Disclaimer: TTvTT I've wrote it like a thousand times.

Warnings: Flashback.

The beginning I would say is kinda rushed because back when I first started this I thought it'd be a small story but it blew up more than I thought it would.

Naruto panicked when his hand was grasped, stopping him from running. "-Wah!" He was pulled back into a hug and his eyes widened.

"Where?" Naruto felt his heart beat getting quicker when the raven whispered the word where into his ear.

"Huh?" He looked confused for a second.

"Where…the hell have you been all these years!" Sasuke shouted, pulling back and placing his hands on the blond's shoulders firmly.

"T-Teme…" Naruto mumbled; Sasuke's black orbs turned fierce as he stared into Naruto's deep blue eyes.

"Oi! You, let go of my mommy you pervert!" The boy punched the pale man on his leg and pulled at his pants. Luckily the raven wore a belt or else his pants would have come down.

"Mommy?" Sasuke looked at the child oddly and then back at the blond. Naruto took Sasuke's pale hands of his shoulders and rubbed his forearm nervously; he looked down at the floor and bit down on his bottom lip nervously.

"Oh I see you're so close to Naruto that you think of him as your mother, makes sense." Sasuke nodded, ruffling his own black locks.

"What are you talking about mister? This is my mommy. My real mommy." The boy latched onto Naruto's leg and stuck his tongue out at the Uchiha. Sasuke looked at the boy closely, tilting his head to the side. He could see the resemblance but Naruto couldn't be this kid's mother…could he?

"Anyway," He rolled his eyes at the small boy before looking back at Naruto. "Naruto where have you been? It's been five years, I thought something bad happened to you." Sasuke sighed. He was relived that his dear love was still alive and kicking.

"None of your business." Naruto spat out. He turned on his heels and walked forward with his son dragging on his leg tightly.

"Naruto wait we have to talk. Tell me where you were." Sasuke followed them towards the register; Naruto put the basket of toys on the counter and the cashier smiled at him. While the cashier was bagging up Naruto's things the raven kept trying to get his attention.

"Naruto are you listening to me?" Sasuke watched the blue eyed man paying for his things and then grab his bag. His child was still attached to his leg but suddenly let go, he looked at Sasuke oddly and then grabbed Naruto's hand.

"Mommy, can we go eat now?" He asked with a pout on his beautiful face.

"Sure, where to?" Naruto looked down at his son.

"McDonalds!" The blue eyed boy cheered and his mother nodded; he pulled the boy by his hand and the raven followed them out the store.

"Naruto…please?" Sasuke grabbed the blond's hand; Naruto's heart skipped a beat and then he sighed.

"Fine. Meet us at the McDonalds." He pointed down the street and the raven smiled, he then noticed the boy still looking up at him.

"Do you mind if I join you and your mommy?" Sasuke kneeled down and the boy tilted his head to the side, looking at the man curiously.

"You're not gonna hurt my mommy are you?" The boy asked with an attitude, folding his arms across his chest.

"No. why would I hurt him?"

"Because men always try to do things with my mommy. They always ask for his phone number," The boy tapped his finger on his chin and then whispered in the raven's ear. "They even hit him on his tushy sometimes."

"What? Who, I'll kill 'em!" Sasuke's eyes narrowed. The boy giggled and decided that the man was not one of those perverts that his mother told him about.

"Okay, come on." Naruto grumbled. The boy nodded and his mother pulled him towards the car.

"Cute kid. I wonder who he belongs to?" Sasuke stood up and noticed women blushing and squealing, he frowned and made his way towards his car. He couldn't believe he saw Naruto again after all these years and the blond still looked amazing.

"Good morning N-Naruto-kun." Hinata walked up to the blond who walked through the school door. He wore a black Gakuran; the top of his uniform had a standing collar buttoning down from top-to-bottom that were decorated with the school emblem to show respect to the school. His pants were straight legged and a dark-colored belt was worn with them.

"Hi." He said not too cheerfully. She could tell he wasn't feeling well, his skin looked pale and his face was kind of flushed. It almost looked like he had a fever.

"Are you feeling okay?" Hinata and Naruto walked down the hallway filled with teens getting ready for class that morning.

