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Chapter 7

Your Life or Mine

"Good morning sunshine" Darien said as he poked his head into Serena's room.

"G'way" Serena mumbled, her eyes closed.

"How're you feeling?" Darien continued jovially.

Serena's response was muffled by her pillow but the gun in her hand pointing at Darien was a clear enough response.

"Alllrriiigghttt... I'll just go now. Lita is making breakfast though. want any?" Darien offered as he backed up with his hands in the air.

"No!" Serena mustered and hit a button hidden in the design of the headboard that slammed the door shut in Darien's face.

Shrugging, Darien headed towards the kitchen where the other tenants were chatting away admist the clatter of silverware.


Allen and Ames were huddled at the foot of the table talking quietly as Allen practically force fed Ames large chunks of Lita's omelette. Simultaneously Lita, Rei, and Zack were chatting away at the other end of the table. As Darien walked in quietly the conversation at the table stopped and all eyes turned to Darien.

"What? I didn't do anything I SWEAR!" Darien said, hands held up in defense.
Ames looked up from her conversation with Allen briefly to glare at him with a promise of bodily harm for disturbing a patient. Seeing this, Allen loosened Ames' death grip on her fork and forced another piece of omelette into her mouth causing her to turn her glare to him.

"Blockhead." Rei said flatly as she threw a piece of her toast at him.

Grinning, Darien caught it in his mouth and moved to sit down next to Rei.

"You should really stop bothering her if Ames is this stressed out about Serena's condition" Lita pointed out as she sent her own death glare in his general direction.

Darien turned to grab a omelette but was stopped by Zack. "She's right you know. Stop bothering her."

"I'm not. Leave it be." Darien said shaking his arm free from Zack's grip. "She was well enough to point a gun straight at me though..." Darien mumbled to himself as he began to pick at his omelette.

Turning to Rei and Zack again Lita continued her lengthy explanation of why she was here, more for Rei's sake than Zacks.


Ames' mind whirred at the thought of Zack and Serena as tears leaked out of her eyes during her explanation to Allen. 'I can't do this. Why am I still here? I've gotta leave' Ames thought frantically as she shot up quickly and her chair fell backward with a clatter.

"Ames? Ames?" Allen said to her while gently laying a hand on her shoulder.

"I want to leave." She said her voice barely a whisper.

"Can't do love. We're locked in until the man or boss lady says we can go." he said as he jerked his thumb in Zack's general direction, "Sad to say I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon. At least not until this thing with the newbies blows over."

Sighing, Ames righted her chair and sulked out of the room. Allen pushed his chair in and put away the dishes before leaning down to whisper something in Zack's ear and thanking Lita for the omelettes.

Rei glanced at him briefly as he totally ignored her presence at their end of the table and crossed her arms in annoyance. "How about I show you the armory?" Zack suggested to break the quiet that had settled over the group.

"Sounds like a party I'll have to pass up" Lita said as she dusted off her apron and put dishes into the dishwaser. "Maybe we'll train later and see how good ya'll are." Lita said with a grin.

Darien and Rei gave each other a grin before waving goodbye to Lita.

Serena's Room

Serena groaned as she stretched out on her bed and glanced at the clock. The i-do-not-give-a-fuck-that-it's-dark red numbers bored into her skull for a moment before she rolled over and her feet hit the cold ground of her room. 'Note to self, install heated floors.' she thought bitterly and checked her watch for the day. 'Only two days, not bad. I could've done without Darien waking me up earlier though.'

She stood and got a whole two steps in before she faltered. Sighing to herself she flopped onto her bed and hit a few buttons on the headboard. "Yea?" a voice rang through a small earbud that she had placed into her ear.

"I need a wheelchair goddamnit or a support suit." Serena growled into the intercom on the headboard.

"comin' right up love!" a cheery voice chirped through the intercom with a sound of protest in the background.

"and Allen?"

"Yes love?"

"If you take anything that you don't have clearance for I will castrate you."

"Yes ma'am." Allen answered obediently through the intercom before the line went dead.

Serena sighed once again and settled onto the bed more comfortably. Closing her eyes in concentration she slowly flexed and moved each muscle that she knew she had control over, wincing slightly as she hit sore muscles that were affected by the poison more than others.


"Come in!" Serena groaned as she flexed another sore muscle.

"Your suit miss." Darien said mockingly.

"For the love of--" Serena said as her eyes snapped open and she was greeted by the sight of Darien holding a support suit.

"Allen said we'd have fun with this, whatever it is." Darien cut Serena off.

Swinging her legs off the bed, Serena motioned Darien over and grabbed his arm as a support to her shaky legs.
'I might as well clean-up before I put this lovely bit of equiptment on.' Serena thought with a grin as she directed Darien to take her to her bathroom.

"Nature calls?" Darien asked absently as she hobbled to the bathroom.

"Not quite" Serena scoffed as she turned the knobs on her wall and gripped his arm more tightly and began to undress.

Darien's mouth hung open as she began what he thought could only be a dream and gaped in wonder. 'Oh hell yes...' Darien thought while watching what could only be an invitation for quite the party.

Serena smiled to herself and turned away from him to remove the last bit of her clothing. Motioning for him to bring his head closer to her she stood on the tips of her toes for her to be cheek to cheek to him before whispering in his ear, "not a chance..." She then released her amazingly tight grip on his arm and took the two steps needed to get to her tub and slid inside, leaving Darien with his mouth open, eyes wide, and a bulge in his pants.

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