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Sasuke was planted on the sofa downstairs in only boxers and a tank top as he watched the basketball game live on the screen. Mentally rooting for his number one team, he pumped his fist at his side.

The living room was decorated with three cream colored sofas; the one he was sitting on in front of the maple brown coffee table for perfect view of the television, two on the opposites sides of each other and a high definition flat screen in the centre of it all. Book shelves were aligned along the tan walls - books, dvds and video games held within them and white framed photos hang securely beside them.

Those pictures went from amusement park visits, picnic outings, zoo visits and other family pictures. The most heart warming was during a loving holiday, Valentine's Day. That occasion consisted of his child eating a romantic dinner with him and Naruto at a high class restaurant. He didn't mind at all taking his son out on dates with him and Naruto. He loved every minute he spent with Aki and his dobe.

The latest photos were from a huge family outing they had at the beach two weekends ago. All his relatives met Aki and the child enjoyed getting close with aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents – everyone basically. The whole family adored him so much they called to chat with Aki over the phone and squeal about how cute he was, plus asking Naruto, when's the next one coming?

The Uchiha was proud to finally have moved out of his parents' mansion. Two months passed since he had to wake up every morning to Kyuubi and Itachi either arguing about touching each others possessions without asking or his Nii-san keeping Kyuubi from having sex with everyone besides himself, of course. But then there were some mornings when they were joking around, laughing, wrestling playful or roughly; that is, until Itachi would pull a move like feeling up on the Uzumaki's ass and got punched in the face but aside from that, they were cordial with one another.

From what Sasuke heard from Naruto, Minato still hadn't spoken to Kyuubi thus resulting in him still living with his family.

The temperature that day wasn't too hot but still hot. Sun glinted through the lined black velvet curtains falling over the framed glass windows and the raven stared at the tv, slinging his arm over the back of the sofa. He then heard keys jingle in the front door and turned his head, knowing who it was.

The white door came open and his lover came waltzing in with Neji beside him, carrying grocery bags. The slim blond was dressed in a pair of red high-waist shorts, hugging his hips and curves in all the right places, a black and red patterned short-sleeve shirt along with converse on his feet. His lengthen golden hair fell over his ears, around his face and his blue eyes shimmered, his body in perfect shape. Sasuke still remembered when he thought Naruto was pregnant months ago but fortunately, after making him take three pregnancy tests, to be sure, it came back negative. Thankfully.

They hadn't had sex since then, even though they were tempted to at times.

"Thanks a lot, Neji. I really needed your help." The blond sighed, heaving the bags in his hands.

"No problem. Why didn't Sasuke do it though?" The Hyuga seemed skeptical, glancing at the man on the sofa with lavender eyes.

Naruto rolled his eyes, frowning. "He wanted to watch the damn game. He wouldn't move." He drawled as he and his friend walked through the living room; Naruto stopped behind the sofa and leaned down when the Uchiha lolled his head back, placing a kiss on his lips.

"Babe, I would have gone but you said I'm no help." He scoffed after pulling back and the other pursed his lips, marching towards the kitchen doors of their new house. "You didn't get hit on, did you?" Sasuke inquired; he was hesitant about letting his fiancé leave the house dressed like that because too many men and even women stared and flirted with him.

"Whatever, Sasuke!" He shouted and the pale man shrugged, looking back at the tv.

Tenten came sprinting down the stairs, her hair in a ponytail and dressed in a skirt and blouse. She hopped off the last stair and looked at the man on the sofa, lazing about. "Baby-daddy, you've been there all day. Help us with Aki-chan." The woman walked up behind the sofa and nudged the back of his head with a finger. They had been babysitting for him since this morning.

"I've been working all week. I deserve to sit on my ass all weekend." He replied, picking up a glass bottle full of soda and putting it to his lips, drinking down the fizzy orange flavor. Tenten nodded. He did have a point.

"Well, you might want to keep an eye on Sakura. She's upstairs right now trying to fix a smoke alarm." The brown eyed woman had an odd look on her face. She told the bubble gum haired girl to leave it alone but she didn't listen. The raven gave a nod, getting up and stretching.

He tucked his bangs behind his ears and made his way over to the bottom of the staircase. "Aki!" He called. He left his son upstairs with Sai so he would constantly check on the two. Within a few seconds he heard feet pattering against the hard wood floor and his son came into view, gazing over the balcony.

Aki Uchiha, he was a little taller and his hair, well, it grew like hell over the passed few months. He lost all his curls and his now straight locks draped over his shoulders as his bangs brushed over his bright blue eyes. He was dressed in a jersey and shorts, socks clad on his feet. "Yes, Daddy?"

