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"Demon/Bijuu talking/voice"


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Naruto sighed as he sat, floating in an almost eternal void of darkness, with the only light being the bat shape of the necklace that hung around his adopted little sisters neck.

It was the same necklace he had given her after he found her being terrorized by a group of villagers.


Naruto was wondering around the world, searching for a new purpose. During the war with Obito and the resurrected Madara, Naruto snapped when Neji jumped in front of him and Hinata. With the loss of one of his friends in front of his eyes, Naruto lost control fully absorbing Kurama, turning him into the new Kyubi.

Because of the fusion, all of the Kyubi's yokoi around the elemental nations all returned to him, the yokoi sealed within Sora at the fire temple, the Yin yokoi sealing inside the newly resurrected Minato Namikaze in Konoha was ripped out of Minato, killing Orochimaru, Sasuke, the resurrected Hokage, Jugo and Suigetsu, before returning to Naruto, and the yokoi that the Gold and Silver Brothers had, left Jubi and returned to Naruto.

Once the yokoi was ripped out of it, the Jubi became too unstable, before turning into a nuclear bomb an exploding, whipping out all life within all of Iwa, Kumo, Suna, Kiri, Konoha, and all of the smaller nations in between the five great nations, killing everyone except Naruto, who passed out.

Over the next three hundred years, Naruto had wondered the earth, learning everything he could from jutsu to a magic, which was similar to chakra yet very different, and was only found on the opposite side of the world from the elemental nations.

After a few years Naruto arrived on a small village, that use to be ruled by a nobleman named McDowell, who had suddenly vanished along with his family.

"Excuse me, can you tell me what's going on here?" Naruto asked stopping his walk through town as he saw a little blond girl running from a crowd, hiding behind him and cowering.

"We're going to kill that monster, she killed Lord McDowell and his family, she's nothing but a little demon," one of the villagers yelled, getting yells of agreement from the others, causing Naruto to freeze.

"Is what they said true, did you kill the McDowell family? Naruto asked the girl behind him, getting a small scared nod from her. "Why?"

"My dad used magic to turn me into a vampire, it made me hungry and I lost control," she said, tears welling up in her eye.

"What's your name?" Naruto asked bending down with a smile and whipping away her tears, getting stunned looks from the villagers.

"My name is Evangeline A.K. McDowell," she sniffed getting a kind smile from the man.

"It's nice to meet you Evangeline, my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, but you can call me big brother, alright," he smiled at the girl's surprised look before she nodded her head with a smile. "Good, then we should get going now," Naruto said standing up, grabbing the girls hand, and snapping his fingers before the two left, Evangeline looking back and watching in shock as the group of villagers that had been chasing her, fell to the ground dead as blood spurted out of their severed heads and arms.

Over the next one hundred years the two traveled together, inseparable, Naruto even adopting her last name of McDowell becoming Naruto U.N. McDowell. Everything had been going alright until the night he gave her a ruby necklace that was in the shape of a bat.

Naruto had 'bought' the gem from a traveling merchant, not knowing that the necklace had been cursed and was slowly pulling him into it. Once he had given the gem to Eva, as he called her, he was pulled into the gem, seeing as he was the stronger of the two.

Even though he had been pulled into the ruby bat, he still had a window to the outside world, and was able to keep her company and talk to her throughout her life, while trying to find a way to free himself.

Flashback Ended

With nothing to do Naruto simply sat back and watcher her life, giving her advice at times since she never took the necklace of. He watched her through good and bad time's, like when Nagi Springfield had sealed her into the school, Mahora Academy, and the fight she had with the basters son three days ago, which caused him to tease her about losing to a ten year old.

