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Jane followed Lisbon into the next room where Cho and Rigsby were unloading their wares. They'd brought pizza, a police scanner, casual clothing and caps.

"Okay, listen up," Lisbon said. "We're going to map out the next 48 hours. Van Pelt, go ask Patricia and Ryan to join us. I want everyone on the same page."

Van Pelt went to get them, while Lisbon asked Cho, "How did it go with the rentals?"

"Piece of cake. We got a muscle car and a Mercedes to fit in better."

When everyone was assembled, Lisbon said, "We're running up against a clock here. We need to get Kirkland before anything happens, but we need to do it cleanly and we need to build a solid case that will keep him in prison the rest of his miserable life."

Jane leaned back against the wall next to the door to his room. He saw his mother watching him and he crossed his arms and looked to Lisbon who was going into boss mode.

"Jane stays on the DMV for now," Lisbon said. "Patricia, you … keep doing what you're doing. Van Pelt and I are going to work on Kirkland's timeline. Cho and Rigsby, I want you to learn every inch of Jane's old neighborhood and work out a surveillance plan. We're going to assume Kirkland won't go to the house until Sunday. That means we've got the rest of today and tomorrow to find the woman and child before Kirkland or get ourselves established in the neighborhood. That means we need to get rested up tonight—we likely won't be sleeping tomorrow night. Any questions?"

"What about headquarters?" Cho asked. "Are we checking in at all?"

"No," Lisbon said. "The only people I trust in the CBI right now are in this room. Any other questions?"

"Yeah, do I have to stay inside the whole time?" Ryan asked.

Everyone looked over at him. He leaned against the door opposite from Jane with his hands in his pockets.

"Sorry kid," Lisbon said. "We can't have you out wandering about. But if we do this right, you'll be back to your saxophone and girlfriend by Monday."

"Whatever," Ryan said with an air of defeat.

"Right. Any other questions?" She waited. "Okay then. We've got pizza. We've got work. Let's get on it."

Ryan and the team broke into the pizza. Jane waited for them to get their slices and drift off before he went to get his own. His mother had waited too and she joined him at the open pizza boxes.

"You need to tone it down for Lisbon," he said to her in a low voice.

"She asked," Patricia replied. "She wanted to know."

"Wanted to know what?" he asked, turning to her with a frown.

"She's intuitive. She already knows things are changing. She just doesn't understand it. I tried to explain."

"Well, stop it. You're upsetting her needlessly when she needs to focus on the case."

Patricia turned fully to him now and leveled a look at him that he remembered well. "Patrick, you are absolutely right for proceeding cautiously with her in regards to your relationship, but as for the rest of it, she needs to be readied. It will be far more upsetting to her if she is not."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about. You have a choice to make. If you choose to go with your bloodlust, do you think Teresa will be less upset than she is now?"

The speed at which she had checked him was stunning, and as he looked into the face of his mother he saw how she was working against him. There was no force to it, no manipulation. Just a few pointed observations meant to turn him around. A jangly shot of adrenaline coursed through him as he realized how right she was. Long ago he had devised a plan for the end of Red John, a plan that was by now set in stone in his mind yet flexible enough to cover an endless number of scenarios, a plan hatched when he purposefully kept himself apart from the world.

"You two doing okay over there?" he heard Lisbon ask.

Then he heard his mother say, Your wife and child are not all you need to let go of, Patrick.

Jane reached for a paper plate and loaded a slice of pizza onto it. He turned and went back to his room, closing the door behind him. He did not go back to the laptop. He needed a break from all the pictures of potential victims. Setting the plate on the nightstand, he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. He needed to think.

Lisbon watched Jane go wordlessly to his room with the same uneasy concern as before. But she couldn't dwell on that. She had a job to do and she needed to focus. She turned back to her slice and the pages of Kirkland's career.

The team worked through dinner and into the evening. Lisbon and Van Pelt pieced together a timeline that proved Jane's assertion: the known Red John murders were all in the vicinity of Kirkland's cases. The only time they veered were when they were personal, starting with Jane's family. It made Lisbon sick to think that a vaunted officer of the law was capable of doing all that Red John had done, was planning to do. And how had such a creepy guy gained the devotion of so many?

Cho and Rigsby nailed down their plan for staking out Jane's house if it came to that, but also a contingency for the whole team if they were able to identify the victims before they became victims. The mood of the team was somber, the calm before the storm. Nobody wanted to jinx anything by pointing out the obvious, but Lisbon knew they were all hyperaware that for the first time ever they were a step ahead of … Kirkland. Somehow, knowing that Red John was just a man in an ill-fitting suit and a bad haircut made the task of catching him seem not just possible but inevitable. Lisbon had shared what Patricia had said, but they all agreed that nothing should be taken for granted. They were determined to cover every base and take him down. Hard.

By 10pm they dimmed the lights and Van Pelt took the first watch. They needed rest and Van Pelt had tapped into the motel's surveillance cameras and could view the feed on her computer. Nobody questioned where Lisbon would bunk down. That ship had sailed. The whole team knew when this was all over they'd either be fired or commemorated. There'd be no tepid middle ground so why pretend? When she quietly slipped into Jane's room she found him stretched out on the bed, ankles crossed, asleep. As slowly and noiselessly as possible, she turned the lock on the door. She was beat and she wanted to relax in Jane's arms, sleep naked up against him.