"Come here." He waved him down and the child pouted. "What?" He raised a brow, seeing the sad look on the child's face.

"Me and Sai-nii were busy." He responded, holding magazines in his arms.

His father didn't even correct his grammar. "Busy with what?" He asked.

"Busy with these!" Aki showed him the magazines he had and his dark eyes widened in horror. "Aren't they pretty?" The child chimed innocently.

"Sai!" Sasuke yelled, his voice filled with harshness. He snatched the magazines away from his child and the boy was very confused. "That son of a bitch." He cussed under his breath, frowning at the magazines plastered with naked women on the front. The man then came into view and made his way down the steps.

"Yes, Sasuke-dear?" A fake smile on his lips.

"Stop calling me that, and what the hell is this?" His raven haired friend waved a magazine in front of him.

Sai smirked, looking down at Aki. "I think it should be obvious what those are." He answered casually and Aki nodded cheerfully, not knowing what he did wrong.


Neji placed the fruits in the cold refrigerator drawers, kneeling down and Tenten stocked the cabinets. "So, Neji, what's up with Gaara?" Naruto murmured as he began cooking lunch for his son and fiancé.

The Hyuga frowned, blushing slightly. "He's fine. We got in a little argument the other day so he's not talking to me." He breathed out and Naruto laughed lightly.

"Oh yeah. Neji-kun and Gaara were fighting about space." Tenten said, putting a box of fruit snacks in the cabinet and the blond arched a brow.

"What do you mean?"

The brunette combed his fingers through his long hair, standing to his feet and closed the fridge. "He forbid me from leaving the house after a certain time and I didn't agree." Naruto nodded. "I'm an adult. I leave the house whenever I damn well please. He's so bossy." He grumbled, sucking his teeth and Tenten giggled.

"He's not bossy. Though, he gets jealous easily." She stated and he rolled his eyes, placing his hands on his hips.

"I don't care. It's irritating." Neji gritted out, scowling. "That damn man always acts so childish."


"He should know about it now. You and Naruto-kun are obviously going to be too embarrassed to explain it, so I'll do your dirty work." Sai patted Sasuke's shoulder and the raven's nostrils flared.

"He's five." The Uchiha said calmly, clenching his teeth.

"So. It would be better to scar him now than later, see if he knows now he'll overcome it within time."

Aki cocked a brow, glancing between the two adults. What was wrong with looking at pretty women?

"Scar? Sai, what the fuck are you talking about?" The man seethed, dropping the magazines and gripping him up by his collar. Sai chuckled weakly and waved his hands in surrender.

"Ooo, daddy said a bad word." The boy voiced quietly, staring at the magazines that were sprawled out on the floor before him.

Sai then gulped. "About the fact that a guy sticks his penis in a girl's vagina for pleasure and other…" He looked at the boy's father and Sasuke had a dark aura surrounding his body, his obstinate eyes glaring at him. "Ah-ha…" His forehead formed a sweat drop, knowing he was in danger. "Sorry." He smiled nervously and the Uchiha abruptly gripped him up by his neck before dragging him towards the door. Sai let out manly whimpers as he was dragged towards the door and man tightened his clutch.

During all Sai's whining and whimpering, Naruto and Tenten emerged from the kitchen to see what was going on. They spotted Sai being dragged by Sasuke and the Uchiha about to throw him out. Naruto glanced down when he felt a tap on his leg and smiled. "Yes, Aki?"

The boy stared with wide eyes before asking, "Mommy, what's a vagina?"

Naruto completely froze and his eyes bugged out. He then spotted nude magazines on the floor and heard the scream of agony as Sai was thrown out the house by his lover. "Ummm…?" His gaze turned to Tenten and she blushed a little. She knew that look. The help me look.

"-Uh!" She walked around the blond and grabbed Aki's hand. "Aki-chan, why don't we go have a talk?" She suggested and he nodded, following her upstairs so she could explain what Naruto didn't want to. He mouthed a thank you and she laughed to herself. He was going to kill that man worse than Sasuke did for putting him in that awkward position. "Sakura, I need you!" The brown haired woman yelled on her way up, then she heard a girly scream before hearing thuds of whatever the pink haired woman knocked over up there.

Naruto sighed, furrowing his brows. It was going to be a long day.

Uchiha Manor

Itachi stared at the lumped under the covers, sighing. He was about to leave for work and he was sure Kyuubi had classes this afternoon. But Kyuubi went out partying last night, came back drunk and crashed in his outside clothes. He was lying in his own bed while wrapped up in the sheets.

His comfy bed was separated from Itachi's, the night stand between the two.

