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As the sun rose over the city of Kyoto, Naruto sat on the windowsill watching as the both Konoka and Setsuna slept, smirking as he remembered their nighttime activities.

"Still had no clue Konoha was such a screamer," Naruto chuckled pulling as three holographic pictures of Ayaka, Kazumi and Zazie appeared in front of him. "But now it's time to focus on my next three mates."

Smiling at his objective Naruto got dressed, gently woke the two girls up then headed out the door down to breakfast, where he saw the girls of class 3-A gathering in the dining area, along with the girls from the other classes.

"Good morning Naruto," Naruto turned to the person talking to him only to see Hikari and Eva walking up to him.

"Good morning girl, sleep well?" he asked getting a nod from the two.

"Yeah, though I doubt it was as well as you," Hikari chuckled seeing Konoha and Setsuna walking down the stairs, a small blush on their faces as they headed over to the rest of Naruto's girls, who were all sitting together.

"Well I can't complain," he smirked at the table, causing every one of the girls to blush. "So what are you two doing this morning?" he turned back to the girls.

"Well, we were planning to go shopping during the free time today," Eva said getting a nod from Naruto. "And you don't have to worry about coming with us, Hikari changed the seal on the bracelet so that she can act as a source, that way I don't have to be around you or your mates," Naruto's eyes widened at that, for her to change the seals while it was still active was an impressive feat. "What are you going to do?"

"Well, I was going to find a secure place and call up Yukiko, and apologize to her, then I was going to try and get my next three mate's," they blinked at him before shrugging.

"Well good luck with that, though you should know that Yukiko has already forgiven you, just like me and Miya," Hikari said before walking off with Eva.

Smirking at his daughters words, Naruto want over to sit between Ayaka and Kazumi, who were part of the same group, he was even lucky enough to have Zazie sitting with them.

"Hello girls, mind if I sit with you?" Naruto asked the two, who simply smiled at him.

"Not at all Naruto, please join us," Ayaka smiled at him as he sat between her and Kazumi. "So is there something you need Naruto?"

"Not really, I was just wondering if you, Kazumi and Zazie wanted to come with me during free time," he smiled at the while eating some food, releasing his pheromones onto the three girls, all of whom nodded at his request.

Once breakfast was over, Naruto lead the three girls out to a forested area, getting confused looks from the three girls.

"So what did you bring us out here for Naruto?" Kazumi asked looking around the forested area.

"…?" Zazie asked with a blush since Naruto was releasing his pheromones.

"That's right Zazie I did bring you three out here for that, as I said on the first day, each of you will be getting a privet lesson form me, I just never said when," he turned and smirked at them, causing all three to imitate lobsters.

"So what do we need to do for this lesson?" Ayaka stuttered out as Naruto walked towards the three girls, two clones popping up beside him.

"Don't worry about that, just leave everything to me," they said in unison as they reached the girls, before capturing their lips.


The three girls moaned into the kiss as Naruto and his clones leaned them each against a tree, massaging their breast through their school uniforms.

"My, you three must really have been waiting for this," Naruto smirked as her moved his hand down to Ayaka's panties, which were soaking wet, just like the other two girls.

"Well what do you expect, from girls learning sex-ed from a hot guy who's also in their class, and the only boy at an all-girls school," Kazumi panted as the clone Naruto she had pulled her soaked panties down to her ankles before lining his cock up with her pussy, which the original and second clone were doing to Ayaka and Zazie.

"Hold on girls, here we go," Naruto said as he slowly entered them. Once the tip was inside, he plunged into them, capturing their lips in order to help them forget the pain.

One the pain had subsided and the three girls were use to him; Naruto began thrusting deep into them, slowly moving faster and faster.

"Oh yes, faster, harder, Naruto I'm coming," the three girls yelled.

"Me to girls," Naruto yelled releasing his load into each of them, before his eyes began glowing red and he marked the just like the others. Each Mark was a fox, Ayaka's had a tiara on its head and was surrounded by roses, Kazumi's had camera around its neck and film circling it, and Zazie's had a mask and jesters hat on with shadows around it. "You girls are mine and mine alone."

Once all three girls were marked, Naruto pulled out of them before he moved over to Kazumi while his clone that had Kazumi moved to Zazie and the one with Zazie moved to Ayaka.

"I hope you girls aren't tired yet," he said turning Kazumi around, having her lean against the tree with her ass out and pulling her skirt up, before plunging back into their pussies, causing them to moan and scream in pleasure.

"Oh yes, that feels so good Naruto, please go faster," Kazumi yelled before as Naruto picked up the pace, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Girls I'm about to come again," he grunted out before releasing a second load into them.

Once Naruto had released his second load into them, he pulled out with a pop, before moving over to the last girl, Zazie, a small smirk on his face.

