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Two months have passed since he saw his son break down and now, everything was going okay at the most.

Sasuke and Naruto were seated on the sofa in the Uchiha mansion living-room and Mikoto was planted in the loveseat, smiling. "This is such wonderful news!" The woman chimed. "I'm so happy, but are you sure this is what you two want to do?" She pondered, arching a brow and her son nodded firmly.

"So it's fine, right, mother?" Her youngest son asked, bowing his head and Naruto hesitantly did the same.

The raven haired woman hummed happily and giggled. "Yes. It's fine. I would love for Naruto and Aki-chan to live here with us! Oh! It'll be so much fun!" She clasped her hands together and Sasuke groaned, raising his head before standing to his feet.

"Mother, we're not living here, were staying here until we find a house." He corrected and the woman's excited face faltered. "But, that'll be sometime from now so don't be sad." He let out an exasperated sigh.

"Yay!" She chimed, glinting her eyes and Naruto smiled, letting his elbow rest on the arm of the luxurious sofa.

"I'm still not sure about this, it's really okay?" The blond looked at Mikoto with curious blue eyes.

"Naruto-chan, it's fine. This place is big enough for two more, well actually thirty more, but you get what I mean." She waved her hand around with a carefree grin on her face. "Anyway," The woman blushed slightly and stood up from her seat. "What is this big rock I see?" Naruto cocked an eyebrow and the woman ran up to him before grasping his hand that had a ring on a slender finger.

Naruto blushed, looking at Sasuke and the raven nodded. "S-Sasuke asked me to marry him last week." He stated bashfully and the woman's eyes gleamed with happiness. "We're not doing this just for Aki though, I love your son very much." The blond said and Mikoto felt herself tearing up.

She then glanced at her son and Sasuke folded his arms across his chest, proudly. "Sasu-chan, when do you two plan on getting married?" Mikoto asked.

The Uchiha tilted his head to the side and rubbed his chin. "We agreed on sometime next year." He answered and Mikoto clapped her hands.

"That's great, oh, I'm so happy for you two. Have you talked to Minato-kun?"

"No. Not yet." Sasuke scratched the back of his head, unsure. "I'm worried he won't let me have Naruto's hand in marriage."

Mikoto waved him off and puffed out her cheeks. "Nonsense. I'm sure he'll be thrilled." His mother gleamed, looking at the ring on the Uzumaki's finger again. She especially couldn't take her eyes off the huge diamond in the center of the ring; it reminded her of when her husband purposed to her in their younger years.

Naruto then stood up and bowed his head. "Thank you for your blessing, Mikoto-chan." He said respectfully, his blond locks falling around his face and the woman blushed, nodding.

"He's a good wife already." The blue eyed male raised his head, blushing slightly; Sasuke waved him over and the blond did so, sheepishly grinning. "Oh, I have to tell your father. I'm glad to have you and Aki-chan stay here, Naruto-chan!" Mikoto took off out the room and called for a maid to bring her the mansion phone so she could call her husband.

Sasuke a smile curved on the Uchiha's lips and Naruto hugged him, looking up at his lover. "I still have butterflies. Are you sure we're ready?" The shorter male asked and the taller man wrapped his hands around his waist, leaning down to kiss those tempting lips.

"Of course." His fiancé muttered again his lips. "And if you're not, you have a year to get ready." Sasuke gave him a quick peck and Naruto nodded. "Now, let's go check on Aki." The Uchiha stated and Naruto broke away from the hug, glancing around curiously.

"Oh yeah! Where are they?" He quirked an eyebrow. He could have sworn he walked in with Akihisa, but he didn't notice he was missing until now.

"Back here, Dobe." Sasuke grabbed his hand and lead him towards the mansion backyard, passing the grand, spiral staircase that to many rooms and hallways.