"Well I might as well go see what she's up to now," Naruto said floating over to the portal, only to stop as he noticed a giant crack across the entrance of the gem, meaning one of two things, either the magic was breaking or the gem was, and he hoped it was the magic, because it took him a lot of time to find the right gem and 'buy' the necklace for her. "Better fine out where she is before I break out of this hell hole," he said peering out to find that she was in the dean's office along with Negi and Asuna. "Excellent, I can introduce myself to the old man and scare the crap out of that brat Negi at the same time, man I love my life," he chuckled before ramming into the crack, causing the magic to shatter as he was forced out of the gem.

Outside of the necklace, Eva was sitting in the old man's office along with the boyo and his partner when suddenly a large wave of magical energy erupted from the necklace around her neck.

"So, he finally found a way out," Eva said with a smile on her face getting everyone's attention.

"Evangeline, what's going on?" the dean asked, shielding his eyes from the amount of magic and wondering why none of the other mages had appeared yet.

"Don't worry, he's harmless, unless you piss him of," she grinned as the shadows in the room began to swirl in the center of the room, absorbing all of the light as well in order to form a human figure. "And don't worry old man, I sealed of the room so no energy can leave this room, the only ones able to sense this are the four of use."

"Eva, who is this person?" Negi yelled as the light and shadows finished forming a figure with his eyes closed. The figure was tall, standing a good 6'5"; he had shoulder length spiky blood red hair. He was wearing a pair of black pants, and brown boots. Covering his chest was a blood red muscle shirt underneath a long, short sleeved trench coat with a green gem hanging around his neck. On his back was a giant sword covered in bandage's while what looked like a handle hung on his waist.

"Finally, after nearly six hundred years I am finally free to walk the earth, and kill the decedent to of the one who imprisoned me while destroying the world if mortals," the man said in a dark and demonic voice causing Negi and Asuna to shake in fear while the old man readied for an attack while Eva smirked at the performance. "Now, who shall I kill first?" he asked opening his eyes to show that they were blood red with slits for pupils, while a bloodthirsty grin spread across his face, showing of his fangs.

The tension in the room was slowly building, along with a small amount of killing intent, before two loud thumps shattered it as both Negi and Asuna fainted, the smell of urine coming from them.

"Oh man they actually pissed themselves, I was hoping for a reaction but I wasn't expecting that," the figure said in a human voice as both he and Evangeline burst out laughing, pointing at the wet spot on Negi's pants and the puddle under Asuna.

"Oh that was hilarious, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard," Eva said in between laughter as she held her side.

Suddenly a small cough brought their attention to the old man who was waiting for an explanation with a raised eyebrow.

"Damn, his eyebrows are bigger then Lee and Guy's put together," Naruto said causing the old man to chuckle. "I mean seriously, I've seen those things from inside the gem but damn," he said causing Eva to laugh even harder.

"Well as amusing as this is, would you mind telling me who you are?" the dean asked the man who wrapped his arm around Eva without being killed by the little vampire.

"Sure, the name's Naruto U.N. McDowell, I'm Eva's brother and the Kyubi no Yoko," he said smirking as the man's eyes widened before he fainted.

"I think you killed him," Eva said looking at the old man who was passed out on the floor of his own office.

"Damn, this is a nice place you have here," Naruto said three hours later as he stood next to Eva outside her cottage, Chachamaru standing at the door in her maid outfit. "I mean I've seen it while inside the gem but still."

"I still can't believe you agreed to become a student here in class 3-A as well as the sex education teacher," Eva said, her eye's twitching. She didn't mind being in the same class as her brother, it was the rest of the class she was worried about, expecially since he was going to be teaching them about sex, a subject she really didn't want to hear him talk about, again.

"Well what can I say, I know how to get what I want," he said proudly as he followed her into the house, getting a small bow from Chachamaru.

"All you did was give the perverted old man a copy of those damned books your godfather wrote," she said grabbing a bottle of sake from the fridge and two glasses. "I still can't believe he agreed to get those published, and made them the text book for your damned sex-ed class," she filled the two glasses before downing one of them.

