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Fourth round: Daddy´s Little Girl

Chapter 1: The dinner

Uchiha Sasuke had never felt any attraction for anyone, neither male nor female. His parents were very proud of how well his son behaved because they were Uchihas and Uchihas were respectable people. You would not see any Uchiha involved in a scandal. But, when Sasuke turned 16, his parents started to get really worried about their son being not normal. Itachi, their first son, brought home his first girlfriend when he was 15. Their parents were unhappy, but they had to accept that even stoic, serious Uchihas were not immune to teenage synthoms.

So, they wondered what was up with Sasuke. He was expected at least to show some degree of interest in girls. First, they thought he was gay but Uchiha Fugaku, the father, would never forget his son´s "what the fuck" expression when finally approached his son to talk about the issue. After that, Fugaku was really relieved knowing that his son did not have that kind of feelings for Uzumaki Naruto (a boy who was constantly at the Uchiha house and who happened to be his son´s best friend).

However, their worries were still there; Uchiha Mikoto, the mother, feared she would never hold a grandson from his favorite son. Fugaku was worried as well, he cared very much about both of his sons. One day he came with an idea that his younger son had a lack of hormones-related-disease. Even though it seemed ridiculous, even his wife agreed to take Sasuke to a check up with their doctor. Of course, Sasuke refused hotly and threated to leave the house (he was still under age) if they did not stop sticking their noses into his love life, or lack of it. To say they were upset by the rude way their son had reacted is an obvious fact. But at the end of the discussion, they had to accept Sasuke was kind of right since they had crossed the line. From then on, they never brought back the topic again. So, days, months and years in which they worried silently passed by. They just grew up used to have a not normal son.

One happy morning while the whole family was having breakfast, Sasuke, like speaking about weather, pronounced the unimaginable thing.

"I have a girlfriend"

Fugaku almost chocked with his soup, Mikoto's spoon fell to the plate and Itachi rised his eyebrowns, doutbful of his little folish brother, and wondered when Sasuke turned to be a good liar, he actually sounded convincing; last time he checked he could not even utter that the sky was yellow.

"Weren't you dating Naruto?" true or not, he would not let this occasion pass by; it was just too fun to mess with his little brother.

"Very funny itachi", Sasuke reply to his brother, why he had to ruin everything.

Mikoto saw his eldest son disapprovingly. "Itachi leave your brother alone" And then smiling widely turned to see Sasuke and said, "Keep on telling us about this girlfriend of yours my darling"

Ouch! That was a low blow for the eldest son, Itachi felt yealousy building up; deep down he has always wanted his mother to treat him the same way she did with Sasuke.

Fugaku, who had being staring at Sasuke since the beginning of that awkward conversation, finally said. "Your mother is right Sasuke, please go on"

"Well, as I as telling you I have a girlfriend, and since we've been dating for few months I think it's time for you to meet her"

"Excuse me?" Fugaku asked. "How long exactly have you been dating?"

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?"Asked, Mikoto.

Parents, Sasuke hated when they got all obsessed, but he knew he better say the right words right there.

"Just a couple, dad, and I was just waiting the right moment to break the news. I just didn't know how"

Thinking it was quite understandable from Sasuke that dilema, they felt their worries go away; so, they asked in unison. "When will you bring her Sasuke?"

"That's what I was going to tell. Can I bring her tomorrow night for dinner?"

"Of course Sasuke, I ´ll be postpone my meetings if it is necessary" said, a very pleased Fugaku. He had waited and hoped for this moment for years, very long years.

"And, I´ll make your favorite meal Sasuke" Mikoto, putting her hands together, added.

"Itachi, can you make it for tomorrow?"

"Sure, dad. I´ll never miss it; plus if you don't mind I can bring Hana, too"

"Great idea darling, so that all the family is reunited!" Mikoto, said.

"Good idea son" supported his father.

Ah, Itachi started to like this girlfriend stuff as it put his parents in a better humor. And so the family kept on enjoying their food, now three of them sure believed in miracles.