When they reached the back, Sasuke pushed the two mansion doors open and the backyard left Naruto breathless. The ground was covered with clean, mowed grass; he see could a playground that looked newly built, a horse stable a few miles down, a few tall Amur Maple trees, the rose garden that bloomed with blue, red and white roses and a glass table with an umbrella towering over it adorned the center of the maze styled rose bushes near the bird-bath. It had been years since Naruto had been in the backyard, but everything was changed, it was a lot more extravagant than before.

"Come on." Sasuke began making his way down the stone path after stepping off the step and the blond seemed cautious about following. "He's horse back riding with Ani." He squinted his eyes, gazing down the field as the sun began to set. He could faintly see his second oldest brother and son riding horses.

"All the way down there?" Naruto choked out. "How the hell are we gonna walk all the way down there, Teme?" His blue eyes widened and the pale man rolled his eyes, stepping off the path.

"With these." He grabbed a pair of keys off the brick wall hook beside multiple club-car-carts and his blond haired boyfriend stood there awestruck.

"Whoa! I want to drive!" He beamed, bouncing on his heels and the raven chuckled tossing him the keys. Naruto had to admit, he could get used to this kind of life style.

Fuck it, he couldn't. Naruto was seated on Mikoto's and Fugaku's bed in their bedroom as the doctor checked his head. "Ah, I see. You have a slight concussion, but you should be fine." The doctor disinfected the cut on the crown of his head and bandaged it. He felt kind of dizzy and his head hurt so he frowned.

"He'll be fine after taking some painkillers and getting some rest, Mikoto-sama. I'll take my leave now." The man bowed and made his way out the room. It had been a few days since he and Aki began staying at the Uchiha mansion, but he couldn't live like this anymore. Not after falling down four stairs this morning because he was wearing socks and running.

"Naruto-chan, are you okay?" Mikoto looked at the blond dressed in silk pajamas with his head bandaged.

"I'm fine… I think." He began to stand and his fiancé's mother had a worried look on her face.

"You really should be careful on the stairs. I don't get how you fell exactly, none of us have ever fallen down the stairs. But then again.. you are very clumsy." She mumbled the last part and the blond scowled, storming towards the door.

"I'm going to my room."

The door slammed shut and Mikoto shrugged with an odd look on her face.

Naruto sulked, rubbing his head as he trotted down the corridor back to Sasuke's room. He had to put up with this a little more, at least until he and Sasuke decide on a new house; they saw a few online and went to see them in person, but they couldn't pick one. Well, actually Naruto couldn't pick one.

Both parents decided they were going to do this together and make it easier for their son. They pulled Aki out of school, moved out of their house to buy a new one and Aki was finishing kindergarten online, also known as home-school; he was downstairs with his tutor as of now actually and once he completed that grade, they would send him to a new school; Sasuke picked out the perfect one. It was an academy for rich children, so Aki would feel more comfortable because there were some kids like him at that school and he could make new friends. Everything was going as planned, but Naruto couldn't stop getting hurt in this damn mansion.

It was enormous, too big for Fugaku, Mikoto and three children; they could at least fit the rest of the Uchiha family in here. No wonder Uchiha's were so stuck up, in their family were successful entrepreneurs, politicians and of course they had wealthy ancestry; so even if they didn't work they would still have fortune passed down from centuries ago. That was amazing. Naruto's grandfather on his mother's side was rich, but he wasn't allowed to say what kind of work the man did and his mother wanted nothing to do with his money, though she still loved him.

The blond pushed Sasuke's door open and sprinted over to the bed before flopping down on it. He smothered his face in the silky clean sheets and exhaled his breath. He couldn't wait for Sasuke to come home from work. It was only 12 noon, but he didn't have anything to do; the raven made him quit his job because he didn't need to work with his soon to be husband working for the both of them and of course he was rich.

'…Sasuke.' He flipped over on his back and stared up at the high ceiling, folding his hands behind his head. 'I want to.. have sex.' He was feeling kind of horny, but he and Sasuke agreed they wouldn't have sex until they were married. Wait! That was a year from now, he wasn't sure he could last that long without attacking the man himself.

"Excellent job, Akihisa-kun. You did great today." The boy yawned and then smiled.

