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Years of being a surgeon had earned Andy Brown a lot of connections to every place in the U.S.

So when he wanted to find Nina Feeney in L.A, it didn't take that much effort to track her down. After the letter she'd left on his door step he couldn't just leave it like it was. He had to do something. He had to fight for her one last time and hope that this time, he actually won. Maybe he hadn't pushed her hard enough. Maybe he should have asked her to stay. Whatever stupid reason it was that Andy let her go, he had changed his mind.

He was going after her.

"Where are you going?" Delia asked for the umpteenth time, as Andy packed her school lunch.

"It doesn't matter."

"Why is it such a secret?"

Andy ruffled Delia's hair. "Because it's not for little ears."

Delia rolled her eyes. "You're so dumb."

"I am to please. I'll only be gone for two days."

Ephraim had promised to stay at the house and take Delia to school. He was excited for his dad and he wanted it to work out for both of them. He had always Nina and so had Delia, but if they told her and it didn't work out she would be crushed.

When he finally turned up on Nina's doorstep he was glad that it was the middle of the day. There was a good chance Jake was at work and Sam was at school. Nervously, he knocked on the door and waited patiently.

The door opened and there she was. As beautiful as she ever dressed in a white sundress. He didn't realize how much he missed her until he saw her standing there. A grin spread across her face and she squealed excitedly before throwing her arms around his neck. "Oh my God, Andy. What are you doing here?"

Andy pulled her at arm's length, a serious expression etched across his face. "I read your letter, Nina. I couldn't just let you walk away. I'm here to take you home with me."

"Andy, I-" she looked him up and down.

"Listen to me, Nina. I can make you happier than he can. At home, where you belong. All I need is a chance."

"Andy, I was-"

"I know that you love Jake. I know that you-"

Nina silenced him by pressing a finger to his mouth. "Can I get a word in?"

Andy nodded mutely.

"I was coming back to Everwood. I missed you, Andy. I didn't want to be here in L.A. It's not my home. I've never been happier than I was with you. I mean I know that we weren't together and- I just mean that you make me feel-"

This time it was Andy who silenced her by drawing her against him and softly kissing her. He heard her moan and he knew that he had won. Nina Feeney was his. Andy had a hole burning in his pocket and he fished his hand in to collect the small velvet box.

"Nina… I have something to ask you."

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