Already half dressed in his work attire. The man fluently leaned over and shoved the person beneath the sheets. That didn't do much so he pulled the covers back and Kyuubi flinched, sensing the bright sun on his face. The Uchiha knew exactly what did the trick and started feeling up on the sleeping beauty. His hands groped at the others tushy, then his thighs, and finally his hands roamed up his chest. The redhead looked so tempting in those tight leather cuff shorts and tight black tank, hugging his body deliciously. His red locks were tangled and tousled, falling over his face as he slept.

Kyuubi's face twitched uncomfortably at his touch and then his eyes snapped open after feeling a pair of hands on him. "I'm up! I'm up, get your hands off me!" He shouted, tumbling out of bed, arms flailing wildly and hitting the floor hard, causing him to groan and whimper. "Ouch.." His chest heaved and he laced his fingers through his long hair, lying on his back.

"Rise and shine, cupcake." Itachi looked down at him, smirking and the Uzumaki rolled his eyes, his hair sprawled on the carpet. "You always wake up like that?" He taunted, arching a brow and Kyuubi shrugged helplessly.

"Of course. Hell, after your last stunt. I keep my guard up." The Uchiha reached his hand out and Kyuubi grabbed it, hoisting to his feet and grunting. His head hurt but not too much. He wasn't that hung over.

"I'm going to work." Itachi informed. The redhead nodded, taking a look at the man and stared, mesmerized.

Itachi stood there buttoning his shirt cuff, the black dress shirt tucked into black, straight legged slacks, a belt laced through them. His long, jet-black hair flowed down his back, a bang in his face, the other tucked behind his ear. The Uzumaki was simply breath taken; Itachi looked so handsome when he was dressed in his work clothes. Just as he did in normal clothes but this type of clothing turned him on. The crisp fitted shirt embellished his toned muscles and lean build. "Take a bath. You reek of alcohol." He snorted, his eyes narrowing and the young man sniffed his shirt.

"I'm fine with the smell." Kyuubi flopped back on his bed. "I just wanna sleep." He mumbled, closing his eyes before the room door came open with a loud slam. The Uchiha grabbed his suit jacket, slipping it on and buttoning it up.


The man turned on his heels and glared at the owner of that voice. The blonde was clad in shorts and a v-neck shirt, his blonde locks draping down his shoulders and a bang covered his eye.

"Deidara, what is it? Did my mother let you in?" He asked, sighing and the blonde haired man stomped over to him. His vision was so engrossed on Itachi that he didn't see the other person in the room.

"Please give me my job back! I have bills to pay, oh and we should go out this weekend." He pleaded, tugging on his arm and the stoic man stared at him blankly. "Please? I'll do anything!" He heard a snicker and turned his head to the person it came from. Kyuubi stared at him, his legs crossed and leaning back on his hands.

Deidara blushed deeply and then whispered, "Who's the hot redhead, man?" The pale man chuckled and answered,

"Deidara, you remember Kyuubi Uzumaki, right?"

The blonde gasped and backed away from the long haired raven. "Y-you mean, you two are living together?" Itachi and Kyuubi nodded. "He doesn't know, does he?" Deidara whispered again and the man smirked in amusement.

"Yes, he does."

Kyuubi stood to his feet and held his hand out. "It's nice to see you again, Deidara-senpai." That named rolled off his tongue slow and crudely though the blonde didn't seem to notice. He was the reason for their break up but maybe the Uzumaki didn't care anymore.

"Bro, it's nice to see you again too." He reached for the others hand and grasped it, grinning with shimmering blue eyes. "No hard feelings, right, dud-" He was punched with a deadly fist in the face and his eyes rolled backwards before he passed out, thudding to the floor.

Itachi was stunned, his brows lifting and eyes traveling up from the body to stare at Kyuubi. The redhead smiled, laughing. "That felt great." He exhaled, flipping his hair away from his face.

"Amazing." Itachi smiled and the smaller male pulled out his cellphone before flicking a few picture of the guy on the floor. He would be sure to post it on a social network.

"This asshole deserved it as much as you did. Now, last on my list are Sasori and Hidan." He murmured, scowling and Itachi looked down at Deidara. It was a rather comical sight. "Invite them over sometime, will ya." Kyuubi tossed his phone on his bed and then carefully stepped over the body between him and the taller man.

"Hn, I need to be going." Itachi strolled over to his desk and grabbed his briefcase. "Don't sell or touch anything in my room." He warned sternly and Kyuubi pursed his lips.

"It's my room too." He voiced, his hands on his hips and Itachi shrugged as he made his way out the room.

