This is going to be a Sequel to my FanFiction story, "The Destruction". Please enjoy.

"I can't believe this is actually happening!" Nicole says in panic. "How could Michael possibly be alive?"

"Don't worry, there is no way he will get past court." Gumball tries to relax her.

"I guess you are right…" Nicole says. "He won't be out anytime soon"


The court case has been happening for a while and they were arguing for quite a while. Michael got an excellent layer due to all of his money. Nicole was a bit nervous when the court finally decided on a decision. Michael had tried to act insane as possible so they would plead him insane.

"Michael Wolf, you are hereby free from prison." The Judge finally stated.

"What?" Nicole was furious. However, the Judge was not finished.

"However, you must be placed into a home where you will be monitored 24/7. You will be given a weekly Therapist to truly prove if you are insane. You will also be accompanied by the other survivor, Stephen Leopard. On top of it all, you will attend this home with another person who volunteered to take care of you." The Judge says.

"Who is it?" Nicole asks.

"Gavin Weasel." The Judge says his name.

"Nooooooo!" Michael screams.

"Is that a problem, Mr. Wolf?" The Judge smiles. "I could always put you in prison."

"No! I mean… no, that wouldn't be necessary." Michael says in worry.

"Very well then, oh one more thing. Your first task is to help the wounded people you injured and help bring them back to health. With Gavin Weasel." The Judge says his final thoughts.

"Oh yea, this is going to be great." Michael says sarcastically.

I smell a sitcom! Find out what happens next time!