"Yeah. I'm fine." He shook his head few times. He just found out a week ago that he was pregnant but he hadn't told his parents yet.

"How are things going with Sasuke?" She smiled, flipping her hair out of her face.

"Oh um I just things are fine now, I mean after that big fight we had we made up but his way of making up sure is tiring." Naruto blushed slightly and Hinata giggled. Naruto loved the fact that Sasuke loved to have sex with him but some times he didn't know when to take a break; the last time they had sex was about a month ago but then again they did have sex the night before he came to school that day.

"So how's your parents?" She asked. Hinata loved to hear stories about Naruto's over protective father and his easy going mother.

"They're," Naruto grabbed his stomach and felt kind of light headed. Luckily they were walking pass the bathrooms, the toilet was like his new best friend. "I'll see ya later!" He ran into the boy's bathroom and Hinata stood there speechless.

'I wonder what's wrong with him?' The teenage girl wondered walking down the hallway.

The blond was happy that the bathroom was empty and quickly ran into a stall. He lifted the toilet lid and bent over and emptied everything out of his stomach, he took a breather and then spit in the toilet one last time. He then sat down on the bathroom floor and ran his fingers through his ruffled hair. 'It's a good thing these bathrooms are always really clean.' Naruto through to himself, he wasn't going to hurry and get up because he knew in a few seconds he would have to puke again.

And like he thought it did come again. He sat up and put his head over the toiler bowl. "Urghh!...Erghhh!" He felt like he was puking his guts outs and he was going through this all alone.

"Oi! Where's Naruto?" Sasuke who was dressed in a basketball jersey and shorts ran up to Sakura. The pink haired girl took the books out of her locker and Sasuke leaned on the locker besides her's, coolly. He is captain of the basketball team and the most popular guy in school. Every girl wished they could have a piece of him but he was only for reserved for Naruto Uzumaki.

He has creamy pale skin, fine toned muscles, silky black hair and a charming smile. His eyes looked like the night sky and his face well all together he could make any male or female faint.

"I don't know, he's been spending a lot of time in the bathroom for some reason." Sakura sighed, she was worried about her blond friend because lately he wasn't looking too good.

"Seriously? I wonder what's wrong with him?" Sasuke rubbed his chin. He knew Naruto wasn't one to get sick so easily and nothing really made him puke not even mixing his ramen with ice cream which he had done the night before when he and Sasuke ate dinner together but little did the Uchiha know is that his blond is pregnant.

"Hello Sasuke-senpai!" Some girls walking down the hallway squealed and he waved, showing them a smirk.

"Kyaah!" They blushed and Sasuke rolled his eyes, he hated the way girls acted around him.

"Naruto would be mad if he saw you doing that." The pinked haired girl warned.

"Whatever. Anyway tell him to meet me after school." Sasuke gave a palm wave and then walked away from the girl.

'I wonder what's been going on with Naruto. He's always throwing up and he doesn't look so good…could he be…no no, he's a guy but then again..'


Naruto stood over the bathroom sink and wet his face after washing his mouth out with some water. He looked at himself in the mirror and frowned, he then took out two pieces of mint gum and shoved them in his mouth, chewing down slowly.

'How am I supposed to tell Sasuke. What if he thinks I'm a freak?' Tears rolled down his cheeks. He quickly wiped his face and sniffled. 'I can't hide it for too much longer, I'll start showing soon.' He dried his face with a paper towel. 'Where do things go from here?'

"So where were you?" Sasuke asked from across the table. Naruto sat next to his son across from Sasuke but the child seemed to be more interested in the happy meal toy rather than eating.

"Well…I lived in Spain for a while then I visited America but I got home sick so here I am back in Konoha." Naruto grinned as he nodded his head.

"Why did you run off?"

"Um..t-the thing is…" He looked over his child who was making sound effect with his mouth as he played with the toy rocket ship.

"Honey eat first and then play." Naruto said sternly; his son frowned and put his toy down on the table. He opened up a box of chicken nuggets and took a bite, chewing down happily while humming.

"What's his name?" Sasuke asked the blond; Naruto looked at the man with nervous eyes.

"Hisa," He mumbled. "Akihisa." He stated louder and Sasuke nodded.