"Well that doesn't matter right now, right now it's time to celebrate my release from that damned prison," he said grabbing his glass and downing it before refilling it. "By the way your Chachamaru right?" he asked the green haired robot, getting a nod from her. "Well my name's Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze McDowell, I'm Eva's older brother, nice to meet you," he said wearing his fox like grin, he already knew who she was but hay, it was still polite to give your name to new people you actually meet.

"It is nice to meet you Naruto," she said bowing her head. "However I did not know master had a brother."

"Well it's not surprising she never talked about me, even though I was trapped in the gem around her throat for the last five nearly six hundred years," he poured more sake into his glass before drinking it. "Anyways, I just thought I'd introduce myself to you since you'll be seeing me around the school from now on, or at least until I can find a way to break that damn seal holding Eva here."

"Very well, shall I prepare a room for him Master?" Chachamaru asked looking at her master.

"No, he's only going to be here for the night, which we're going to use to drink," she said sipping her glass of sake. "He'll be living in the dorms tomorrow like the other students," with a small bow Chachamaru excuse herself to go recharge for the next day, leaving the two immortals to their drinking.

"Damn it, why did you let me drink that much last night?" Eva asked the next morning as Naruto carried her to class while using a small medical jutsu to get rid of the hangover she had while Chachamaru walked beside them, escorting her master's brother to their class. "You know that without my powers I'm just a regular human."

"It's not my fault you're a lightweight," he smirked hearing the growl coming from the lolita on his back.

Ten minutes later, Naruto stood in front of the dean with Eva and Chachamaru beside him while they waited on three more people. Suddenly the door opened and three people walked in surprising Naruto since he thought they would be some old teachers, instead three very beautiful girls walked in, each wearing the same school uniform as Eva, telling him that they were students.

The first was a tall busty girl with a pair of breast that shouldn't belong to a middle schooler. She had long black hair with two ponytails framing her face, deep caramel colored skin, and light brown almost reddish eyes.

The second girl was shorter than the other girls by a few inches and had a smaller chest, but was still rather attractive. She had black hair that was tied into a spiky ponytail on one side and light brown eye.

The third girl was as tall as the first with a slightly bigger chest. She had short green hair with two bangs that framed her face and from what he could tell from her one slightly opened eye was that her eyes were a forest green color.

The thing that caught Naruto's attention the most, aside from the yokoi coming from the first two girls, was the fact that each of them had weapons. The first girl had two guns hidden on her, though Naruto could easily tell where they were. The second girl had a sword slung over her shoulder in a black bag. And the third girl had kunai and shuriken hidden up her sleeves, which surprised him, since he didn't think humans used shinobi weapons anymore.

"Awe thank you for coming you three," the dean said getting nods from them as they looked at Naruto from the corner of their eyes. "I would like to introduce you three to a new classmate of yours, this is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze McDowell, Eva's brother," he said getting wide eyed looks from the three who turned to look at him, all with different reasons. "Naruto I would like to introduce you to three of the schools strongest students, first is Mana Tatsumiya," the caramel skinned girl nodded her head, "Setsuna Sakurazaki," the girl with the sword nodded her head, "And Kaede Nagase," the girl with the shinobi tools nodded her head.

"Nice to meet you three," Naruto said with a smile causing the three to blush. "Though I have to wander why I'm meeting you three," he looked at the dean with a raised eyebrow.

"Hohoho, straight to the point I see, very well," the old man crossed his fingers and placed his chin on top of them. "These three are the school's first line of defense against magical intruders, and I would like you to help them should anything big appear," he said getting a chuckle out of Naruto before he realized the man was serious.

"You're serious aren't you?" he asked the old man getting a nod in response. "Are you senile old man, did you forget who I am, I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze McDowell, the Gama Sannin of Mount Myōboku," Kaede's eyes widened at this claim, she had heard legends of the Gama Sannin from old scroll that said he disappeared after saving the world from a great threat. "And the fucking Kyubi no Yoko," at this Mana and Setsuna's eyes widened, the Kyubi no Yoko was the strongest demon to walk the earth before he vanished from the face of the earth. "The only threats worth my time would be Gyūki or Chōmei, and neither of them is currently in this world."

