rot your teeth." Sabo frowned,"I take perfect care of my teeth so that won't happen!" Law chuckled, completely catching Sabo off guard and leaving him to gawk at him like a mad man. 'Wow, he laughed! Why do I think it's, cute?' Sabo blushed and turned his head so he could people watch, though mainly he was just averting Law's gaze. Sabo eventually relaxed and let his thoughts begin to wonder back to the past to how Ace and Luffy use to constantly fight with each other. He smiled as he remembered how he would always have to separate them before things got to bad. 'Ace has calmed down a lot.'

"What are you thinking about? You've had a lame grin on your face for the past few minutes." Sabo turned to Law and nodded,"I was just remembering how Ace and Luffy used to fight a lot when we were younger." Law nodded and took a sip of his coffee that Sabo didn't even know had arrived yet.

"That's surprising, I expected them to be very close when they were younger." Sabo chuckled,"Yea, they're weird. The fighting actually made them closer to each other I guess. Luffy always clung to Ace before we became brothers, always following him around no matter what Ace did. Ace even tried to kill him several times before we became brothers, Luffy's very persistent when he wants something."

"So, how did you boys meet?" Sabo took a sip of his frappe-chino before answering,"It's a long story. Luffy's grandpa dumped him on some mountain thieves to raise him along with Ace. Ace and I were friends already, but I was the only one Ace would talk to really. After some stuff happened, Luffy became our precious little brother. Luffy is one of the toughest people I know! I used to be stronger than him, but now I'm just a lanky teenage kid with no muscle." Sabo didn't notice the sly grin that appeared on Law's face and simply stuffed a bite of a yummy blueberry tart into his mouth.

"So, what exactly is going on between those two?" Sabo nearly choked in surprise at the question and took a quick sip of his drink. He wiped his face quickly,"Y-you mean Ace and Luffy?" He sputtered out. Law nodded, slightly amused at Sabo's reaction.

"U-uh, well. You don't judge do you?" Sabo asked nervously. Law nodded,"Even after you told me you were gay and kissed me suddenly, you still think I judge you? Personally, I'm bi-sexual if that means anything to you. I have had a relationship with a man before, so when you kissed me I didn't mind one bit." Sabo couldn't help the crimson blush that walked across his face as he gaped at how nonchalantly Law exposed his unknown secret.

"U-uuum, wow." Sabo was beat red all the way up to his ears and was looking up at the ceiling,"I-is it hot in here? Suddenly I feel very hot." Law smirked,"I'm just fine, it's just you. Anyways, as you were saying earlier." Sabo's blush didn't disappear even when he calmed down a bit,"W-well Luffy and Ace l-love each other. L-luffy plans on confessing tonight, that's why I'm setting up the reservation for their r-romantic dinner." Sabo sunk down in his seat, in a small attempt to escape. Law studied the boys reactions,'It's cute when he stutters. It makes me want to tease him more.'

"I figured the first part out, it's pretty obvious. I just didn't know when they were going to get together." Law pushed his tart over to Sabo who happily obliged to scooping it up quickly and taking a quick bite. "What's the deal with Marco and you, are you two dating?"

"W-what?! N-no! I think he kinda likes me, b-but nothing to serious." Law grinned, secretly happy they weren't dating.

"It's not a big deal if you are. My first fling with a guy was in high school to, it's perfectly fine." Sabo shook his head,"W-we aren't dating! I haven''t even held hands with people besides Luffy or Ace. You were my first kiss!" Sabo sighed and covered his face with his hands so Law wouldn't see, even though Law could tell he was blushing due to his scarlet ears. Law smiled,'I forgot I was his first kiss. I guess I was also his second. How...innocent.' Somewhere in the back of Law's sadistic mind he thought about ways to tease his cute curly haired blond, but the more reasonable side of him decided not to.

"There's nothing wrong with that. Most teenagers nowadays loose all their firsts during high school, or sadly before that." Sabo nodded, slowly lowering his hands so that he could look at Law. Law peered into Sabo's bright sky blue eyes that he'd become so smitten with over the past few days. 'He's legal, and technically he's only a few years younger since I got my degree early like he did. Is it right to pursue him though?'

Sabo squirmed underneath Law's constant gaze, beginning to become slightly uncomfortable,"We should probably head back now. I-I'll carry my books." Sabo stood up and scooped the huge bag of books into his arms, grunting softly at the weight. Law stood up and opened the door for Sabo who refused to let Law help him.

Ace walked into a jewelery store with Marco and began looking at silver rings,"I'm going to confess to Luffy today." Marco shrugged,"Good for you, are you going to marry him or something though, what's up with the ring?"

"I don't know I just thought a ring would be suiting. Do you have any better ideas?" Ace said as he walked over to the ring counter. Marco sighed,"Are you sure he even likes jewelery?" Ace nodded,"He likes messing with my rings I wear occassionally, so I thought it would be nice to get him one of his own." Marco smiled,"I'm sure he'll appreciate whatever you get for him." He ruffled Ace's hair,"While we're out shopping we better buy you some new clothes, there's no way you're going to get into a highclass restauraunt looking like a thug. Ace grinned,"Thanks for being so supportive! I'm sure everything will turn out perfect tonight!"

Yay a chapter update! Even though it's so short. Whatever, hope you guys like it!