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Your Life or Mine


"Your information is at coordinates 40 1/2 N and 75 5/6 E," the voice on his cell said.

Sighing he picked up the few things that he hadn't and threw them into his bag. Small and waterproof it did the trick for his line of work. He picked up his small black phone and dialed quickly.


"Sis? Look up 40 1/2 N and 75 5/6 E"

"It's a lake of some sort. Need help bro?"

"Sure, 2 hours from now I'll need a transport."

"Alright then, see you there."

He flipped his tiny phone shut and dressed for his trip. He picked up his bag and sighed once again as he looked around the room. checking his watch he frowned and walked out the door. He jumped onto his Yamaha R1 and sped off. According to his coordinates the infomation would be underwater. Now how'd they manage that? He hopped off his bike and walked into a bar, right on shore.

'Perfect' he thought and bit into his hamburger. His eyes occasionally flicked over the the lake, watching it for a trap of some sort. Chewing carefully he watched the other members in the bar at a time. One old man, apparently getting extremely drunk on account of his "darlin'" yelling at him, another, younger man, casually sipping wine and surveying the bar. 'Now that's unusual' He thought cautiously. The only other person that was of great interest to him was a young blond. Her hair was streaked with silver, her eyes as blue as the sky, and her body was to die for. Her black dress hugged every curve she had, and was short enough to reveal a pair of long creamy legs. 'Too bad I can't stay here longer.' He thought casually, a smile tugging at his lips as he stared, unabashed at the woman.

*Beep Beep*

His watch timer had gone off. Much to his surprise the usual one and a half hours he used to prepare had flown by. Paying his check he grabbed his bag and left. Next he stashed his bike in a warehouse. Equipping himself with a standard issue pp7 he pulled on a temporary air mask and dove into the water. Puling out his global posioning unit he glanced through the water. '1/2 degree left 2/5 a degree forward.' he thought while swimming through the water. As he reached the point where his information was to be. Suddenly, just as he reached his destination shots rang out the jets of water flew up into the air.
'DAMN' Looking around he saw a plastic tube with a sheet of paper in it. He made a wild grab at the tube, only to be stopped by two bullets grazing his hand and his forearm.
'screw this' he snatched the tube and tried to swim away, but his blood left a visible trail for his adversaries to follow.


"Yes, finally... right on time!" He looked up and grabbed a ladder that his sister had thrown down. He was lifted into the air and chuckled as he watched his attackers shoot at the chopper. They made it over the bar before someone shot at them.

"SHIT, Bro! You're gonna have to bail at that apartment complex!" she called down from the controls.

"Sure! Can you land this pile somewhere? I'll stay at that complex!" he yelled over the roar of the chopper.

"TIME TO JUMP BRO!" she called back hastily. Sweating and trying to hold the controls in place was hard enough, let alone trying to manuveur the chopper correctly. 'Shit, i'm not high enough. It'll have to do.' she thought, struggling to keep the damn chopper straight. Looking down she saw her brother crash through someone's window.

"Ow..." he groaned, still clutching his tube of papers, and his bag.

"Who the hell are you?" an angry voice screeched. He looked up and his eyes fell upon the girl from the bar. Not nearly as well dressed as before she still held a natural flair with her good looks and of course her very interesting, at least to him, body. A towel was wrapped around her waist, and her hair was dripping wet.
"Get. Out." she said simply, pointing a gun at his head.
Looking down the barrel of a gun was not his idea of a good time, but she had a point. He got up and went to the door, but heard someone cocking a gun in the hall.

"Sorry miss. Gotta run." stuffing his tube into his bag he jumped out the window and grabbed onto the next outdoor porch in from the apartment across the hall. He jumped to the next one down, and so on, until he heard someone shooting at him from above. A man, about 5' 11" with brown hair and dressed in a black suit, was firing a magnum in his general direction.
'Not very good at aiming I see' he thought and grinned almost happily. Suddenly a small gun was pressed to his back. "What's your name?"

"Darien. Yours?" Darien said, slightly curious.

"None of your damn business, bro."

"Hey Rei. God are you trying to scare the shit out of me? Or just kill me?" He said, relaxing a little bit.

"Naw, come on. Let's get a move on." Rei and Darien hopped the rest of the way down, easily unseen by the man upstairs who stopped firing a while ago. Darien was wincing slightly as he scraped his cuts on the ledges and railings. Rei followed quickly, wiping his blood off the ledges as she jumped down.
"Bro, you didn't tell me you were bleeding." Rei whispered to him.

"It's not important. Let's go." Darien finally reached the ground. He started to get up and walk to the back of the building near a park, but a small figure assaulted him. She pushed him to the ground and pointed a pistol at his head.
"What the hell?" Darien started to say.

"Shut up. I hope you know those freaks just tore up my apartment, right after you did." she stated angrily. She cocked the gun and was going to squeeze the trigger when she heard another gun cocking, right next to her ear.

"Drop it." Rei said quietly.

"I don't think so." the blond replied.

"Well... now it's your life, or mine. Take your pick" Darien said calmly, clutching his bleeding forearm....

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