"Wait. You forgot this." The man turned his head and admired the perfect ass on the redhead as he bent down, grabbed Deidara by his hands and began to drag him toward Itachi like a dead body. "He's heavier than he looks." He groaned, pulling harder and unconsciously backing up into Itachi, whose hands groped his ass.

"Itachi, do you want to lose your hands?" He snarled; the Uchiha didn't answer, and instead spanked him. That lead to Kyuubi elbowing him in the rib and he grimaced, hunching over.

"Fuck." He winced, rubbing his sore rib cage and the redhead let go of the blonde's hands. He watched Kyuubi sashay over to his bed and plop down on it before he threw Deidara over his shoulder and left. How he wanted to fuck him into the mattress so bad. Everyday he felt more of his restraint leaving him.


Itachi stood out on the balcony, smoking and looking up at the twilight summer sky. Kyuubi always preferred that he smoked away from him, though he didn't mind when he did; he ignored the footsteps that came from behind him and then the owner of those feet came up beside him, placing his hands on the stone. He glanced out the corner of his eye and Kyuubi was dressed in white, denim overalls shorts, a crop shirt underneath and socks on his feet; his hair was enlaced in a braid down his back and his strewn bangs fell around his face.

"You shouldn't smoke." He said, looking elsewhere and Itachi let out a deep chuckle, scoffing.

"So you care about me."

Kyuubi frowned. "No. Not at all, you can do what you want." He huffed, a gush of cool air blowing pass them.

"Still haven't admitted it." Itachi mused inwardly, a small smile on his lips.

"Admitted what?" The redhead gawked.

"You know what." Itachi smirked. He could see right through him, he saw the quick glances the Uzumaki gave him after he emerged from the shower, the slight concern for his smoking habit. "You need me." He vaunted smugly and Kyuubi rolled his eyes.

"Tch. Like hell I do."

"You do." He placed a hand on his head and ruffled his red locks. Kyuubi grabbed his hand and let it drop from his head. The touch, as small as it was lanced through him like liquid fire.

"I'm fine on my own. I'm done with relationships." He placed his hands on the stone balcony and hoisted himself up onto the flat surface to stand up there. He had a point to prove.

Itachi's eyes widened.

"Kyuubi, get down." He said calmly and the redhead walked along the path that made up the balcony.

"I'm fine. See, I don't need anybody." Kyuubi smiled cunningly and did a handstand, looking at the man upside down.

The raven felt his heart jump. If this idiot didn't get down he was going to have a heart attack; he was quite flexible too, he made a mental note of that. Kyuubi let his feet touch the stone again and stood up straight. "Still think I need you?" The Uzumaki placed his hands on his hips, grinning.

"Yes." Itachi stated, an emotionless expression plastering his face. "I know you need me, so I'm waiting for the 'I love you' part." He finished, putting out the cigarette and flicking it over the balcony.

Kyuubi then grounded out, "Stop telling me I need you. I can look out for myself! I don't need you or anyone else-" He took two steps too many back and his foot slipped, a screamed ripping from his throat as he fell backwards off the balcony railing.

"-Kyuubi!" Without even thinking about himself, what happened next was on impulse.

Kyuubi's horror filled eyes screwed shut and his heart thumped hard in his chest. He fell. He really fell and now he was going to die. No! He didn't want to die. Fear wracked his body; he wanted someone to save him. Itachi! Itachi! Itachi! That's the only person he could think about.


He felt an arm wrap around his body and his head was tucked into someone's chest, another arm securing his head tightly before they hit the grass covered ground.

Itachi winced as they tumbled down the steep hill behind the mansion, he felt sharp rocks and twigs scraping at his back. Groaning in agony, he held Kyuubi tightly, never letting go; protecting him from getting hurt. His only concern was Kyuubi. He didn't care about himself. His face cringing in pain after a rock scraped his pale face, he began to hear the rustle of the leaves they rolled over near the woods beside the mansion. The hill gradually began to flatten and they slowly came to a stop, surrounded by trees, the moon shining above them in the sky.

He panted, holding the redhead close to him. God, he hoped he wasn't hurt. He figured Kyuubi passed out from shock. His onyx eyes blurred and his vision was slowly fading.

Kyuubi shifted around, groaning and aching. After coming to he winced, looking at the gash on his arm and legs as they throbbed. He realized he was on top of something, though his vision was fuzzy; the redhead felt around and his eyes slowly began to clear up. His eyes widened when he realized it was Itachi. The man wasn't conscious yet. "Oi, Itachi." He shook him roughly and noticed the wounds on his body, he was only dressed in a light shirt and shorts so there was nothing to really shield him from the fall.

