Serena's pain

Awoken from my sleep, a familiar beep in my ear. I answer it and Mercury is there.

"We need your help."

When did my life change? How did I come to fight the Negaverse? I get out of bed and pick up my brooch. Taking a deep breath, I call out the words that are part blessing, part curse.

"Moon Prism Power!"

The power in me rises up and fills me. I relax as it engulfs me. Part of me is thrilled.....part....saddened. Every battle I am drained Physically, Mentally, and Soul. No one realizes it. Even though I suffer, I smile and laugh. No one realizes. To them I'm a klutzy, fun, lively girl....even in battle. But the truth is that I am graceful and strong. They nag at me; I am ripped to shreds inside.

One night, I sneak out to the lake, under the moon. I stand gazing at the lake in my Sailor uniform. A perfect red rose appears in front of me. I turn in surprise and fall deep into stormy blue eyes, partly hidden by a white mask. I gasp in surprise as he takes me into his arms. They are warm and comforting. It feels so if I love him. I close my eyes and listen to his beating heart. I shudder as my feelings are exposed to him. His deep voice cuts trough my thoughts.

"You are safe."

Confused I reply, "I'm safe?"

He smiles. "I feel your confusion, uncertainty, pain. I will be here to protect you."

He takes my head into his hands and kisses me. I blush and he turns. "Remember Sailor Moon, I love you and you are my princess."

He takes off into the night. I was lost in my thoughts when I was attacked. I heard voices, Zoicite's and Malachite's.

"So this is the mighty Sailor Moon?" Zoicite said mockingly. Malachite's voice sent chills.

"Yes, well Beryl wants her. Tuxedo mask will save her and he will give up the rainbow crystals for her....though I don't know why."

I began to sob quietly. I gasped when dark energy lifted me.

"Well, we need to get him to come." Zoicite laughed.

Energy hit me and I started to scream. I cry out from the physical pain from the attack. I cry at the soul attack from the endless battles I endure. Then I cry at the pain in my heart. I cry out for my love, my prince. Strength fills me. It is from my prince.

 'Hold on! I'm coming!'

A thought comes to me. 'I will not give them the pleasure of hearing me scream.'

I grit my teeth and stop screaming. Malachite stares at me. He commands Zoicite to add more power. I draw on hidden strength in me to fight this power. More and more power shoots into me. My will to go on starts to fade. A rose hits Zoicite's hand. As I fell, I was caught by some one, and then we were off. The hands that held me comforted me. I was lost, once again, in the warmth and beating of a heart. We landed and he looked in my eyes.

"Are you ok?" He wipes the tears from my eyes.

I sob for a while. He stays holding me in his protective embrace. I look up at those stormy blue eyes and have a sudden urge. I leaned up and kiss him. When we broke apart, I whisper to him.

"I'm fine if you are there by my side. I am fine mind, body, and soul." I felt myself slipping into a sleep. He pulled me closer into his embrace. Soon, sleep over took me.

I woke up with him next to me. His cape was laid on me for warmth. He smiles.

"How are you? I'm sorry; I should have been there sooner." I move closer to him and put my hand on his chest.

"You did nothing wrong. They snuck up on me. I knew you'd come." He hugs me and I sigh. I finally have all the answers to my questions.

Short but sweet. I'll be making a series of thoughts on each of the scouts. See, I'm at it again.....a zillion projects going at one time....he he. Review if you want to, Ja ne

Princess Silver Serenity.