"Thank you, umm? …So we're done now, right?" Aki grinned, getting up from his seat at the chair and desk in his room. The tutor nodded and closed his books. "Okay." The boy pulled at his neck tie, loosening it and ruffled his tamed hair. He was dressed in a pair of short-slacks, a white dress shirt and had slippers on his feet; his inky black hair fell around his face and his blue eyes were bright.

He loved living here with his father and grandparents. He also liked exploring the mansion when he was alone, so he took off out the room and the tutor cocked an eyebrow, wondering where the boy was running off to.

Akihisa strolled up the spiral staircase and let it lead him where ever. He didn't care; surprisingly, his mother had gotten hurt many times, but he himself was fine. He was finding it true that his mother was clumsy like everyone said.

The floors were carpeted with red rug and a grand chandelier adorned the high ceilings.

The child stopped in his tracks when he heard a piano and arched a brow, following the sound. He walked down the grand hallways, sliding his hand along the wall beside him as he hummed to himself. 'Wah ...beautiful!' He heard the amazing sound of the instrument and ran towards it; Hisa then came to a stop when he reached huge double doors, the sound was coming from inside the music room.

He could hear singing too, but when he tried to push it open the doors wouldn't budge, so he listened to the beautiful melody. Someone had a really beautiful voice, yet, he thought he heard that voice before. Who was it?

During a cold week, a certain redhead strolled down the street after work, huffing warm air from his mouth into his cold hands. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, a warm coat with a scarf around his neck and his red hair was pulled into a ponytail at his nape neck. A hat adorned his head and boots were on his feet; he hated when it was cold like this; a gust of wind then blew passed and his teeth chattered. His slightly red nose sniffled a little and he walked across the street, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Other pedestrians roamed down-town as well and the young man glanced up at the sign on a jewelry store on the corner of that street. His gaze then wandered when he heard a familiar voice, his eyes widened when he saw his best friend and ex getting out of a black limousine, parked outside the jewelry store. He quickly hid behind a pillar on the corner and people continued walking. 'What the hell is Haku doing with him?!' Kyuubi's aqua eyes followed the two and he saw Haku wrap his arms around Itachi Uchiha's arm as they strolled in the place. 'Why are they…?' He peeked his through the window and watched the two looking jewelry encased in glass. Kyuubi's eyes then narrowed and a frown formed on his face, why did he feel hurt? His heart ached actually.

The man leaned in, placing a sweet kiss on his cheek. "Goodnight, Kyuubi-kun." He whispered in his ear and Kyuubi felt the steam blow out his head as he blushed up to his ears.

'…Why do I fall for it all the time?' He punched a wall near by and his knuckles bled, he didn't even notice it because he was so furious and his body burned with rage. '...I'll kill him.'

Itachi stood there with stern eyes and Haku glanced around aimlessly, licking ice cream on a cone. "Well?" The Uchiha breathed out and the brunette looked up at him with innocent eyes.

"Thank you for the ice cream." He replied, absentmindedly and the raven felt a irritated vein throb in his brain.

"You said if I bought you ice cream and let you cling to me you would tell me." The man's eyes narrowed and Haku nodded, smiling.

"Oh right! A gift for Kyuubi." The shorter male seemed intrigued and Itachi rubbed his temples, frustratingly. "Well, Kyuubi likes stuff like this." He gazed down, pointing to choker necklaces encased in glass and the Uchiha arched a brow in question. "Kyuubi's got a fetish for choker necklaces, he's into BDMS." He continued to lick his strawberry ice cream and a smirk curved on the man's lips. "He's also a masochist in some ways." Haku shrugged, looking at the store employee behind the counter who stared at the two of them weirdly.

Itachi then dug in his trench coat pocket and pulled out his wallet. He saw the perfect one and bought it; he told himself he would give it to him as a late Christmas present. 'So… Kyuubi is a masochist?' Now that he thought about it, Kyuubi did love getting slapped around, then again, he loves to slap others around as well.