It was all his fault! What if he went into a coma or died!

"I-Itachi." He tapped his face but the man didn't wake up. He felt for a pulse, it was strong. "Get up. I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said, please." Kyuubi pleaded, placing his hands on his face as tears brimmed in his eyes. So many times he said he wanted him to die in the past, what if now - No! He didn't want to lose him. "…I love you." He whispered, hugging him and stifling his cries. Itachi still didn't get up after slapping him and calling his name a few more times and Kyuubi panicked. It was all his fault. He came after him but if only he would have gotten down when he said.

Sobbing on top of him, Kyuubi clutched his shirt. His heart, his soul, his body. It all hurt so badly.

"Urgh… cupcake, I can't breathe with you on top of me." He heard that familiar voice as the body beneath him moved and he abruptly sat up, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Itai.." The man began to sit up, leaning back on one forearm and Kyuubi wiped his face, sniffling. "Were you crying? It's not like I could die from that fall." Itachi muttered, laughing and grunting bitterly.

He stared at the Uzumaki, who didn't seem to stop crying. He must have been really scared. "Kyuubi?"

"You asshole." The redhead wrapped his arms around him and sobbed on his shoulder. He couldn't believe he was concerned and scared for this conceited jerk.

He was such an idiot...


The two sat on the sofa downstairs and the family doctor Mikoto called patched up their wounds. Kyuubi's were mainly on his arms and legs, thankfully his head was fine.

The Uchiha woman stood by, shaking her head. "You two seriously! Don't you two know not to play on the balcony, luckily I heard Kyuu-chan scream." She was the one who told some servants to go check around back and they found the two barely moving because of the impact of the fall, they were both pretty winded.

The doctor smiled, wrapping a bandage around Kyuubi's bruised ankle and the redhead's shoulders slumped. "Sorry. It was my fault." He said weakly and the woman sighed, her arms folded across her chest.

After getting their cuts cleaned and bandaged, the male doctor stood. "They should be fine after some rest and taking some pain medication." He explained to the woman and she gave a nod, smiling.

"Thank you very much, Sensei."

The man bowed and packed up his equipment before heading out. Itachi and Kyuubi sat there awkwardly, not looking at each other and Mikoto let out an audible sigh.


She heard Kagami, her second oldest scream, a bell ringing along with his scratchy voice. He was in bed sick and wanted his mother to take care of him all day. Another spoiled Uchiha.

"I don't know why I gave your brother that damn bell." She walked out the family-room, flipping her hair away from her face.

Kyuubi glanced around aimlessly and then decided to speak.

"Um… are you okay?" He looked at the Uchiha with worried aqua eyes and the man nodded hesitantly. He was still in a lot of pain. "Sorry, this is all my fault."

"I don't know why I jumped." Itachi murmured, eyes narrowed in question and Kyuubi arched a brow confusingly. "My body moved on its own and next thing I knew, I was desperate to keep you out of harm's way." He rubbed the back of his neck, his brows knitting together and the Uzumaki's face flushed red.

"Well, I was worried about you too." Kyuubi responded honestly. "I cried because I thought I lost you." He fiddled with his fingers and Itachi's eyes grew wide. "I didn't want to lose you." He grabbed hold of Itachi's scraped hand and tightened his hold around it.

Their eyes met and Kyuubi moved closer to him. "Sorry." He mumbled. They were seated in silence, their breathing rapid and hearts skipping. Were they nervous perhaps? The smaller male let go of his hand and put his knees in the sofa cushions to get a better look at Itachi's face. He gazed at the bandages that covered cuts and placed his hands on his face. "I'm really sorry." He whispered, looking into those dark orbs and Itachi winced when he touched a bandage.

Kyuubi then leaned in, pressing a kiss to the Uchiha's lips. That one kiss did. There was such nostalgia washing over them; it reminded them of the relationship they had before everything changed. They wanted it back, to grab hold of it and never let go.

Itachi was shocked after Kyuubi parted. The redhead's eyes glistened as he hesitantly leaned back in and tried another kiss, just testing the waters first. The man didn't seem to react badly so he pulled back again, sweeping his bangs away from his face and tucking them behind his ears. That kiss, it was that sensation of love he never felt with anyone else.

The long haired Uchiha then got aggressive, grasping the back of his neck and tugged him forward, crashing their lips together. "-Mmph!" Kyuubi felt that spark deep inside him set fire, his body was craving Itachi Uchiha. Wrapping his arms around his neck, he straddled himself on the man's lap, deepening the kiss and swerved his tongue around in the others mouth.

