28th February 2013 Thursday

Day 59

It's the last day of February, hence, the last chapter of the story. Thank you for so much for your support through this, 1/6 of my New Year's resolution is complete!

By the way, this one is a biggie! Questions will be answered!

Disclaimer: I think it might be easier to point out what I do own, because those moments are rare in this story.

Everyone was buckled in to the ship and eager for their new journey. It wasn't going to be a long trip to the deep edges of space, but it was important all the same.

"Are you sure you guys want to do this?" Zap questioned from his seat next to Dex. The leader rested back in to his chair with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, it's a belated birthday present for Jane," he explained to the pilot and now to the tracker who had joined in to the conversation. "It'll be easier to find out its gender too what with the development of the nursery and what clothes to get it."

Tung turned his attention away from the other guys, his eye catching the figure of Jane.

"What do you hope it will be, Jane?" the female leader moved her mouth in thought at the tracker's question.

"I don't know," she commented, turning around to face her husband. "Dex, what about you?"

"I don't care what it is, so long as it's healthy and happy," his smile grew bigger towards his wife. She mimicked the same smile, which disappeared once she turned back to face the front windscreen.

"But if you could choose…" her voice strained out, making everyone else incredibly uncomfortable at the tone of her voice. "What would you want it to be?"

"Uh," Dex shifted uneasily in his seat, unsure at how to proceed with the conversation. "I don't know; I would be happy with either."

"Hmm," Jane hummed in slight annoyance, causing Jenny to grip the steering wheel tighter and look away in awkwardness. "Just answer the question, sweetie."

"Well, what did you put down on the planning sheet?" from the back of his chair, Dex could see Jane shift nervously.

"What did you put down on the planning sheet?"

The entire ship fell silent, waiting for Dex's reply. "I…might have checked the box for a boy."

It was at that point that Dex heard the silence from the rest of the team, an unusual trait for every member, including Tung. The leader realised that their conversation was probably not meant for everyone to hear.

"Jane, can we talk about this somewhere else?" he was answered with a nod, and through the eerie silence that clouded the room, the click of Jane's seatbelt echoed long after she had removed it and the two had left the room.

"Well," Zap began, being the first to break the silence as usual. "That was awkward."

Dex led his team member further into the ship until they reached the cargo area.

"I'm sorry I announced that to everyone," he started, letting his hands run down his face. "That was uncalled for in front of our team and it shouldn't have been voiced."

Jane grabbed his hands in hers as she shushed him. "No Dex, it's ok. I checked the box for a girl."

"Oh, well that's wonderful," a smile grew wide on his lips, which was slowly mirrored by his wife. "Then there's still a 50:50 chance of what the child will be."

He kissed her forehead, his hands slowly leaving hers as he walked back towards the piloting room. Jane stood frozen to her spot for a moment, her head glancing down to her larger stomach. She delicately placed a quivering hand over it, releasing a shaking breath as she did so.

"Jane?" Dex called worriedly, poking his head out of the door they had just exited. "Are you coming?"

"How long do we have to wait here," Tung complained as he flew the toy space ship in front of his eyes once again. Jane leaned closer to her husband, oblivious to Zap and Jenny's concerned stares to the tracker.

"I thought I told you to leave the frog at home," she seethed through her teeth, resulting in Dex to close his holo-paper.

"It's not like he's coming in with us. Zap will keep him busy until we're done."

"Oh no I'm not," the pilot shook his hands defensively at the couple. "You're not sticking me on 'Tung' duty again, not after last time."

"Mrs Hamilton," a robotic voice called over the intercom. "The doctor will see you now."

Jane stood up, accompanied by her husband.

"Ready?" he beamed, ushering the rest of the team into the doctor's office while he distracted her.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Fortunately for Jane, and Dex for that matter, the doctor's office was like a huge lounge room, with another box of toys for little children…and Tung.

"So how does this stuff work?" Zap questioned the doctor, who was busy unfolding a wide strip of white plastic.

"Just ask your engineer," the woman nodded to the clone as she placed the white plastic around Jane's stomach. "She designed the software."

Everyone in the room turned to stare at Jenny, the clone sinking nervously in her seat.

"Well, before I came to the habitat, I did some other stuff, mainly to help out at hospitals," the maintenance jockey explained, causing everyone to shrug in agreement.

"All right Mrs Hamilton, I'm going to set the dial on the machine. You shouldn't feel a thing, so tell me if you do," the round metal dial was turned clockwise, and slowly but surely, an image formed on the screen surrounding Jane's stomach; her baby.

"Struth," Dex murmured at the sight.

"Currently, the device is showing you exactly what is inside your stomach in a 3 dimensional sonogram," words fell on deaf ears as the entire team came closer to the patient. "Or if you want; I can project the image on this wall."

Colours danced on the adjacent wall, forming an image of an unborn baby, but a fully formed baby all the same. The doctor pressed a few buttons which adjusted and turned the projected image.

"You've been following the plan very carefully," the doctor commented, resulting in the couple to nod their heads at each other. "And from this angle…you can see you son's toes-"

Dex and Jane's heads snapped up at light speed compared to those around them. Five pairs of eyes grew wide at the news.

"Son?" the leader questioned with a quivering voice. The doctor moved the image on the wall once again as she reconfirmed her conclusion.

"Yes, a boy. You're having a son."

Jane could've sworn that all her blood disappeared from her hand as Dex squeezed it as tight as he could. A knowing smile crept on the doctor's face.

"I understand that this is pretty big news," she began formally as her heels clicked towards the door. "So I'll leave you all to discussion, someone will come back within five minutes to show you out."

The door's closed with a smooth glide and for a while, it was the only noise anyone heard.

"You guys are having a boy," Zap decided to state the obvious in order to start conversation. The expecting couple held straight faces, nodding at the projected image of their unborn baby. "Congratulations."

"Congratulations," Jenny repeated, placing a comforting hand on Jane's shoulder.

"Woohoo! I'm going to have a nephew!" once again, Dex and Jane shared a smirk as they allowed Tung to 'have his moment'.

The ship rocketed off in to the sky and once it was level, Jane pulled on Dex's arm. "Can I speak to you for a minute?"

They walked out in to the hall of the ship in sharp silence, Dex feeling very uncomfortable with the atmosphere.

"I'm going to tell you something," she began, and Dex's uneasiness levels skyrocketed. "And I don't want you to freak out."

His lips curled in anticipation, preparing himself for the news. "Go on."

"I checked the box for a boy as well."

"What?" shock was evident on his face. "You knew?"

"I didn't know until you told me you checked the box for a boy," she debated, but was cut off as his strong arms wrapped around her shoulders.

"Can you believe it?" he questioned rhetorically as he murmured in her hair. Jane felt herself melt in his grip, a smile growing on her face. "We're having a boy!"

There you go, questions answered, OR ARE THEY? Nah I'm kidding. Well, hope you enjoyed February everyone, I think there's more Zenny in the next one! Having trouble picturing the doctor's device? Google Image search "Futuristic sonogram" and it's inspired by the second photo! R&R! Thank you so much for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you in March!