Dinner time was strangely quiet at the long dinning table. There were sliver plates in front of everyone with a side fork and spoon on a folded napkin beside the plates; the only sounds were breathing, utensils hitting the plates every now and then and Akihisa chewing very loud. He was devouring his whole plate as if he had never eaten such food- okay he hadn't, but the boy could show some manners.

Kagami arched a brow, gazing at Hisa and the child continued to grin, stuffing his face.

Naruto stuffed a piece of roasted meat into his mouth and nudged his son's arm. "What, mommy?" He muffled in between eating. The blond looked at him with stern eyes and the child munched slowly, still not understanding. "Oh… you want some?" He grabbed his plate of food and held it in front of the blond. Naruto shook his head and Sasuke chuckled. Fugaku, Kagami and Itachi stared at the two with a blank expression on their faces.

"Aki, smettere." His mother gritted out and the child seemed confused, putting his plate back down on the table. "Maniere." He scolded and Aki's eyes widened as finally understood. He was eating without manners.

He then looked at everyone else at the table and lowered his head, feeling embarrassed. "Mi dispiace, momma." He mumbled and Fugaku smiled, picking up his fork.

"It's fine, Aki-kun. Your mother's right though, you should have better manners." Fugaku stated firmly and Aki frowned, sadly. "Speaking of manners, tomorrow you'll be having lessons. We need to get you ready for your new school, they expect well from their students." Sasuke groaned in irritation, his father always wanted everything perfect and flawless.

Aki nodded and muttered, "Sorry.."

Naruto ruffled his hair and his son began to pick off his plate. The Uzumaki then glanced at his fiancé and he noticed his face seemed kind of weird as he sat next to his older brother, Itachi. "Fuck! Ah, Nii-san, it hurts!" He winced and the blond raised a brow.

The long haired Uchiha smirked and stated, "I don't have a butler to do it, so you do it. I need more water." He handed his little brother his glass and the younger Uchiha scowled.

"Get it yourself." He spat out.

Fugaku grunted and glanced at the youngest. "Sasuke, respect your elder brother, go get him some water." He ordered and the young man nodded, standing to his feet and grumbling cuss words under his breath as he walked passed.

Akihisa giggled, kicking his feet and Mikoto smiled. "Hn. Aniki, you really shouldn't bully Otouto in front of his future wife and child." Kagami said, defensively and his older brother glanced at him.

"I don't bully him. He just does what I say, mere differences between the two." The eldest began cutting his meat and Naruto's forehead formed a sweat drop as he stood to his feet. "If mother didn't give the servants the night off I wouldn't need to send Otouto." The man said, haughtily, smirking.

"Sounds more like you're too rich to walk." Akihisa grumbled under his breath and his uncle turned his gaze to him.

"What was that, Akihisa-kun?"

The child's eyes wavered and he shook his head. "Nothing." He mumbled, getting the chills.

"Excuse me." Naruto bowed before making his way through the two big doors that lead to the kitchen and there he found Sasuke filling his brother a glass of water from the pitcher. "Why do you still let him bully you, Sasuke?" Naruto walked over to the sink and the Uchiha sighed to himself.

"I'm the youngest so… you know how that works. And it's not bullying, I do what he says and I don't get tortured." The raven looked at the shorter male and Naruto had an attitude, folding his arms across his chest.

"My husband will not be a spineless punk to his older brother. Stop listening to him." Naruto demanded, pouting his lips and Sasuke's shoulders slumped.

"Fine. I won't listen to him anymore." He replied, seriously and Naruto's blue eyes widened, shockingly.


Sasuke nodded, throwing the glass cup in the sink. "No more listening to Nii-san." He stated proudly, strolling out the kitchen and into the dinning room.

Naruto grinned in triumph and walked out the kitchen behind the man. 'I know Itachi's evil. I too have been a victim of his evil ways, the only one who hasn't is Kyuu, well...' The blond shuddered, remembering when he was eleven and he messed up the older Uchiha's birthday party; Itachi Uchiha was enraged and made his life a living hell for a year until he wasn't angry anymore.

