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Tension filled the air inside the Tower. Emotions had run high throughout the entire evening, and the slugfest at hand had finally come to a boiling point. Time had seemed to slow down to an almost unbearable degree. Constant screaming and yelling (mostly from Cyborg and Changeling – formerly known as Beast Boy) filled the Titans' ears, and they had pleaded several times for them to stop as the scene unfolded in front of them.

Every Titan in the room was perfectly still and silent now, watching intently. Only a single voice could be heard.

"This is it, folks," said ESPN's Chris Fowler. "A 47-yard field goal to win the Rose Bowl Game."

The Jump City University Jackrabbits had been the surprise of the season in college football. They were the laughing stock of their conference a mere four years prior, but this year they posted their first ever undefeated regular season and their first ever major bowl berth. They dominated their conference and earned national respect by beating not one, but two top-five-ranked teams.

This game had been a shootout. The Jackrabbits and the also-undefeated Gotham State University Knights had traded blows throughout the game, and the Knights led 42-41 with just two seconds left in the game.

"There's the snap," Fowler announced. "The kick is up..."

The moment felt like it was in super-slow-motion. Every Titan had their fingers crossed and were holding their collective breath as the ball floated toward the goal posts. Changeling and Cyborg closed their eyes and held each other as the ball started fading toward the right goal post.

"And it is..." Fowler continued. Time stood almost perfectly still as the TV showed the football flying through the California night air. The Titans cringed in anxiety. The ball bounced off the right upright and back toward the middle between the two posts, evoking gasps from the Titans. "It's GOOD!" Fowler screamed after the ball barely snuck over the crossbar. "The kick is good!"

Every Titan in the Tower, along with 50,000 JCU fans inside the Rose Bowl and hundreds of thousands more around Jump City, erupted in joyous ecstasy.

Changeling and Cyborg hugged each other tightly as they jumped for joy, screaming wildly. Nightwing and Flash (formerly known as Robin and Kid Flash, respectively) shared a high-five and a chest bump. Jinx and Starfire shared a hug while cheering and laughing. Raven remained seated on the couch but managed to pump her fist and scream out a "YES!" before she could contain herself.

"The Jackrabbits have shocked the college football world!" Fowler said, with his voice almost drowned out by the screaming fans inside the stadium. "JCU has just won 'the Granddaddy of Them All' – their first ever Rose Bowl win!"

"One of the best Rose Bowl games I've ever seen, Chris!" said Kirk Herbstreit, Fowler's broadcast partner. "No doubt they'll be partying over in Jump City tonight!"

Marie, not totally aware of what was going on, sat in her mother's lap, looking at everyone in their euphoric state with a confused look on her face. She pointed to her father and Cyborg, who were showing the most emotion of all. Changeling was even crying tears of joy as he and Cyborg danced and celebrated wildly.

"Mommy, why's Daddy so happy?" she asked her mother.

"Well," Raven replied with a reluctant smile as she watched her fiancée make an ass of himself. "Our favorite team just won the big game!" He loves football, and he loves the Jackrabbits!"

"Yeah, stupid!" Mark jeered at his twin sister. "We won! Yay Jackrabbits!"

Raven quickly grabbed her son by the arm and pulled him back onto the couch. "We do NOT say that word!" Raven scolded him.

"Yeah, don't call me stupid, Mark!" Marie squealed. "That's mean!"

"But Mom, she calls me stupid all the time!" Mark whined.

"Do not!" Marie retaliated.

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Raven yelled. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and stared at Raven. Her eyes glowed with her dark energy, which everyone – even Mark and Marie – knew was a sign that Raven was really angry. "Mark, apologize to your sister!"

"But Mommy," Mark replied meekly, "you call Daddy stupid sometimes."

Raven's face flushed. She turned to Changeling, who crossed his arms and smirked at her. "Yeah, Mommy, you do," he said derisively. "If you want the kids to stop using that word, you have to stop using that word, too."

Raven growled at her husband, but feigned sincerity as she turned back around to address her kids.

"Alright then," she gave in. "Nobody in this family calls anyone stupid, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy," the twins replied simultaneously.

"Marie, I'm sorry for calling you stupid," Mark told his sister, with his head hanging.

"That's okay," she responded. "I'm sorry for all the times I called you stupid, too."

The two shared a hug, and the other Titans all gushed at the two siblings.

"Alright, you two," Changeling said, walking over to his children. "It's time for bed."

"Awwwww!" they whined. "Do we have to?"

He never got over how cute it was when they spoke in sync, but he still had to be pretty stern with them.

"Yes, it's way past your bedtime," Changeling said. "Off you go." He led them to their room, and got them ready for bed.

"You brushed your teeth?" the green man asked them.

"Yes, Daddy," they answered.

"Okay then," he replied. "Good night, you two."

"Good night, Daddy!" Mark said as Changeling ruffled his hair then kissed him on the forehead.

"Good night, Daddy!" Marie squeaked as he kissed her on the forehead.

He walked to the door and turned around.

"You two go to sleep, now," he instructed.

"We will," the twins said softly, already starting to get sleepy.

Changeling flicked the light switch, and the room became dark, with the exception of the nightlight on the back wall of the room. He smiled as he stepped into the hallway the door closed behind him.

He made his way back to the Titans living room, where everyone was picking up the food and party paraphernalia. Raven stood up and greeted him with a peck on the lips.

"Should we tell them?" Raven whispered quietly, glancing over at Jinx and Flash.

"You think it's the right time?" he asked. Raven nodded. "Okay, then. Let's tell them."

The other Titans had finished cleaning up the living room and had plopped back onto the couch for one last little chat session before going to bed.

"Hey Jinx, Flash," Changeling addressed the hextress and the speedster.

The pair looked over at the gray-and-green couple.

"Can you guys come talk with us for a little bit?"

They looked at each other and replied simultaneously. "Sure."

The four of them walked to away from the couch toward the kitchen.

"You guys know that you're a part of our family, right?" Changeling said to Flash and Jinx.

"Of course," Flash replied, then he looked at his wife. "We feel the same way about you guys. These past seven years or so have been the best times of our lives."

"Well, we wanted to show you how much we appreciate you, both as teammates and as friends," Raven chimed in.

"That's right," Changeling answered. "You know that Cyborg and Bumblebee are Marie's godparents, and Nightwing and Starfire are Mark's godparents."

"Yeah," the two of them said with anxious excitement. They looked at each other as if they knew what Changeling was about to ask them. But before Changeling could say it, Raven interrupted him.

"How would you two like to be godparents?" she asked, rubbing her belly.



First, some clarifications:

I know I said earlier in a previous chapter that Beast Boy and Raven chose Starfire to be godmother to both Mark and Marie, but I decided that in this future, Cyborg married Bumblebee and Raven and BB chose to let Bumblebee be Marie's godmother (which Starfire reluctantly allowed).

Also, the Rose Bowl is not only the name of the bowl game itself, it's the name of the stadium in which it's played. So I tried as best I could to make sure that every reader knows when I'm talking about the game and when I'm talking about the stadium.

Let me know if you liked the story! Keep on the look-out for more! Rock on, y'all!