"I hope you're ready for desert Zazie," he smirked as each clone pulled out the girl's asses and lined up with the second hole, surprising the girls, before shoving himself deep within their asses.

"So good," Zazie moaned out with the other two as Naruto slowly pounded into them, their eyes glazing over from the pleasure they were all feeling.

"That's good, because I'm about to come again," he smirked as he picked up speed. The three girls moaned in pure bliss as Naruto moved faster and faster, pounding into them with gusto before, his cock all the way inside them, he released his third load, as the girls moaned, before falling to the ground unconscious, their asses up in the air for all to see.

Lemon End

Once the fun was over, Naruto cleaned them up and leaned all three of them against a nearby tree, before moving to an open field, the three unconscious girls still within sight.

"Alright, time to meet daughter number three," Naruto bit his thumb, drawing blood and ran through the required handsigns, slamming his hand onto the ground causing a large seal to spread across the ground before the area was covered in smoke.

"Cough, cough, cough, what the hell, who summoned me Dattebane?" as the smoke cleared Naruto saw a women he assumed to be Yukiko, since she looked just like her mother. She had long black hair and the same facial expression as when he first met her mother on that mission a long time ago, though she had his cauldron blue eyes and his tanned skin.

"If you don't tell me who the hell you are I'll…" she stopped her ranting as her eyes fell upon Naruto, her eyes widening in shock as tears appeared in her eyes. "Is… are you… are you really…?" Naruto nodded his head revealing his fox like features and all nine of his tails.

"Hello Yukiko, it's nice to finally meet you, you're just like your sisters, you look just like your mothers," he smiled before she tackled him in a hug, tears in her eyes.

"It really is you, I knew you'd come back to us some day," she cried as he rubbed her back.

"Sorry for leaving you three like that, but don't worry, I'm back now and nothing's going to take me away again," he they both had wide grins on their faces as Yukiko released him.

"Where have you been?" she asked getting a sad grin from him as he relayed his story since becoming the Kyubi no Yoko.

"And after I met Miya and Hikari, I decided that I should met you and get to know my third daughter that I only recently found out I had," he had a large grin on his face.

"So, now that you're back are you going to take over the Kitsune clan?" she asked hopefully, it's not that she hated running the clan, but there was all of that paperwork.

"Actually, I heard you were doing such a good job that I was just going to let you continue to run the clan," he said with a straight face, while inside he was laughing his ass of at her annoyed face. "Of course, I could always have Crystal, my familiar, take over until I get bored with the human world."

"Have Crystal take over, I beg of you," she shouted, as he struggled to hold in his laughter.

"Alright, Crystal come," Naruto said turning to watch as a blue humanoid fox with six tails appeared behind him.

"It's good to see you again lord Naruto," she said bowing. "You summoned me?"

"Yes, for the foreseeable future, I am putting you in charge of the Kitsune clan," he smirked as her eyes widened in shock.

"As you wish lord Naruto," she said before vanishing to relay her master's order to the rest of the clan.

"There, problem solved," he smirked at seeing her stunned face, before she tackled him to the ground and kissed him, surprising him a little.

"Thank you thank you thank you," she said crushing his ribs, before licking her lips getting a raised eyebrow from him. He knew that male Kitsune were rare, hell, aside from him there only ten male Kitsune alive, all of the others were female, but he figured that his daughters would have found someone in all the years they were alive, though judging by the look of lust in her eyes he assume that she hadn't.

"Well that was an interesting day," Naruto said as he walked through the halls of the hotel they were staying at, Hikari and Yukiko next to him.

It had been a few hours since meeting Yukiko and relieving her of her position as head of the Kitsune, after that, they had returned to the hotel where Kazumi confronted Negi about being a mage, nearly giving the boy a heart attack, after that her and the little weasel, Chamo, had vanished with grins on their faces that sent shivers up his spine.

"I wonder where Kazumi and the little rat ran off to," both of his girls chuckled behind him, getting a confused look from the Kyubi.

"Don't worry, I'm sure they'll turn up later," Yukiko shared a smirk with her sister before the ran off, leaving behind a confused Kitsune, which wasn't a good thing because when a Kitsune is confused, they do whatever it takes to break the source of their confusion.

"Well whatever, I'm sure I'll find out what their up to sooner or later," he said headed for his room to eat a nice steaming bowl of ramen.

"So this is what she was up to with that little rat," Naruto muttered as he stared at the T.V. with Eva. It was nearing midnight and with nothing else to really do, Naruto had turned on the T.V. only to come across a strange game show channel he was sure he wasn't suppose to catch onto. "So Eva, any clue as to what this prize their offering is?"

"I honestly have no clue," she shrugged eating a bowl of ramen next to him; she had come in to tell him about the secret game that Kazumi had set up, only to find him watching. "Though that little rat did draw a giant pactio circle around the hotel, so it probably has something to do with that, and the fact that the competitors have to either kiss you or the boyo," Naruto nodded his head in agreement.