The blond walked back over to his seat and Itachi's dark eyes narrowed as he looked at his little brother. "Where's my water?"

"Up your ass." Sasuke responded bluntly, smirking and the older brother seemed stunned.

Everyone had a nervous look on their face as the oldest brother pushed him chair back and stood up, wiping his mouth with a napkin. "I'll be heading to bed now." He bowed his head to his mother and father. When the walking demon strolled passed his little brother, Sasuke shivered, knowingly; something bad was going to happen to him, but he didn't know when. Fuck! He needed to flee town! No, flee Japan! He couldn't wait for Itachi to kill him and bury his body where no one would find it.

"Ita seems really mad, daddy." Aki looked at his father and the man furrowed his brows.

"He's having a fit." Mikoto reassured, humming.

Sasuke's eye twitched in irritation and his mother looked at him with disappointed eyes. "He and Sasu-chan can be such babies though. Always going at it, even at their age." Mikoto sighed heavily, placing a hand on her cheek and Naruto covered his mouth, giggling.

Fugaku let out a deep laugh and began to drink from his glass. "That's right. Itachi and Sasuke are so immature, Kagami acts like the oldest of the two. If you haven't noticed your uncle, Itachi, is very spoiled and wants everything his way. He'll be fortunate if he finds someone to put up with his childish behavior." The man bellowed and Sasuke smirked, finally his parents down talked Itachi.

Akihisa showed a toothy grin and said, "Maybe, Oji can marry him and put up with him." Kagami cocked an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side.


"Kyuu-oji." He murmured, blushing slightly and Kagami gave a nod. "The teacher said I say Oji from now on. That's the right way." He boasted and Naruto grinned.

"Hn. That does sound like a good idea. Those two seem similar in a lot of ways." Fugaku added.

"So much they can't get along. Them raising a child together would be chaos." Naruto huffed out and Mikoto laughed, waving her hand.

"Nonsense. I think they could do it."

"I think so too!" Hisa cheered and they all began chatting. For once the family wasn't eating in silence and Naruto was happy about that; they should talk more, that way dinner was more fun.

"Naruto-kun, could you explain what happened to your head." Did the man only now notice his bandaged head?

The blond blushed, pouting his lips. "I fell down the stairs, Fugaku-san." The man had an odd look on his face and Naruto laughed sheepishly.

He and Sasuke then looked at each other and the blond stood to his feet, beckoning him to follow with a finger.

The Uchiha raised a brow and the blond mouthed, "Bath." Then winked before leaving the dinning room; the raven quickly, stood to his feet and excused himself before following his lover. Naruto wanted to bathe with him, but maybe that was dangerous; what if they ended up having sex because of temptation- oh fuck it! He wasn't passing this up.

Haku stood in front of his Tv in the living room mimicking dance steps, dressed in a gym suit with his hair in a ponytail. "Para, para, para~!" He sang to himself as he listened to the catchy tunes playing through the stereo of the television.

He moved his hips and did arm movements as kitty ears adorned his head. "Sing sing a happy song, Lala, happy song~." He followed the people dancing on the screen with a perky smile on his adorable face. He faintly heard a knock the door and turned the Tv down before dancing over to the front door. His hand firmly grasped the knob and he pulled it open, sighting his best friend. "Kyuubi! Hi!" He gleamed, letting the redhead in and Kyuubi scowled, strolling in, attitude in his swagger.

"Where's your mom?" The redhead asked, not really caring and taking his hat off.

Haku continued dance and answered, "Ma? She went to the supermarket, why?" He wondered, tilting his head to the side and the redhead folded his arms across his chest as he stood by the sofa.

"What's wrong?" The smaller male cooed and the redhead's brows furrowed. "What…?"

"Were you out with Uchiha today?" He questioned, his eyebrow twitching and Haku scratched his head, dumfounded.

"…Oh. You mean Itachi? Yes."

Kyuubi snarled, showing his teeth and his face flushed red. "I can't believe you. You're supposed to be my friend, but you go behind my back to date my ex. You're so low." The redhead uttered, using small words so the brunette would understand.

