I put this story, though it's a crossover between some Frankenstein elements and Phantom, because it would get noticed more. So I hope you all enjoy and please, I would love to hear what you have to say. - AuthoressExtraordinaire

When the first monster threw himself in the funeral pyre it had created, it did not know his creator had only passed out and not died. With his first two creations gone, Victor Frankenstein decided to create a new creation, a better creation. He didn't have to go grave-robbing in the dark anymore because he now had a good enough amount of money to bribe a man at the morgue to give him body parts he needed.

Once finished he named this third creation Evelyn Frankenstein, Victor's late wife Elizabeth had always wanted a daughter named Evelyn, but Elizabeth never saw the first morning of their honeymoon. The first creation killed her in vengeance since victor had destroyed the monster's female counterpart before it could be brought to life.

For Evelyn, he used the body of a girl of nineteen years whose arms had been loped off as well as her right shin. Before, the girl used to have green eyes, but they were blind so he used some healthy blue eyes he had found, she was also in need of some work on her throat. He gave the body a slightly younger and healthier heart and a new set of lungs and intestines. There was also a tendon in her ankle that needed mending and she needed new arms and on the left arm she needed a new hand. This creation did not require as many stitches as the first two had, they were few and spread out across her body.

There was one above her heart, another just below her breasts in the center and ended above her navel. Just above her elbow on her right and one around her left wrist. And one on each of her shoulders, one under her right eye and another by the side of her left eye horizontally. Evelyn had beautiful, shoulder length, bronze colored hair.

As months passed after her 'birth' of sorts, she learned quite a lot and very quickly too, though at first she did have to be re-taught how to speak and spell and read. She loved to sing and loved gardening flowers and took great delight in reading. She also liked painting and drawing with pastels, though she was only fairly good at it they certainly wouldn't be placed in any museums. Evelyn also learned to cook and she was good at it.

Most importantly, though, she had to also learn again everything about her body, Victor had used the body he given Evelyn because he wished that whoever may see past her stitches and love her enough to ask for her hand, that she would be pure and untouched.

To Victor, Evelyn was the daughter he had always wanted, she always addressed him as father and it always warmed his heart and made his sorrows fade away.

Two years later, two Persian men come to his manor telling him the shah of Persia requested his presence.

(Evelyn's POV)

Father came up to my room telling me to pack for a journey to Persia, but there was a strange feeling telling me something was going to go wrong.

I had never traveled before, it was exciting, we had first traveled by boat and then by train to go a little further inland to reach the caravan that we would take to get to the capital where the large, majestic palace stood ominously over us. Standing in its shadow, that foreboding came back to me all at once, I looked at father. He seemed worried too. Suddenly I was very cautious and stood closer to father, I felt safer when near him. He would never let any harm come to me.

I know I'll be alright, but what about father?