Delving his tongue deeper inside the Uzumaki's luscious mouth, Itachi clasping the smaller one's hips, closing the gap between their bodies. His mouth tasted and smelled sweet, like peaches. Kyuubi did eat those a lot. Saliva exchanged between the two, tongues swirling and twisting over one anothers, it was all making Kyuubi so horny.

His hands roamed down to the Uchiha's open shirt and he tried to slip it off his shoulders but the man hissed into his mouth and breaking apart quickly, he panted.

He forgot that shoulder was sore. "Sorry." He took a deep breath. Itachi gazed up at the redhead on top of him, lust slowly clouding his mind. Kyuubi's cheeks were flushed, his supple lips were red and swollen and his chest was heaving hard. An idea then popped in his head and he smirked inwardly, his hand trailing towards the others back.

"It's fine." He replied, leaning back to enjoy himself and Kyuubi quirked a brow.

"-Ahnn!" He jerked forward when he felt a finger press into the sensitive spot on his back. What? Itachi actually remembered that spot?! "Ah, s-stop." He trembled, leaning forward, his hands gripping the back of the sofa.

"Oh, you're still so sensitive?" The man leered, tracing his finger in circles around that spot.

"Y-you remembered?" Kyuubi mewled, stifling a moan. Ah, that voice only drove Itachi crazy. It was really sweet and high pitched, he loved it and he missed hearing it.

"Of course. I love all your spots, Kyuubi. Especially this one." The pale man's other hand cupped the growing bulge in his shorts and he bucked his hips when the man started palming his crotch. Gasping sharply and biting down on his bottom lip, he let out a blissful whine. That felt so good! He grabbed Itachi's hand with both his, stilling it.

"We're in the living room, stupid." He whispered in his ear, his voice heavy and erotic.

That was the last straw. Itachi couldn't take it anymore. He needed to fuck this beauty into his mattress right now.

'I have to stop.' Itachi was moving way too fast for comfort. Like hell he had a condom on him and he hadn't taken his birth control in a while. He didn't know if he liked the idea of millions of little Itachi's swimming through his body, fighting for the right to create life.

The idea scared him.

If he wasn't on the pill and didn't have a condom. No sex. If he was on the pill but had no condom. No sex. If he was on the pill and had a condom, then yes he was having sex.

He was indeed responsible and cautious when it came to intercourse, as opposed to Naruto who was ditzy when it came to sex.

"The bedroom then." Kyuubi's thoughts were cut off when he was hoisted up and his legs wrapped around the others torso on reflex.

"W-wait! Itachi, we can't!" He shouted, being carried out of the living room, but Itachi wasn't listening so he grabbed onto the door frame. "We can't go any further than this." He said strictly, his aqua eyes wide and Itachi let out an exasperated sigh.

"Of course we can." He chimed, tugging the redhead off the door and ascending to the staircase. "There's no reason to hold back anymore and it's obvious you want it too." He boasted, licking his lips greedily, his hands groping the redhead's ass. Firm, round globes, ripe for slapping and fucking. It wasn't a lie to be describing his redhead as a sexy little nymph. His eyes glazed over at the memory.

"No, we really can't." Kyuubi panted, grabbing onto the engraved lion head on the banister, holding it tight. He was then tugged forward again and the man casually headed up the stairs with him. "I mean it. Fooling around is fine but- Oi! Are you listening to me?!" The Uchiha ignored him once more and his brows furrowed.

"I'll make it very enjoyable, don't worry."

"I'm serious, we can't." He looked him in the eyes, his hands wrapped around his neck.

"I'm getting mixed signals here, you're clinging to me but fighting me off, so.. you don't want me?" Itachi questioned, raising an eyebrow, genuinely confused. A look Kyuubi can describe as rare.

Kyuubi rolled his eyes, pouting. "I didn't say that."

"So it's okay." Itachi smiled, nodding like an eager beaver.

"What? No! You're trying to confuse me." He growled, glaring. "You do understand, don't you?" Kyuubi inquired, arching a brow. He really hoped Itachi got the hint. He thought Uchiha's were supposed to be smart.

"Yes." He answered and the redhead sighed in relief. "You really want me but you're playing hard to get so you don't seem too eager." Kyuubi eyes widened. He was about to retort but a pair of lips stopped him. Whoa, Itachi's lips felt so good.

He abruptly broke the kiss. "Mh- n-no! I'm not kidding around, Itachi." He scolded as if he was talking to a wild animal. "We're not having sex, understand?" Kyuubi's grim face faltered when he saw the old puppy dog face. Even at age 23 he was still adorable with that face. Itachi could be so cute when he wanted to but still, "Itachi, we're not having sex." He stated firmly and the Uchiha's boner screamed in agony, like a bad case of blue balls.