Haku stood there speechless, stopping his dancing and then spoke up. "You really think I would do that to you?!" He gasped, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

"You've already done it." Kyuubi gritted out and his friend rolled his eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about, and even if I did. Why would you care? You said you hate his guts and want to kill him." Haku sneered, balling his hand into a fist. It hurt that Kyuubi would even accuse him of doing such a shameless act. The Uzumaki grinded his teeth, hearing the music coming from the Tv. It annoyed him.

"That doesn't matter! You can't date your best friend's ex, he's off limits! Ha, I bet you two have already started fucking and now he's buying you a ring. Ugh, you disgust me!" Kyuubi fumed, pacing between the sofa and coffee table.

"We have not!" Haku yelled, defensively. "I didn't even ask for that in return." He said, dumbly and Kyuubi placed his hands on his hips, his body trembling with anger. "And to me it sounds like you're jealous." Haku teased, smirking and the redhead was lost for words after hearing that.

"I-I am not fucking jealous! Jealous of what?!" He screeched. Every time Kyuubi was caught in a lie his voice screeched.

"That I was out with Itachi Uchiha and you weren't." The brunette taunted with an innocent yet sly smirk on his face.

"...Huh? You know what? Never mind! We are no longer friends, Haku." The Uzumaki hissed through his clenched teeth and the brunette puffed out his chest, placing a hand on his hip.

"Well okay… we're not friends!" He shouted.

"Get out!" Kyuubi pointed towards the door, glaring and the brunette gasped, grabbing his coat before heading out the door and slamming it shut. 'Stupid Haku, I don't care about Itachi. Ugh, that Uchiha makes me so sick! I wish I could choke that son of a bitch.'

The door then opened slowly and Haku paced back in the house. "This is my house, you get out!" Kyuubi clenched his fist, walking towards the door.

"I hate you." He tsked, opening the door and storming out.

The brunette had a sad look on his face and then yelled, "Well.. screw you too, Kyuubi Uzumaki!" Then he kicked the door shut with his foot and the house filled with silence before the nerves finally sunk in. "Ouch. I should really stop kicking people out like that." He mumbled, grabbing his bare foot and rubbing it. 'Wait. What did I do that made him so angry?' He thought absentmindedly.

Kyuubi clenched his teeth so hard it hurt and his face burned red. He wasn't jealous! He didn't give a fuck about Itachi Uchiha! Why would he? He sucked his teeth and kicked a rock across the ground, stuffing his hands in his coat pockets. How could he still love someone that hurt him so much? He wanted to kill him, stomp on his pride, make him suffer. His aqua eyes widened when memories filled his brain and his eyes brimmed with tears, it hurt. He hated it.

"-Tachi!" Fifteen year old Kyuubi and sixteen year old Itachi stood in water, their hair drenched and Gakuran uniforms were soaked. The Uchiha's tie hang loosely around his neck as his wet bangs fell in his face.

Kyuubi looked up at the bridge above the small river and then glanced the pale teenager who glared at him. "Baka, it's shallow." He teased, sticking out his tongue and the Uchiha sucked his teeth. "You thought I was gonna die, huh? You didn't have to jump in to save me though." The redhead folded his arms across his chest.

"And what if it was? I wouldn't leave you here to die. Hn." The raven retorted arrogantly and Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "It's all your fault that my uniform is all wet and I'm in filthy water!" He yelled and the Uzumaki puffed out his cheeks, jutting out his bottom lip.

He then moved his arms around atop of the small waves and flicked the water on Itachi. "-Kyuubi!" The Uchiha shouted and the Uzumaki smirked, flinging more water on the long haired male. "My father is going to be furious about my uniform!"

The redhead laughed and continued to wet the taller male with water; Itachi then go fed up and began to splash the shorter boy back, drenching his white uniform shirt more and the cloth stuck to his slender body as well as his pants. "Aa-aha! S-stop! Itachi!" He and Kyuubi fought with water and Itachi started laughing when the Uzumaki slipped on a rock and fell down in the water. The sunset was beautiful that day and it reflected dazzlingly off the river that the two teens played in.

