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It hadn't even been an hour since he had moved in, but he had already messed up big time.

Natsume stared at the sight before him: his shoes and socks were amidst a pile of broken glass. He knew that Murano glass was valuable and that it was a shame that the vase was now shattered, but honestly it wasn't really his fault. Tables were meant for people to prop their feet on! He couldn't help it that it was Sakura's own fault that the vase fell onto the ground. Also, who even snatches someone shoes and socks off their feet and throws them into a pile of glass? Natsume shook his head. Mikan Sakura was strange. She was very strange indeed. Living with her was going to be…interesting.

Deciding that he'd better fix this mess he created, Natsume reluctantly got up from the sofa and bent down to retrieve his shoes and socks from the pile of glass. He moved the big pieces of glass to the side, trying very hard not to get poked by a stray shard lying around. After most of the big pieces and a few of the medium pieces were all gathered on one side, Natsume picked up his shoes and socks and stood up. He quickly shook the items in his hand to make sure that no pieces of glass were embedded in them. Satisfied by the result, Natsume walked over to the foyer so that he could retrieve his flip flops.

Once he reached the foyer, Natsume dumped down his shoes and slipped into his flip flops. That's when he noticed the line of red that had formed along the side of his left big toe.

It was blood.

Natsume frowned. He hadn't felt the glass poking him but obviously it must have since he was bleeding. Sakura's words choose that exact moment to echo through his head.

I hope pieces of my Murano glass vase pokes your stupid, smelly feet!

He scowled. His feet weren't stupid (how could feet even be stupid? Sakura was clearly the stupid one here) and they certainly weren't stinky. Natsume bit his lip. He hated how she got her wish. At least now they were somewhat even..?

Sighing, Natsume went over to the bathroom to retrieve the first aid kit that he had put under the sink. He opened the kit and grabbed the Band-Aids and cotton. First he cleaned the blood with a cotton ball and then put the band aid over the cut. He then opened the faucet and washed his hands with soap. After toweling his hands dry, Natsume went to the kitchen in search of a plastic bag of some sort so that he could place the broken vase in it. His first instinct was to dispose the vase, but he thought better of it. There was no telling what his apartment mate would do if she found out that he had thrown her precious vase away. He wasn't willing to risk her wrath.

In his search for a plastic bag, Natsume didn't notice the two eggs sitting precariously on a counter top. One move in the wrong way, the two eggs would topple down onto the floor. Natsume spotted a plastic bag escaping a drawer and swiftly moved towards it. He opened the drawer only to see that it was plastic bag paradise; there were plastic bags of all shapes, sizes and colors. There were those flimsy plastic bags from takeaway food and then there were those fancy plastic bags from stores at the mall. His lips curved up into a small smile. His mother did the same thing too.

Rummaging through the drawer to find the perfect plastic bag for the situation, Natsume's elbow accidentally came into contact with one of the eggs. The force from his elbow caused the egg to bump into the other one, and before Natsume could find the perfect plastic bag to put the broken vase in, the two eggs tumbled onto the floor, and cracked right on his left toe.

"What the fuck?" Natsume hissed as he felt some liquid gush onto his foot. He looked down and cursed again.

Two eggs had cracked onto his foot. The yolk was gushing down from his foot and onto the floor. As he bent down, he noticed that the egg shells had punctured some skin, and lo and behold, his foot was bleeding again!

He let out a sigh.

Living with Mikan Sakura was definitely going to be a hazard to his health.

Who left eggs on the edge of a counter top anyways?


The Absolute End ( I promise lol)

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