Itachi's eyebrows furrowed, wrapping his arms around Kyuubi's small waist. "How would you feel about us both dying from under stimulation to the nether region? I know you're hard as a rock too."

Kyuubi rolled his eyes, pouting his lips. "You'll be the one dying, not me." Red spread across his cheeks as they reached the top of the stairs and the maids roaming the halls blushed, spotting the two. "Besides, I think we should talk about us first." Itachi gave a nod and the redhead puffed out his cheeks.

'Itai.. how can he think about sex in so much pain?'

The kitchen was beautiful and bigger than the last one they had. The refrigerator was in the right corner of the room beside the stove and oven. In the centre was a sink with a marble countertop, a towel rack on it. The dish rack was near the window and beneath the white cabinets. Set on top on the kitchen island were jars of sugar, salt, flour and tea. A rectangle shaped table was near the backyard door, a table cloth hanging over it with placemats on top and fruit in a wooden bowl in the center. The lighting fixtures were above the table kitchen island and dining table as a flower vase full of blue and white roses stood on the window ledge.

Aki strolled around the table, setting plates down with a smile on his face that night. His mother set a pan with foil crumpled over the top down and grinned, an apron looping around his neck and tied around his back.

"Sasuke, it's time for dinner!" Naruto called, walking over and grabbed the cups before placing them next to the three plates. His son climbed up and plopped down in his seat.

"Hn." Sasuke came pacing into the dining room, a towel draping over his neck and his hair damp, fanning out around his face. "Time for Naruto's cooking, my favorite." He said, pulling out a chair and taking a seat. The blond blushed slightly and took a seat between Aki and his lover.

"Thank you." He mumbled, pulling the foil back off the dish before grabbing the spatula in his hand. Aki and Sasuke drooled at the sight of the delicious lasagna or as Italians say it, lasagne. Flat sheets of pasta, melding and covering a bunch of cheeses, meat, tomato sauces, vegetable, other pasta and seasonings, all baked in one.

"Hurry up, momma!" Aki gleamed, his eyes bright and his blue eyed mother put a square slice on his plate. "Itadakimasu!" The boy shouted cheerfully, grabbing his fork and after, he began to stuffing his small mouth. Sasuke watched his son eat, his leg shaking impatiently as he his lover placed a slice on his plate.

"Itadakimasu." He murmured, picking up his fork and devouring it the second Naruto started eating as well. The Uzumaki looked at the two and smiled, a sweat drop forming on his forehead. "This is a nice break from ramen." Sasuke chewed, savoring the taste.

"Whoa, you two were hungry." He grinned, eating at a normal pace. "Aki, slow down. You'll choke." His son nodded, poking his tongue out to lap at the tomato sauce around his mouth. He then sighed to himself. Eating like this felt so right, so cozy. Like a family; something he always wanted it. A family of his own, he couldn't wait until he and Sasuke were married so they could make their family bigger. Maybe three more? He hadn't decided but four kids felt like enough and Aki would be the oldest.

"What's for dessert?" Sasuke arched a brow.

"Strawberry Daifuku." Naruto answered, smiling.

"Um, Aki, what did you talk about with Tenten today?" Naruto asked and his son stopped, chewing to drink down some juice. After wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he said,

"Her and Sakura-chan told me how boys and girls are different."

Naruto gave a nod, relief in his mind. He was glad he had his friends around.

"I could have told him." Sasuke stated, a serious look on his face.

"I know but… I was just caught off guard." Naruto blushed and his fiancé nodded.

"Why don't girls have what boys have?" Aki questioned. "Does theirs do the same thing mine does?" He pushed his hair away from his face, tucking some behind his small ears.

"L-lets not talk about that right now." Naruto stammered out, trying to keep calm.

"Yes, it does, Aki. Anymore questions?" His father looked at him. Aki shook his head, going back to his food. Naruto glanced at the Uchiha in disbelief; how did he deal with that so calmly. "Don't worry, you can have the birds and the bees talk with him." Sasuke smirked, seeing the look on the blond's face.

"What?!" He gawked.

"What's the birds and the bees?" Aki asked, staring at Naruto and his mother sulked.


It was summer vacation, so Naruto and Sasuke allowed their son to stay up later than usual. It was going on 12 midnight and the blond looked over the balcony, down into the living room where he spotted his fiancé and son playing the new rap console, Rap Takeover.

He sighed to himself, watching the two. Sasuke really didn't understand the meaning of child censoring, but neither did Naruto at times. They were both young, thus, they let their son get over with them at times, like watching shows with unfit content for his age group, letting him play violent games or listening to inappropriate songs. Like now.