Tears dripped down his face and he squatted down to the ground; cold wind blew through the trees and the moon was full that night; Kyuubi had a mix of emotions. Outraged, embarrassed, content, confused and ashamed. Ashamed that he was still thinking about Itachi Uchiha when he wanted to forget.

The bathroom floor was beautifully tiled with white marble, there was a separate shower and a plug hole in the middle of the tiled floor; the décor was white and silver and paintings of plants embellished the wall. The window had small double door outside it and below the window was a round shaped bath tub filled with water, bubbles and rose peddles that the maids prepared.

Two adults relaxed in the warm water filled tub and a certain blond was planted between his lover's legs, looking a little dizzy from the heat. "Whoa~ Relaxing." He sighed, deeply, letting his head lean back on the raven's toned chest.

"Dobe, it's a bath. You react like you've never had one." Sasuke snorted and Naruto pursed his lips, rolling his eyes.

"I have… but it feels better taking one with you. And this bath feels different from the usual." His wet, blond hair fell around his face as the white bandage was wrapped around his still healing head; his blue eyes glistened from the steam and his small body was slickened with water. "Ah, I'm so horny right now." Naruto puffed out his cheeks and the Uchiha smirked.

"And what would you like me to do?" He leered, it would be so easy to have sex in this position.

The blond then reached his hand up out the water, flinging a little as he did so and twirled a slender finger around. "A hand job, Teme." He grinned, blushing and the man gave a nod.

"Hai, hai." Sasuke complied, reaching his hand down in the bubbles and water. "If it'll make you happy." Naruto let out a surprised shriek when he felt a hand wrap around his semi-hard erection and began to do slow strokes. His blue eyes screwed shut and a blissful mewl slipped passed his supple lips as he thrusted into the man's hand. "Does it feel good?" The Uchiha whispered in his ear and the Uzumaki gasped when Sasuke's thumb rubbed over the head of his aching member.

"Y-yes, ah." The blond arched his back and leaned up, his blond hair falling over his eyes as deep blush spread across his face. "T-Teme, A-aha… Mh.." He raised his hips a bit and opened his legs wider as the long strokes got faster.

Sasuke chuckled deeply and licked his lover's ear, tugging it between his perfect teeth. "Lets make this more exciting, hn." Naruto was confused until he felt a finger encircling his entrance, his eyes grew wide and his face flushed an even deeper shade of scarlet.

"Wait- Uh!" The finger slid in with ease and the blond shuddered as it worked its way deep inside his ass. "Ah-h.. S-Sasuke?" His voice got caught in his throat when he felt another finger enter his ass and began to rub against his insides, setting his nerves on fire.

"Just enjoy this, Dobe." Sasuke said in a sultry voice and the blond threw his head back, moaning loudly as he thrusted onto those slender fingers now abusing his prostate.

Sasuke's fingers pulled his insides apart and harshly, plunged deeper into him. "Ahh… fuck." Naruto breathlessly, panted before biting down on his bottom lip. "Ooh~." The Uzumaki tried to stop the lustful cries from escaping his mouth, but it felt so amazing.

The Uchiha was enjoying this. Hearing Naruto moan was like music to his ears, he had a boner already.

Naruto clenched down around those fingers and Sasuke tightened his grip around the others dripping cock, pumping it faster. He used his thumb to smear pre-cum over the head and Naruto jerked his hips into the raven's hand, clutching the rim of the tub. Even in the water Sasuke could feel the sticky and thick cum seeping from the blond's straining shaft.

"C-Coming… S-Sas- Aaah!" The Uzumaki couldn't even form a sentence when he felt the man's two fingers stabbed into his sweet spot. His lips quivered and sweat dampened his face, his cock was so hard it ached. He could practically taste his orgasm ready to rip through him. "Oh! M-my God, Oooh!" Sasuke licked his neck, biting at the tanned skin eagerly.

