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I became aware that I was lying on a bed, a very comfortable bed. I opened my eyes very slowly. It was dark except for a light slipping in from a cracked door. The sound of an ice falling into a glass was also coming from the other room. How the girl had got me up into her apartment after I passed out was a mystery. I sat up slowly. Then, once I was able to make it to the end of the bed, I tested my weight on both legs. Seemed stable enough. As I stood fully upright I heard running water. I carefully made my way to the window but there was no fire escape. So much for sneaking out and being nothing more than a bad dream. As I looked down I noticed that she must be on the highest floor in the building! And from the look and size of her room, the apartment must cost a pretty penny.

I heard the door open behind me I turned. Standing in the door way was the brown eyed girl with a glass of water in one hand. She look surprised to see me up. After the wave of surprise passed; she made her way toward me. The hand that held the water was out stretched.

"I figured you would be thirsty." she smiled as she handed it to me.

I took the water with a friendly smile. "Thank you." I took a large drink and as I did I studied the girl staring up at me. She was about five and half feet; small compared to me. Her skin was light and she wore blue eye shadow to match her blue streaked hair. She hadn't changed out of her skinny jeans which were torn at the knees. The skin was scrapped. she wore a black t-shirt which had "I Heart Geeks" written across it.

"Um, how long was I out for? and how did you get me all the way up here?!" I asked. Motioning with my hand towards the window.

She shrugged. "About an hour. Alan, the doorman slash security guard downstairs, helped me carry you up here." My face must've displayed the shock and worry I felt because she added quickly, " I told him you were drunk." She continued talking very fast, "Well I believe the word I used was trashed. I told him you were an old collage bubby of mine and that we met up at a nearby bar. I didn't want you to drive so I talked you into coming to my place since it was nearby." She seemed proud about the story she had came up with. "Oh, yeah," she said running her hand threw her short hair nervously, "I might have mentioned you were gay." I knew my expression was one of confusion.

"Alan is like a protective father. He wanted to escort you back to your car at the bar I mentioned and let you sleep it off there. I didn't think that would have been a good idea."

I nodded with an amused smile on my face. Suddenly the door bell rang.

"Thank God, I am starving!" The girl ran out of the bedroom and into the next room. I stayed in the bedroom looking out into a large wood floor living area that had what looked like all the latest electronics.

"Thank you!" I heard her yell down the hall and then I heard the door shut. I walked out and notice to the left a large kitchen with vintage brick walls. The girl walk in holding a pizza box.

"Do you like pepperoni and cheese, Bruce?" She looked up at me as if waiting for me to answer. I looked behind me thinking someone else was here. But no one was behind me. I looked back and pointed a finger at my chest, "Do you mean me?".

"Yeah!" she said with a smile. "My name isn't Bruce." I said coming to stand next to the breakfast bar where the girl sat down on a bar stool. She pop open the box.

"I kinda figured." she said as she picked up a slice of pizza and folded it in half. " but it was worth a shot." She then took a large bite of pizza.

"What are you talking about?" she wasn't making sense. Maybe her brain was still in shock over the attack.

She swallowed and turned to face me, "You know. Bruce Banner. The Hulk. That is who you remind me of anyway."

I knew she had seen me turn but she had been acting so normal. I guess I thought her brain had rationalized the whole event. Like Catharine, explaining away what killed the two men in the woods the night her mother had been shot was an animal. But the girl had seen and hadn't rationalized a damn thing. And now she was sitting here eating pizza and talking about it as if it was something she saw everyday.

"So..." she looked up at me and continued carefully, "can I asked how it happened? I mean, it wasn't like you were born with super human abilities. Were you?" she looked eager for an answer. I pushed away from the counter top, "I better go."

She looked at me questioningly, "Go? How are you going to get downstairs? There is no fire escape. And if Alan sees you walking straight after only being drunk for two hours he is going to stop you and I will get the stink eye for a month. Alan gets off at 3am. Just wait and you can take off then you can take off."

I didn't want to get stopped by the security guard or get the girl into trouble. I had five more hours to wait this thing out. So with a sigh I pulled out the bar stool and sat down.

"Look I totally get why you would want to keep this secret but what about this, I don't know your name, we can keep it that way incase someone asks me about you. Deal!? Bruce."

She smiled as she out stretched her hand with a smile. I rolled my eyes and smiled. What the hell else am I going to do for five hours, stare at the walls? "Deal. Blue." I said shaking her hand.

"Blue? Is it because of my hair?" she giggled running her hand threw it. "In a week or two it will be some other color. I am always changing it. I would prefer you call me by my nick name if you don't mind."

"Which is?"