Disclaimer: I don't own the show or this pairing. This pairing was inspired by KaitlynToTheMax and a statement she made about Mike and Lindsay.

Mike was sitting on the dock of shame looking across the island at the playa des loser where his beloved Zoey was because she wasn't allowed to compete in season 5. Mike got rid of his MPD and he was now normal and had a girlfriend who wasn't there this season so he really didn't have much to say.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming from behind him and turned around to see Lindsay approach him and sit down.

"Hi Noah!" Lindsay plopped down next to him "Isn't it great that we got to go to the mall again with Connie and Glinda and Daniel and Ozwald and Hilary and Sally's hair is growing back in nicely! this is so fun! I always wanted to go to the mall with you guysssss!"

"Hi Lindsay, My name is Mike and I'm not Noah." Mike told her "This is obviously not a mall as you can see we are surrounded by water and an outhouse."

"No, That's Total Drama silly!" Lindsay giggled. "That's where Tyler went!"

"No, he didn't." Mike sighed "He didn't get picked to be on this season! You do realize this is the 5th season of total drama right? Heroes Vs. Villains! You and I are on the same team!"

"Ohhhhhhh!" Lindsay gasped "I get it now! That's why Alejandro is here! He's like Hercules!"

"No, he's a villain." Mike rolled his eyes "He also got eliminated in episode 3."

"So, you're Tyler?" Lindsay asked him.

Mike sighed and realized he had no personality left in his life because he no longer had MPD and Zoey wasn't there and when they weren't a pair they were incredibly boring people.

"Yes, I'm Tyler." Mike lied. "You wanna date me?"

"Oh my gosh!" Lindsay clapped "I'm so glad you decided to come to the mall with me!"

"Yay!" Mike fake laughed. "Now we can be uselessly stupid together! Maybe I can try to get Svetlana to come back and seduce Duncan for ratings!"

Mike and Lindsay made out.

Yup, This sucked but it's true. The cast has been announced. Heroes Vs. Villains it shall be.

The teams are The Heroic Hamsters and The Villainous Vultures. Featuring Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Lightning, Owen, Brick and Sierra.

Brian Froud is in the studio recording too so Harold or Sam will also be returning and nobody is actually sure if Scott is doing Trent at all or just Owen. They also are going to somehow slam yet another new cast in the second half somehow. Alejandro is also supposed to be in this although nobody is sure if he is going to be human or robot.

I'm kinda pissed that they aren't having Noah, Cody or Bridgette in this season. Those 3 along with Eva have been confirmed to not be returning.

So, I was talking to KaitlynToTheMax who basically said Lindsay and Mike are kinda useless characters to be putting in the season. I strongly agree. I also think Heather and Duncan already had enough screen time and so has Gwen. They already had their happy ending so why the hell are Gwen/Duncan back? Seriously? Rather then getting spammed asking where I have heard this, Follow Tom Mcgillis on Twitter and also, you can find these people on facebook where the voice actors have confirmed it. Brian froud also has a Twitter if you want details.

Also, I can totally rant about this here! Because I actually wrote a parody story to go with it! I WIN. You guys can feel free to discuss it in the comments if you'd like because I'd love to hear what you all think of this.