Aki was dressed in his pajamas, which were shorts and a tank. Two gold chains hang around his neck, big shades were on his little face and a snapback was on his head, his hair falling to his mid-back. Dressed in his night clothes as well, Sasuke was rigged out in boxers and a black tank, exposing his toned muscles and well built body. He had three gold chains hanging down around his neck, embellishing his pale skin, shades on his face and a snap back on his head, his bangs tucked behind his ears.

His little superstars.

Naruto made his way down the stairs and plopped down on the last step. It was a rather cute sight. His blue eyes gazed at the adult Uchiha rapping, a game microphone in his hand as music from the television played in the background and he giggled.

"Okay. I need fifty-k large, my momma needed a new crib, my daddy need a new car, so I be going so hard. Detroit is my yard. I need a seventeen car garage, I need a seventeen broad minaj, I need a jail house to free my dogs. I done paid taxes, paid dues, paid bills my whole life. So I'm throw money in the air, like I'm tryin' to pay the sky. Go hard, Aki!" He pointed to the boy beside him, rocking to the beat. The point of the game was to keep up with the raps.

Naruto arched a brow. He didn't even know his son knew how to play… or rap. He looked so cute in his attire too.

"Told myself that man if I can't live like this, I'd rather die. I g-give it up to God, and he always reply." Naruto gushed at the cute little voice that came from the child, watching him pop his collar and throw shade, shaking his little butt. Aki continued, his father bobbing his head to the lyrics his son sang. "Control yo hoes. You let her talk to you crazy. You got baby mama drama, you ain't even got you no baby. You fugazi! Boss up, boss up with your time, dog. You ain't got time for no hoes, I ain't even got time for time off, I'm on!" He grinned, pumping his fist in the air.

"That's enough." Naruto gasped out, getting up and darting over to the game before shutting it off.

"Aww." Sasuke frowned. "We weren't done."

"C'mon, momma!" Aki whined, jutting out his bottom lip and the blond had a stern look on his face.

"Sasuke, did you hear what he was saying?" Naruto growled, folding his arms across his chest, serious as a judge. The raven seemed lost. "He said, h-o-e." He spelled out firmly and his fiancé nodded.

Sasuke realized hoe was a linguistic synonym for whore. "Oh yeah. Sorry, dude." Sasuke gazed down at his son and Aki pouted, now curious at the word.

"Daddy, what's a hoe?"

Sasuke and Naruto eyed each other with wide eyes, caught off guard.

Naruto grabbed his son up and put him on his hip before stammering out. "U-uhhh. Um… Sasuke?" Naruto passed their son to his dad without preamble.

Sasuke gave Naruto a pointed look. It's not like he knew what to say either. "Uhhh, a hoe is…"

Sasuke looked to Naruto for help and Aki misinterpreted the action. "Is mommy a hoe?" He asked innocently.

"What?!" Naruto screeched, grabbing back his son. He put him down to stand and knelt before him. "Look, honey, hoe is a very complex word with complex meanings…"

"No you're a hoe, Mommy! Daddy says you're a very complexy person!" Aki piped up and Naruto face palmed before giving Sasuke a deadly gaze.

"No, Aki, no." Sasuke instructed firmly, knowing that his ass was in hot water with Naruto for this one.

"It's a bad word, Aki, forget it. Just forget it or else…" Naruto growled, eyes slitting dangerously at his son, who started to look a little scared.

"A bad word?" Aki covered his mouth with both hands in offended surprise. "We shouldn't say bad words, Momma."

Sasuke felt relieved his son got it. "Go up to bed, I'll be up there soon." The Uchiha smoothed his hand down his son's head and the boy nodded sadly. The taller male then looked at Naruto and muttered, "Sorry. I won't let him listen to it anymore."

"You shouldn't either," Naruto growled, angrily grabbing controls and cords and cleaning up. He didn't understand why Kyuubi listened to that type of music either.

Sasuke tilted his lips, sitting down on the sofa. "That's impossible." The Uchiha took off his snapback and tossed it elsewhere. The blond grabbed the last cord and pushed passed his legs, huffing his breath. "Do I have to sleep on the couch tonight?" He asked knowingly, glancing at the blond clad in Micky Mouse pjs shorts and shirt.

"For your son confusing me with a hoe, yes. Teme." He seethed, walking up the steps.

Sasuke sulked for a minute and then said, "But that's Aki's fault not mine-" He heard a door slam and glared at the television. "Usuratonkachi." He inwardly frowned.



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