She came around to the side of the bed and looked down on him. The nightstand light cast a warm yellow light and Lisbon watched as his chest rose and fell rhythmically. He looked like sleep had taken him unexpectedly and she thought how much he had slept in the last few days, yet another change in a head-spinning sea of changes. She didn't have time to even keep track of all the changes. She thought of what Patricia said, that she needed to get ready for even more, and the thought made Lisbon tired. She just wanted to get through the next two days, keep everyone safe and get Kirkland behind bars. End of story.

She went and untied Jane's shoes. When she slipped the first one off, he stirred awake. She slipped the other one off and he smiled softly at her. She pulled her cell out of her jacket pocket, set the alarm, and placed it on the nightstand. Then she took her jacket and shoes off and climbed into bed with him. He pulled her to him with a sigh. He was all soft and warm from sleep and Lisbon almost wept at the instant comfort of his embrace. Turning onto his side to face her, he reached and started unbuttoning her blouse and she reciprocated. He finished first and opened up the blouse, pushing it off her free arm before moving on and kissing her breast just above the edge of her bra. Soon he was trailing his tongue along the edge and then burrowing down into the bra to lick and suck her nipple.

Lisbon finished with his shirt and he sat up to take it off and toss it on the floor. She followed his lead and was undoing her bra behind her when he turned his full attention back to her. He helped her slide it off and again went to kiss and suck her breasts, pushing her back down onto the bed. She moaned at the sensations and grabbed his head as she lifted her hips in response. He slowly moved his kisses down until he reached her pants and he shifted onto his knees, hovering over her and working her pants off. She was naked now and he took a moment to appreciate her, glancing a hand over her breasts, down her belly and over her pubic mound. He looked her up and down as if savoring in the delight and she trembled in anticipation. Leaning over he parted her legs and kissed her inner thigh, than trailed his tongue up until he found her clit. He parted her hairs to gain full access, and then licked and kissed every bit of her, pushing his tongue inside of her as she rolled her head back and groaned.

She melted onto the warmth of his tongue, the luxuriating sweetness of it. He worked slowly and softly. The tension building within her belied the calm attention he paid. When her hips began moving more deliberately, he slowed even more, bringing her back to a gentle insistence, holding back just enough to keep her from going over the edge. Then he started bringing her back to excitement, heating her up so much she couldn't take it any longer. She needed him inside her. She turned onto her side, making him go with her, and she quickly disengaged. Holding her hand against his chest, she got on her knees and climbed on top of him. She made quick work of getting his pants down and letting his beautifully hard cock spring free. She grabbed him and lined him up before sinking ever so slowly down onto him.

They both gasped at the sensation and she let him go as far as he could. She stayed there a good long moment not moving. But soon she wanted what she wanted and she began lifting up and falling, lifting and falling, trying her best to go as slow as he had. He watched her the whole time, holding eye contact as if her every sigh of pleasure were some sort of encrypted message. He liked watching and Lisbon suddenly wanted to show him everything. She rose and fell, rose and fell, and Jane held steady letting her have her way with him. His breathing was ragged but he was holding on, his hands gripping her thighs. She angled herself just right, rising and falling, rising and falling to a slow and sexy rhythm all her own. She closed her eyes to give herself fully up, her mouth opening and gasping for breath. She felt his hands move up her legs, over her hips, up her ribcage and to her breasts. He took both nipples and tweaked them between his fingertips and her orgasm blossomed all at once. She opened her eyes to see him watching her, drinking up the low gasps and groans she released as she clenched him hard, the intensity building in waves that coursed through her entire body. His hands were at her hips now, gripping her to him as she rode out her pleasure.

The moment she starting going limp, he sat up and pushed her back until he was on top, still inside her. Surprised by the quickness, she looked up at him, breathless. He leaned down and kissed her. She tasted herself as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, taking her the way he had taken her earlier, soft and slow but very deliberate. He began moving inside her, rising and falling, rising and falling into her slippery wetness. And now he was groaning low into her mouth, moving faster but with a tension meant to keep it slow. She met his every thrust with the same quiet tension. He broke the kiss off and exhaled deeply as he pushed his face down into the crook of her neck. He groaned into her ear and the vibration of his desire set off a new wave of pleasure. Her breathy gasps spurred him on and he soon lost control. He pushed up on his elbows again to watch her as he started to pump inside her a few notches faster, his breathing ragged. She waited for him to start bucking his release before letting go of her own control. They came together looking into each other's eyes, letting their bodies express the full extent of their feelings.

With all of the tension gone, Jane sank down onto her, nuzzling his face against her neck. She accepted his weight gladly. She loved how much he loved to touch and cuddle and she wondered at the ten years he'd gone without, realizing what a self-imposed prison he had created for himself. She sighed and wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight. She didn't know what would happen tomorrow or the next day, but for now… for now she was content.