My mom and I would watch the old BatB when I was younger. One of my favorite characters in the old BatB series was Mouse! He was inventive and got in and out of trouble. My kind of guy! Now, I know that this new series is taking a new spin to the old series and I love it! So this is simply my version of how I would like Mouse to be introduced and modified to fit into the new series.

Walking around at night, like all things, has its advantages and disadvantages. For one no one really looks at one another when you pass, so no one would recognize that I was Vincent Keller. The night allows me to stretch my legs and clear my head of not only the danger that I face but also of Catherine and Alex. The disadvantage, I am never alone in my head long.

A muffled scream two blocks down pulls me from my thoughts. And with out thought, just instinct, I am in a full out run towards the muffled screams because I know I am the only one that can hear them. I carefully round the corner of the alley. If I was normal I wouldn't be able to see the two men holding down the woman to the back left of the alley. But nothing about me is normal. I approach soundlessly, so that my back is to the right alley wall and I am behind one of the men with a ball cap on. Who is kneeling between the woman's legs. The other man, wearing a black hoodie, has his knee on the woman's stomach, both of her wrist in one hand above her head and the other had is covering her mouth. The woman who I can't see is fighting with everything she's got. Kicking, Bucking, Screaming...even though she can't be heard.

The man in the ball cap reaches in his pocket and pulls out a knife and places it by the woman's throat. The woman stills and stars to take deep breaths.

"Now there's a good girl" the man with the knife says. "No need to scream. Me and Danny just want to show you a good time. Don't we Danny?"

The other man responds by putting more weight on the woman's stomach which forces air from her lungs.

They wanted a good time I'll give them a good time. I grabbed the man with the knife from behind. He was caught so off guard that he didn't have time to react before I throw him hard against the large medal trash bin. His head hit the floor with a crack and on some level I hope that he is dead. The other man came for me but I was quick to doge the right hook he threw and responded with a left upper cut that sent him crashing into the wall but amazingly, he was still standing. He came at me again and as he threw another punch, I dipped and gained the leverage I needed to send him head first into the opposite wall. With a crack I knew he's neck had snapped.

I turned and ended up looking down at a... girl, not a woman. She was scared. Her face was masked with horror. I am sure most people would have the same look on their face if they saw me in my morphed form. Her large brown eyes couldn't look away and then her mouth opened as if to speak or scream but nothing came. That is when instinct took over again and told me to run.

But before I could turn...I felt a bite in my chest and a warm but painful sensation. My knees hit the floor and as I looked towards the trash bin the man with the cap was now holding a taser gun. As I tried to get up the painful sensation over took my body once again. If I was a normal man I was sure I would be out cold but I tried to stand again and once again pain. This time whiteness started to over take my vision and I knew could only take so much more.

Suddenly, I saw movement and from the edge of my very blurry vision. The girl ran toward the man and then raised her hand. All I could hear was a hissing sound and then yelling from the man. Pepper spray. I fell forward on my hands trying to steady myself. The adrenaline had run out and I was now normal and weak. I then heard a crack and a thump. As I looked up the man was lying on the ground and the girl was holding a 2x4 like a bat. I was sure it would take him a while to come around after all that.

I heard footsteps but not in the direction I expected them. I thought the girl would have ran for the cops or home but instead the sound of her Chucks stopped in front of me.

"Um, are you ok?" her voice was hesitant. I didn't answer, I figured my silence would scare her away. Most people don't like the silent treatment. At that very moment I could hear sirens and decided it was time to get the hell out of here. As I tried to stand I felt my legs give and then felt a small body holding my left side up, but just barely.

I looked down at the girl that I helped and notice that her hair is cropped short and was brown with streaks of blue. "Um, I take it you don't want to wait on the cops." she says matter of factly. I nodded.

"Ok..." she says as if considering something, "My place is about a mile away do you think you can make it?" I nodded too tired to argue the fact that she had just been attacked and she shouldn't be taking strange men home with her. She took the first step and I follow suite. We make it out into the street and then walk down two more blocks. As we turned left I was able to hear, behind me, the sound of a squad car coming to a halt out side the alley where we where moments ago.

As we make more twists and turns down the streets I start to feel more weak. I was wiped out by the time the girl, who had been surprisingly quite this whole time whispered, "We're here". As I looked up for the first time I notice that the street we were standing on was well lit. The girl lived in a very good and expensive part of New York City! I was shocked! As we walked the steps up to the very nice apartment building I noticed a door man coming to open the door for us. Suddenly everything went slow motion; the door opened, man said some greeting which I couldn't hear, and then darkness consumed my vision.