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Fourth round: Daddy´s Little Girl

Chapter 2: Love is around

Uchiha Sasuke had never felt any attraction for anyone, neither male nor female. He had no time for such shallow emotions and did have lots of things to keep himself busy, very busy. He had to do excellent in school so that he could enter the best University of the country as his father expected him to. He and his brother were going to succeed his father's charge in the family company someday, so he had to get familiar with the business as much as he could and this implied that he had a part-time job in such company. Apart from his duties, and like any other boy of his age, Sasuke liked sports, or in his case, arts. He and his whole family had being practicing the art of fighting since the samurai era. Besides, he wanted to be as good as his brother was, thus he had to train very hard. Moreover he was not a genious as his brother, so he had to work the double just that he could be a little good as him.

So Sasuke was busy, but a happy busy boy. He did not feel the need of having a romantic life. If anything, he thought that thing called "love" was really overrated. It made his best friend more stupid that he already was, and it made even the smartest guy in class a total fool. Even his own brother acted stupidly when pursuing a girl. As far as he was concerned no woman (apart from his mother, of course) in the world deserved his attention, much less his affection. The majority was just too plain to notice, others were so annoying, or boring, or shallow, or mean. There was always "a but" in every girl he had the disgrace to meet. Sasuke wondered that if Itachi was able to do put up the all things an Uchiha boy had to do when he was younger and still being a womanizer, was because he was a genious, and because Itachi had no good taste in girls anyway.

Too bad his brother did not think the same way. When Sasuke was still twelve Itachi said that in anytime soon he would be teaching his little brother, the art of girl chasing. Apparently Itachi was a way too anxious to give that lesson because when Sasuke told him he was not interested, he made a total fuss about it. It was him who made their parents worry about his love life, Sasuke knew. He was used to Itachi´s "pranks" but sometimes his genius brother crossed the line, like when his father wanted to have the "talk" or when he wanted to take him to the doctor because he apparently was not normal. Sasuke could bet his new car those awkward situations were Itachi's fault; after all he was a crazy manipulator. Besides he knew no limits of what fun was and what was not.

Fortunately, Itachi and his parents grew tired of trying to get him a girlfriend and let him being the way he was, and so he lived happily ever after. Or at least he thought so.

One day while listening to his favorite band Sasuke found himself thinking how awkwardly he felt about his new friend. He never saw it coming, he should have, but did not. He liked his friend; that explained everything, the nervousness when she was close, why he smiled more often, why he was the first one to talk to her, why he suddenly was friendlier than usual, why he did not mind at all when she got close to him.

Suddendly, Sasuke started hyperventilating and got up of the bed so as not to chock himself. This could not be happening to him, he thought. Then, the next days he tried to deny his feelings, but soon enough he realized it did not do anything good to him, so he accepted that he, the great Sasuke Uchiha had fallen into the trap of love.

Anyway, he thought, being in love was not so bad after all. Love cannot be bad, can it? He loved his Mom, and Dad, and also Itachi (despite their bickering) and his pet too; and what about his extended family? He loved them too. Besides, being with his new friend felt nice and normal, and he felt like he had known her since ever. She was different from all girls, and had something that made her interesting and cool. Maybe all the things that made her special were only in his mind, but who cared. He wanted her in his life. She was not shallow, or mean, or boring or annoying and her name was Karin; it was pretty and he promised himself to make her his girlfriend no matter what.

Finally, one day his efforts bore fruit and she accepted to be his girlfriend and even accepted to meet his family. Even better, she did not run after the meeting like he was afraid of. He felt like the happiest person in the world. He had his Mom, Dad, Big brother, his cat and now his wonderful girlfriend; the best of it was that they got really on well. His parents loved her like the daughter they never had, even Itachi liked her, too. Karin had no family, so he figured it worked the best for her, too. What anything else could he ask for?

To have his best friend and his girlfriend get along, of course!