The game Kazumi had come up with was called 'war of the lips' where the competitors were in teams of two and had to try to get a kiss from either him or Negi, though most of the teams were after him; the students apparently had to go around the hotel without getting caught by Nita, one of the teachers, and get a kiss, the ones who got a kiss first got a secret prize.

The groups were all teams of two, except for one group, team one were the Narutaki twins, team two consisted of Kaede and Ku Fei, team three held Ayaka and surprisingly Chisame, team four was made of Yuna and Makie, team five, which seemed like the only team really after Negi, consisted of Yue and Nodoka, and team six, the only three person team, consisted of Hikari, Yukiko and Miya, surprisingly enough.

"By the way Eva, I've been wondering, what is a pactio?" she raised an eyebrow in disbelief at his question. "Don't give me that look, it wasn't around before I got sealed and I never really bothered to learn what it was after I was released."

"Sigh, a pactio is, in a sense, the same as your mate marks, in fact, I believe that's where the pactio stems from," Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. "Basically it's a contract where two people, usually a mage and someone else, normally a civilian, kiss inside of a pactio circle, the circle creates a magical artifact that suits that person, who then uses the artifact to help the mage in battle."

"I see so the rats hoping to get the brat some pactio partners and Kazumi's no doubt doing this for some kind of profit," Eva nodded at that. "Though I wonder how they profit from me being a target in their game."

"Sigh, as the Kyubi no Yoko, your considered the strongest magical being anywhere, whether it be here on earth, on Mundus Magicus, or in Maki," He nodded at that, he already knew he was a badass. "So it reasons that if you made a pactio it would be stronger than any other in the world, it might even change your pactio partner into a full blown Kitsune,"

"I see, this could be fun then," he had a wide fox like grin on his face. "I guess I should head out to 'play' my part in this game, though first I want to see if this this pactio circle will actually work for me," he bent down and kissed a surprised Eva, causing the seal to glow before dying down, leaving a card in their hands.

Eva's pactio card showed her sitting on a thrown made of Ice in her Magia Erebea form. Naruto's card showed him sitting on a thrown made of black flames with all nine of his tails spread out behind him.

"Well it appears that it does work, thanks for helping me Eva," he said with his fox like grin before leaving the room, not noticing Eva had fainted from blood loss.

"Well now how am I going to work this so that I get a pactio from all of my girl in this game?" he muttered to himself as he watched Chisame sneak away while Ayaka attacked team four with her pillow, since they weren't allowed to use anything harmful. "I know," silently eight shadow clones appeared next to him, nodding their heads in agreement, all but two of Naruto's clones vanished to find his girls, him and two others looking for his daughters while two stayed to watch Makie and Ayaka.

"So how should we go about getting him?" Hikari asked looking at Miya, not noticing Naruto and two clones on the ceiling above them.

"Well we could always ask," Yukiko said trying to keep the game simple, they were playing against humans after all.

"Are you crazy that'll never work," Hikari snapped getting questioning looks from her sisters. "He's the Kyubi no Yoko, there's no way he would just kiss someone simply because they asked him to."

"Oh now I wouldn't say that," the three girls jumped and looked up to see a smirking Naruto and two of his clones. "The twins, Kaede and Ku Fei all simply asked and I kissed them, so I don't see why I wouldn't do the same for my own daughters."

"How long have you been up there?" Hikari asked coming out of her surprised state.

"Not long, just a few seconds or so," he grinned down at them, seeing them all twitch at the sight of his fox like smirk. "So I hear you three want a kiss, if that's all you want all you have to do is ask."

"Really, that's all?" Yukiko had a suspicious look on in her eyes.

"Yep, all you have to do is say the magic word," they all face faulted; they knew there was some kind of catch.

"So what's the magic word?" they both looked at Miya whose eyes turned purple as she tried to find the answer. After a few seconds Miya's eyes returned to normal and she blinked in surprise.

"That's the magic word?" she asked looking up at her dad, who simply smirked at them, before she turned to tell her sisters what they had to do.

"Will you please give us a kiss Dattebayo/Dattebane?" the three asked using the puppy dog eyes, which caused him to chuckle before he dropped with his clones.

"Well since you all asked so nicely," he leaned in and captured Miya's lips while his clones got the other two. Once their lips met, the pactio circle began glowing pink, giving the three girls each a pactio card, before turning a blood red, then vanishing.

"What was that?" Hikari asked once the kiss had ended, before the three fell to their knees as a burning sensation flowed through them, their ears and tails appearing on them.

"Well it seems Eva was right, the circle did turn you all into full Kitsune," he told them with a small smile before they all passed out. Smiling at his daughters, him and his clones picked them all up, before heading towards his room so that the three could sleep, and so Nita didn't catch him, since all of the other girls and Negi had been caught.

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