"Why that may be so, I would still like you to help them should they get in over their heads, just as a precaution," the old man said causing Naruto's eye to twitch.

"Fine, but I will only step in if they're about to die, no sooner," he said reluctantly.

"Are you really the Gama Sannin/Kyubi no Yoko?" the three asked, Kaede with starts in her eyes, Mana and Setsuna with a little fear.

"Yes to both those questions, the reason I haven't been around is because I was trapped in that," he pointed to the ruby bat around Eva's neck. "The guy I got it from was a mage who put a spell on it to absorb the strongest source of yokoi in the area, I didn't know that and when I gave it to Eva, I was pulled in, only got out yesterday," he said as if this happened to him every day. "But enough about that, shouldn't we get to class?" he asked getting a nod from the old man who sent them on their way.

"Alright class, before we begin today, I have an announcement," Naruto could here Negi from outside the class room, as well as the excited whispers from the class. "The dean has assigned a new student to our class, you may come in now," he called, signaling Naruto to enter the classroom.

As the door to class 3-A opened to reveal the new student, all of the girls gasped in surprise, minus Eva, Chachamaru, Mana, Setsuna, Kaede, Negi and Asuna, the last two freezing at the sight of him as the memory of his arrival flashed through their minds. Standing in the door was a hot guy wearing a male version of their school uniform.

As Naruto entered the classroom, he scanned the room, making a mental checklist of all of the girls that had magical abilities or were magically aware/sensitive, since he had clones read the class roster and files on every girl in the class.

"Yo," Naruto said giving a lazy salute with a small grin, causing the room to light up like an oven, hell even the ghost was redder then a tomato. "The name's Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze McDowell, I'm going to be a student here by request of the dean, even though this is an all-girls school, it's nice to meet you all."

The room was silent for a few seconds before chaos erupted and Naruto found himself surrounded by the class, all of them pressing the breast against him and asking him question as they attempted to make him blush.

"How old are you?"

"Where are you from?"

"Why did the dean ask you to come here?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Are you related to Evangeline?"

"Wow ladies, one at a time please, if you all take a seat I can answer any and all questions you have," he said with his fox like smile, causing all of the girls to blush again as they went quietly to their seats, causing Negi's jaw to drop in amazement. "Now, please ask your questions one at a time, yes you," he said pointing to a girl with red hair tied in a ponytail.

"My name is Kazumi Asakura, member of the Mahora school paper, I have a few questions," she said getting a nod from the hottie at the front of the class.

"Alright shoot," he said with his fox like grin, causing her to blush again.

"How old are you?" "Seventeen," "Where are you from?" "Europe," "Are you related to Evangeline?" "Yep, she's my little sister," "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Not at the moment, however do to certain circumstances I have to marry more than one wife, so I'm actually looking for quite a few girls," again the room looked like a tomato garden due to all of the girls blushing. "Alright last question, why did the dean of an all-girls school ask you to come to school here?"

Naruto smirked at this, he had been waiting for someone to ask and he was anticipating the reaction to the answer he was going to give.

"Well you see, originally he asked me here to help Negi since I'm a 'genies' like him, however he enrolled me into the class upon finding out that I'm simply too lazy to apply myself in school work," he had a smirk which caused everyone to raise an eyebrow. "However, he did give me a job as a teacher for a class that Negi can't teach you," at this they all leaned in waiting for his answer, wondering what class he would be teaching them.

"The class the dean gave me to teach is, Sex Education," he said wearing his fox like grin as the eyes of everyone in the class widened. "He also said I could give each of you privet lessons should you need it," his grin widened before he burst out laughing, as every girl went red, picturing a privet lesson with him before the all passed out with a blood flew out of their noses, even the ghost and Eva.

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