This is the mature continuation of Chapter 18 of my story Women and Children First. You can find the start of that story here: s/8734971/1/Women-and-Children-First

Jane's kisses became more insistent, his hand roaming freely until it came up to her breast and squeezed, and then, finding the buttons of her blouse, becoming focused on freeing them as quickly as possible. He groaned as he unbuttoned and opened her blouse to reveal her lacey bra. Tracing kisses down her neck and onto her chest, he made his way down to her belly before groaning deeper and resting his face on the bare skin. Lisbon had her fingers in his hair, her pelvis undulating as if it had a will of its own. Soon he was kissing his way up to her breast, mouthing first one nipple then the other through the lace before slipping a hand to unhook it and pull it off her. Once freed, he took turns licking and sucking on each nipple and she rose with his mouth, groaning at the rising sensations he was causing.

His hand slipped down between her legs and he rubbed her there before grabbing her tight and holding her as her hips rose even higher to his touch. The pressure along with his nipple play nearly made her cum right then, and her breathing became erratic. He released her and slid his hand up to unbutton and unzip her pants, slipping it into her underwear and finding her wetness. He massaged her clit as his lips made their way back up to her mouth and then he slid his tongue into her mouth just as he slid two of his fingers deep inside her. Lisbon cried out, so close to cumming she could barely kiss him back, and when he started rubbing her sweet spot with his fingers in a slow and steady motion she lost herself completely to the moment, crying out and bucking her hips to feel his fingers even deeper inside her. She grabbed him and held him close as she came, and he broke off the kiss to let her cry out freely.

They were cheek to cheek and he was breathing heavily into her ear, pressing his hardness into her hip, still massaging her sweet spot until she grabbed his wrist and made him stop but keeping his fingers deep inside. As she came down from her climax, he planted little kisses on her cheek, her ear, her chin. Soon she was kissing him back, going to unbutton his shirt. He pulled his fingers out so she could slip the shirt off his arm and then he lifted up to get it off completely. He looked down at her and she saw her own unabashed lust mirrored back to her. She went for his pants and got them undone and slipped off with his hurried help. Then he was on top of her, parting her legs with his knee, opening her up for him as he looked down at her. She reached between his legs and took hold of his hardness-god, he was so hard. His breathing hitched when she squeezed him and he ducked his head down as his whole body tensed. She guided him inside her and he raised his head to look at her again as he sank all the way inside her in a slow, steady movement. He groaned, closing his eyes only briefly before pulling back and plunging forward again, finding a rhythm for her to match, watching her as she responded with her own groans and gasps. He liked to watch, that much was clear, and Lisbon met his gaze with an openness she revealed to only the most trusted. He responded by kissing her deeply and thrusting harder. She wrapped her legs around him and opened herself up completely, taking him all the way in, gasping when he hit the back of her cervix. Their rhythm soon became erratic, he broke off the kiss and she saw he was close and she raced to match him, slipping her hand down between them to massage her clit. A couple strokes in and she was crying out and bucking hard with him and soon he was clenching up and crying out with her. She could feel him releasing inside her and he soon collapsed onto her, burying his head next to her and letting go of deep guttural sounds into her ear. She ran her hands over his back and into his hair, letting her waves of pleasure release fully, diminish naturally.

They lay like that until their breathing leveled out, their heart rates returning to normal. Then Jane lifted his head and kissed her cheek, her mouth, the tip of her nose. He looked into her eyes, as if gauging how she might be feeling now that the lust had been met. And she was fine. More than fine. She hadn't been this fine in a long time, in fact. She smiled at him, ran her hand through his hair and brought it down to stroke his cheek, the unbruised cheek. He smiled back and kissed her softly on the lips.

He pulled out of her and slipped off her, pulling her to him as he settled on his side facing her. She burrowed into the warmth of him, her back up against his chest, her butt up against his wet softness. He sighed contentedly into her ear and Lisbon closed her eyes, luxuriating in the closeness and sweetness of Jane.