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"Titans, GO!"

Robin's command seemed to happen in slow motion to the incapacitated (and still somewhat groggy) Raven and Jinx, but the four unbound Titans swiftly sprang into action.

Robin charged forward and headed for Slade, but halfway to the criminal mastermind his forward progress suddenly stopped. He was yanked backward by his collar and landed on his back with a thud. He got back up onto his knees, turned around and saw that the mysterious masked female had tacked the Boy Wonder's cape into the floor with one of her katanas.

"Allow me to introduce myself," she said smoothly as she let go of the sword to push her long, silky hair out of her face. "The name's Rose, but you can call me Ravager." As she finished her introduction, she jumped up and delivered a powerful upward kick to the Titan's face.

Robin grunted and fell onto his back, but reacted quickly and got back on his knees (using only as much slack as his pinned-down cape would give him).

"Charmed," Robin replied bitterly as he struggled to free himself.

As Ravager began to laugh at his predicament, she was suddenly knocked over by a red and yellow blur. She was knocked onto her back, but gracefully rolled backward over herself and pushed herself upward, landing on her feet.

Robin opportunistically used the two seconds he was given to grab the handle of the katana that attached his cape to the floor. He yanked upward and freed himself, then he grabbed the handle with both hands as he readied himself for a sword fight with Slade's enigmatic accomplice.

Cyborg and Starfire began systematically destroying the Sladebots in bunches. These may have been upgraded versions of the ones they'd fought at the construction site, but they were still no match for the mechanical man and the alien princess. Starfire launched her star bolts every which way with astonishing accuracy while Cyborg used his powerful fists and his brute strength to manhandle them.

Kid Flash, after relieving Robin of the clutches of Ravager's sword, assisted Starfire and Cyborg for a few moments, then zipped over to Jinx, who still hung from the wall by her shackles.

"Babe, are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

"No," she replied feebly, as her boyfriend tried to rip the chains from the wall, to no avail. "I've gone two days without eating Slade's food, and he punched me and kicked me in the face while I was chained to the wall."

"He did what?!" Kid Flash screamed.

Seemingly on cue, the two of them heard a loud, masculine yell as Slade flew in toward them. Kid Flash adeptly ducked out of the way just in the nick of time, as Slade's foot hit the wall behind the speedster.

Kid Flash reached out with lightning-fast quickness to jab Slade in the throat, but the criminal mastermind still managed to catch the speedster's hand before it reached his masked face. Kid Flash's face fell and he yelped in pain as Slade crushed the Titan's hand with his own. Then Slade lifted him up to smack him, but a well-timed kick to the chest sent him stumbling backward, releasing the quickster from his grasp. Before Slade could fully recover, Kid Flash sped toward him and flung punch after punch at the villain's head, steadily moving away from Jinx as Kid Flash swiftly pounded Slade's face.

Kid Flash held up for a moment and raced back toward Jinx. He grabbed her forearm and started to vibrate with inexplicable speed. Almost like magic, Jinx's wrist vibrated through the shackles and became free. She smiled at him, then her face cringed in terror. Kid Flash turned to see a charging Slade coming at them and closed his eyes, bracing for inevitable impact.

But the impact never came. He opened his eyes after two seconds and saw Slade on the ground, moaning. Starfire had fortuitously hit him with a star bolt (even though she was aiming for a Sladebot) and it had knocked him against the wall and knocked the wind out of him.

Kid Flash didn't give Slade a moment to recover. He kicked him repeatedly in the head, tossing the villain about like a ragdoll. When he was sufficiently satisfied with the psycho's punishment, he returned his attention to Jinx. He vibrated her three remaining limbs through their respective restraints, and he caught her bridal style as she fell from the wall.

"You're going to be okay, Jinx," he tried to assure her. "I've got you."

Barely conscious, she smiled up at him. "I love you."

"I love you too, Jinx," he replied, and kissed her gently.

He turned around to realize that hundreds more Sladebots had descended from the ceiling and dozens of them were closing in on the two of them.

He gently lowered Jinx to the floor and propped her up against the wall in a seated position. Then he stood guard in front of her, ready to fight.

"Alright, you robotic bastards," he challenged. "Time to finish this."

He ran around in circles, surrounding the horde of Sladebots in a swirl of his own blurry red and yellow path. A tornado formed and swept up every last Sladebot that had confronted him and Jinx. As the Sladebots rose higher and higher, some of them were thrown out of the whirlwind and smashed against the walls.

Meanwhile, Robin had his hands full with Ravager. She'd already nicked him a few times, and his uniform was cut up and bloodied. He was panting heavily as she simply stood and stared at him.

"Had enough?" she laughed.

"Nope," he answered, "but here, why don't you have some more?"

He charged at her, sword ready to swing, but right before Rose lifted her katana to block Robin's attack he ducked out of the way. Behind him, Starfire came zooming in with speed that almost rivaled that of Kid Flash. Rose's eyes bulged in fear, and she had no time to prepare for Starfire's attack. Starfire hit Ravager with her eye beams, sending the evil teenager flailing across the cavernous room and crashing into the back wall, knocking the katana out of her hand.

Cyborg, now done with his task of eradicating the Sladebots, ran over to Ravager, who lay on the ground, barely able to sit up. He snatched her katana off the ground, and, with some difficulty, broke the sword in two and tossed the halves away.

Robin approached the fatigued and injured Ravager. Still holding her other sword, he held the tip of it to her neck.

"Don't move, Ravager," he commanded.

"Come on," she managed to choke out a derisive laugh. "You and I both know you won't kill me."

Before Robin knew what happened, an incredible kick to the head sent him flying and he hit the ground near the wall, twenty feet away. Slade landed with feline-like agility and turned around to address Starfire and Cyborg, who were also standing over Ravager.

"First Killer Moth, and now this chick?" Cyborg interrogated the madman. "What, you can't do this on your own anymore, Slade?"

"I'm just trying to even the status quo, Cyborg," he answered the mechanized Titan, readying himself for another attack. "Now...step away from my daughter."


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