His hand pumped faster and he felt the erect dick pulsate in his hand; Sasuke licked his lips and smeared the extracting semen down Naruto throbbing member. His slender fingers could feel his insides twitching deliciously and he curved his fingers before jabbing them into the blond's sweet spot once again.

"Come, Naruto." A smirk curved on the pale man's lips as his deep voice penetrated the Uzumaki's ears; the blond moaned sweetly in response, the Uchiha's voice was so tempting he couldn't hold back.

His eyes rolled blissfully and he whined, rocking his hips into his lover's hand. "–Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" Naruto released hard and achingly into the man's hand, his thick load spurted out slowly; Sasuke pulled his fingers out and Naruto panted, heavily with half lidded blue eyes, redden lips and flushed red cheeks as his golden locks fell around his face. "So sleepy…" The raven wrapped his arms around the smaller male and the blond was slowly drifting to sleep, leaning his body against his lover.

"Hey, Naruto! Don't go to sleep."

Too late, he was already snoozing. Sasuke's dark eyes narrowed and he sighed hopelessly. "You really are such a baby sometimes." He murmured before getting up out the tub and washing the blond off in the shower.


Sasuke knew Aki was supposed to be asleep at this time, and Naruto was asleep too, but he decided to stay up late and eat desserts with his son. Everyone else had already gone to bed. They were dressed in button-up pajama shirts and pants with slippers on their feet as of now.

The two ravens sat in the kitchen on two stools near the pantry, licking ice cream on waffle cones. "So, Aki, what do you think about everything? Happy?" Sasuke arched a brow, glancing at the child beside him.

"Uh-huh. I don't want you and mommy to be unhappy 'cause of me though?" Akihisa grumbled, looking up at Sasuke with a worried look on his face.

His father then placed a hand on his head and rocked him back and forth. "You're too smart for your own good. ..Your mother and I want to do this for us. So we'll all be happy."

Hisa grinned, licking his ice cream. "Daddy, can I have a birthday party when I turn six?"

"Sure. You can have anything you want." Sasuke replied, casually.

The boy nodded, grinning and Sasuke began to nibble at the cone part. It was like he and Aki were the same person, he did take after him in features, he was smart for his age and could be very sly at times; the Uchiha's eyes then widened when he and Aki scratched the back of his ear at the same exact time he did.

'Did he just… copy me?' His eyebrow twitched and Aki hummed, licking his ice cream. "Are you sensitive behind your ears?" His father stared at him.

"Yes. I have been since was a baby." Aki answered with a sheepish grin.

Sasuke quirked a brow and scratched his head. "That's weird. What's your favorite month?"


The Uchiha's mouth gaped, shockingly and a vein throbbed in his head. He hated being mimicked, but with Aki it was kind of cute? He didn't think he was doing it on purpose either.

"What irritates you the most?" Sasuke smirked; there was no way his son could copy that.

"Hmmm? When my food touches." Aki stated, rocking in his seat and his father growled inwardly. That's what irritated him the most too! His son was like him every way, but that couldn't be possible. Children didn't inherit their parents habits, did they? Sasuke couldn't do anything, but sulk and look at his adorable seed that was Akihisa Uzumaki.

"Daddy, I want to change my name." The child demanded rather than asked.

Sasuke's shoulders slumped and he wasn't even paying attention when he said, "Fine. You can do that tomorrow." Aki smirked, slyly, knowing his father hadn't realized what he agreed to and he hopped down from the stool.

"Thank you, daddy." He chimed, leaving the kitchen and the Uchiha blinked a few times.

"You're… welcome. Wait. What did I do?" He rubbed his chin, confusingly, a dumfounded expression plastering his face. They were one and the same.



Usami-sensei: Who else thinks Kyuubi is jealous? (t-_-)t Don't worry he and Itachi will get together soon.. I think, it all depends on if Kyuubi wants to *Evil laughter* Sasuke and Naruto are doing great though, taking things one step at a time and Akihisa seems happier! Now, time to catch up on Shingeki no kyojin before school starts!