*Pythor's Love Advice*

"Uh, Pythor," Lloyd said, sticking his head into Pythor's room to find the Anacondrai typing away at his computer, obviously working on his new book. "Can…can I talk to you for a minute?" The violet Serpentine turned to the blond boy to see that he appears nervous about something.

"Of course, Lloyd," he answered, turning to him in his computer chair. "What's troubling you?" Lloyd then came into the room and closed the door behind him so to give the two of them some privacy.

"Uh, well…" he started, fiddling his fingers with a slight blush, "you've met Cole's little cousin Elaine…right?"

"Yes, I have," he answered with a smile. "Quite the spirited sweetheart, if I do say so myself. I agree with Cole when he said that she has what it takes to be a ballet dancer. Why do you ask?"

"Promise you won't laugh?" Pythor nodded in answer, and Lloyd gulped before answering with a deeper blush on his face. "IthinkImighthaveacrushonher!" He then shut his eyes and braced himself the laugh of humiliation from the Snake King.

"You mean…you're in love?" Lloyd then cracked one eye open…before Pythor scooped him up and gave him a big bear hug with delight! "Oh, your first love! My little Green Ninja's growing up and falling in love! I knew you would sooner or later!"

"I'm glad you didn't laugh, Pythor," Lloyd groaned, "but…could you please not hug so tightly? You're crushing me…" Realizing this, Pythor quickly set him down and freed him.

"My deepest apologies, Lloyd," he explained after calming down a little. "But this is great news. You've fallen in love with your first girl. Uh, do the others know about it?"

"No," he answered sadly. "And that's because I'm afraid they're going to make fun of me about it. Well, except for Cole; he'll probably wanna kill me. That's why I didn't go to Jay and Nya for love advice."

"What makes you think Cole would want to…Oh, because of the whole Kai-Nya-Jay drama?" Lloyd nodded in answer.

"So…what should I do about it?"

"Simply be yourself and ask her out," Pythor answered. "Tell her that you want to get better acquainted with her. And trust me; a girl will truly love you back as long as you're you."

"But…what about Cole?"

"Don't worry; I'll tell him that I'll chaperone. Someone has to make sure that your rendez-vous with Elaine will go nicely. And I highly doubt he'll want to kill you if you ask her out."

"How do you know?" Pythor simply tapped his crystal on his head.

"Serpentine's intuition," he answered the boy. "Come on; I'll help with what you should say to ask her out."

"Okay," Lloyd said as they then left the room. "Oh! And, Pythor?"

"Yes?" he asked, turning to the boy who smiled at him.

"Thanks." Pythor just smiled back before ruffling his hair playfully.

"My pleasure, Little Romeo."

*Main Squeeze (deleted fan scene from All of Nothing)*

Cole was taken by surprise as Skalidor shot his tail out and wrapped it around the Earth Ninja like a whip before bringing him closer to the black snake.

"Always wanted to make you my main sssqueeze," he purred to him with a smile as he held him tightly. Cole thought there was something weird about the tone in his opponent's voice, especially when his tail caressed against his throat but ignored it.

"Must…relax," he grunted as he tried to relax his body. "Think…loo—" He stopped however when Skalidor's tail suddenly lifted his mask up above his face.

"Hey," he snapped at the smirking Constrictai, "what are you—" He was cut off again when Skalidor pulled him closer to his scaly chest sharply and pressed his lips into his for a kiss…right in front of the ninja and the Serpentine!

"What the—" Jay cried in shock.

"Sis! Sensei! Cover your eyes!" Kai called.

"A little late for that, isn't it?" asked the bewildered Nya.

"Well, that was…unexpected," Zane replied calmly, and Sensei nodded in agreement.

"Maybe we should've told the ninja that Skalidor's…*gulp* gay," Acidicus stated, looking away awkwardly.

"Personally," Fangtom replied, "I don't think that would make much of a difference."

"I second that," Skales concurred, covering his eyes. "You have any idea how freaked out Pythor would be if he saw this?"

Cole, meanwhile, didn't hear any of them. He was in major shock from what's happening to him. The Constrictai General—a snake—is kissing him! A snake of his attribute, but a snake! He felt himself blush like crazy as he insanely started to enjoy it and kiss the Skalidor back, slowly parting his lips to let snake's tongue enter.

Skalidor then wrapped his free arm around Cole's back as his tongue battled the human's for dominant passion. He can tell by the moan that escaped from his "main squeeze's" throat and said moan rumbling against his tail that Cole's enjoying this. He then pulled away slowly and opened his eyes slowly to see that Cole's now dazed and with a deep blush across his face. He smirked at how cute he looks.

"I should tongue you more passionately," he purred slyly. That snapped Cole out of it as he shot his eyes wide open.

"YOU'RE SICK!" he yelled, shoving his now loose coils off of his body. Then he as quick as lightning punched Skalidor in the nose, causing the Constrictai General to fall back and tumble down the spiral stairs as everyone watched him bounce and roll downward. When he reached the bottom, Acidicus slithered up to his fallen comrade as fast as he could.

"Are you okay?" he asked with worry. Skalidor only opened his eyes and grinned up at him.

"I may be hurting all over now," he answered with a dreamy groan, "but it was totally worth it." Acidicus just rubbed his lower eyes with a sigh.

"If Pythor saw this," he mumbled, "he'd be flipping out right now."

"Oh, go soak your head."

*Tai Chi*

It was half past sunrise as Zane begun to practice his tai chi on the upper deck of the Destiny's Bounty II. Although he was trying to concentrate, he couldn't stop thinking about what had past.

After freeing the Serpentine again, the ninja and the Generals became allies as well as close friends. Kai and Fangtom team up in video games. Cole's cooking has gotten better with Skalidor's help. And Jay and Acidicus are having a blast building machines.

As for Zane and Skales…well, nothing. Skales just distance himself from the ninja after giving up his title as Snake King. Fangtom stated that he's just feeling guilty about getting the Serpentine trapped in that underground vault, but Zane believes it's deeper than that. He feels as though Skales wants nothing to do with the ninja and that the Generals want nothing to do with him.

Of course, the latter was proven false. Fangtom's trying to assure him that everything will be alright. Zane could only hope that Skales would take his life-long friend's word for it. It would be nice if the two wielders of the Ice Attribute share a common interest or pastime.

"Uh, Zane?" The Nindroid cracked an eye open and saw Skales standing a foot from him. His sensors detected that he appears nervous about something.

"I, uh," the Hypnobrai asked, rubbing his arm. "I was wondering…"

"I am afraid I have not seen Fangtom or the others," Zane answered, still continuing his tai chi, "if that is what you are asking, Skales." That's usually what Skales would ask of the Ice Ninja.

"Uh, actually," the Hypnobrai explained, "I was wondering if…I can perhaps join you in this tai chi exercise." Zane blinked in reply. He certainly did not compute this sort of request.

"Of course," he replied with a smile. Skales smiled back in reply before going up to a spot right beside him and taking a tai chi position like Zane's.

"Breathe in slowly," Zane then instructed Skales as he took a deep breath himself. "Then breathe out slowly as you move slowly…" Skales copied his movements and breathed out slowly as he instructed. They went on for about half a minute before Zane broke the silence.



"After we are done our tai chi, would you like to come to the book fair at the Ninjago City Mall?" Skales smiled in reply.

"Sounds like fun." Zane smiled back as they then continued their Tai chi. Looks like the two of them have a few things in common after all.