First oneshot is yaoi. And I don't own anyone but Pam.

*Losing Him Again (Sequel to Onto Us)*

Skales couldn't believe what he has heard. The ninja know where they are? He was certain that Pythor's sorcery would keep them safe, but that old man…

He punched his fist into the wall so hard; it left large cracks circling a crater. If they know where they are now, they'll come to take Cole away from him…and he can't go losing him again. Not after finally winning him over. Will Pythor's plan to capture the ninja really work?

"Skales, what's wrong?" He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to Cole with an assuring smile.

"It's nothing, Cole," he answered. "I'm just…having a bad day." Cole then noticed his fist in the wall and a cut on said appendage.

"No kidding," he said, taking his fist. "Look what you did. Hold on; I'll get you a band-aid." He then left to find the first-aid kit, the Hypnobrai watching after him with confidence.

Skales isn't going to lose Cole again; he's going to make sure of that.

*Outlaw's Love Advice (Sequel to Playing Heart Games)*

"Listen here, Jacob!" Pythor snapped, approaching the surprised rattler angrily. "Just because you're larger than I am and have more intimidating eyes, that doesn't mean you can go hit on my girl." Jake only smiled at him, as he understood what his problem is.

"Pythor, I already know that Pam's yer gal," he replied calmly. "I had no intention of stealin' her away from ya."

"Oh, don't play innocent with—Wait, what?" the confused Anacondrai replied.

"I was only being polite to her since she's a fan of mine," he explained to him. "Plus, seein' ya gettin' all worked up was a riot." He then laughed as the blushing Pythor as he turned from him with a huff. "Plus, I think Pam's got a thing for ya too." He turned to him sharply.

"She does?!" That got his attention.

"Yeah, but I think you should take it easy. There are some girls that don't like men who rush things, and well…you were kinda rush-y there bein' overprotective 'n' all." Pythor then looked down in shame.

"I just don't want anyone else to take her away from me," he explained softly. "What should I do about it?"

"Try easin' up on her. And tell her that seein' ya with another guy makes ya uncomfortable." Pythor then looked up at him with a smile.

"Thanks, Jacob," he replied before leaving. But then he stopped and turned to the rattler again.

"By the way, Pam knew you were just messing around with me, right?"

"Yeah, she knew. She told me she played along cuz you looked cute 'n' funny gettin' all worked up like that." Pythor looked way with another blush, and Jake laughed again at his reaction.

*Last Date (sequel to Karaoke Date)*

As Pam and Pythor danced a slow dance to a slow love song, the Yellow Ninja couldn't help but believe that this is their last night together of dating. It all seemed to have gone by so fast. Guess whoever said that time flies when you're having fun certainly wasn't joking.

She sure is going to miss her stay with Pythor. They had so much fun together, and Pythor was a real sweetheart/gentleman to her…for a snake. He truly deserved every after-date kiss.

"Is something bothering you, Pamela?" Pythor asked her, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Pythor," she answered. "I just couldn't believe that this is the last night of our dating week. I sure am going to miss it." Pythor only smiled in reply.

"Well, if you want it to last longer, that could be arranged…"

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" The two of them turned and glared at the five Ninja who came to take Pam home after the dance is over.

"And this is why I'm glad I have sisters instead of brothers," Pythor said to Pam, who just giggled in reply.