'Wait didn't Naruto say he liked that name in middle school?' The raven remembered the blond talking about names for his future children but this kid wasn't really Naruto's right?

"Mommy do you want a bite?" Akihisa turned and looked at his mother. His blue glinting with a grin on his face.

"Sure." Naruto took a bite of the chicken nugget that his son held in front of his face.

"So…who's kid?" The Uchiha rested his cheek in the palm of his hand.

"Yours." Naruto muttered. He wondered how Sasuke would take it but the raven seemed nonchalant about it.

"Oh cool…wait, WHAT?!" He stood up with a shocked look on his face. He had to be hearing things; there was no way he'd have a kid and not know about him.

"Yes and keep it down. He doesn't know." Naruto bit his bottom lip nervously; his son looked at the two confusingly.

"Wait wait wait…you're telling me that's mine? You mean like my sperm created that?" Sasuke whispered in shock and the blond nodded, rubbing his temples. He could see Sasuke didn't change, he still had the same blunt mouth.

"S-So you had a baby, my baby?!" He looked astonished, he was sure he'd pass out soon.

"Keep it down Teme." Naruto repeated; Sasuke looked at the boy and then back at the blond.

'Oh God, he does look like me!'

"You think I'm a freak huh?" Naruto's eyes saddened and the raven took a deep breath, he then grabbed hold of the blond's hand.

"No. Look there was a rumor going around school that you were having a baby but I always thought everyone was joking also I don't think you're a freak I still look at you the same but five years…" Sasuke's hands trembled, he was happy then again overwhelmed.

"Sorry..I didn't know how to tell you. I thought you would think I'm disgusting-" Sasuke placed his finger on the blond's lips and shook his head.

"I could never think that. No matter what I still love you and always will!" The pale man looked determined and his feelings did not waver, he was ready to get his Naruto back but a kid.

"B-But you should know…I have someone." Naruto mumbled.


"I'm with someone." Naruto said with watery blue eyes. He was glad to hear the man still loved him but he already had someone in his life.

"You can't be with someone. You never broke up with me, who is the bastard!" He looked at the blond with a glare and Naruto gulped.

"I'm finished." Naruto looked at his little boy and ruffled his hair before wiping the ketchup off his little mouth.

"Okay…well at least…" Sasuke felt like his heart cracked in two, he still loved Naruto so much but his blond already found someone else. Naruto looked at him and ran his fingers through his golden locks tiredly.

"Let me be a father to my kid." The raven said sternly.

"Sasuke you-"

"No, five years of lost time. I want to be there for my kid." Sasuke said meaningfully. "God, I can't believe this. Five year. Five years I missed so much of my son's life as baby as a toddler…" Sasuke tightened his fists, he was angry that Naruto kept something for him for long. He is the father of this kid and the boy didn't even know.

"I'm sorry but-" Sasuke held his hand out and Naruto cocked an eyebrow.

"Give me your phone." He said harshly; the blond did so and handed it to the Uchiha. The raven put his phone number in Naruto's contacts.

"Dobe…I can't believe this. You better tell him or I will." Sasuke seethed, handing Naruto his cell phone back.

"Okay! Teme, I will but not now." The boy with blue eyes got up and went to throw his things in the trash.

"Does he ask about me?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"Yes but I usually ignore him." Naruto said under his breath. "I was going to tell him about you, I just didn't…"

Sasuke stood up and walked up to the blond who stood up too. "You're with someone right, does he call them daddy?" The raven looked very pissed off, all he could think is what if his child was calling somebody else daddy.

"No I would never let him call anyone else daddy! Only you." Naruto looked up at the raven; old feelings started coming back when the raven got close to him, his smell...it was so comforting.

"Thank you." He hugged the blue eyed man tight and rested his head on the blond's shoulder. Naruto took in that smell that he missed so much and smiled softly.

"I'm sorry..I'm sorry I shouldn't have kept him from you but I was so young and I didn't know what to do." Naruto muffled in the raven's chest.

"I'm…" Sasuke lifted his head and looked at the blond.

"Mommy?" Akihisa looked at the two embracing each other and pouted, he hated when people got close to his mother because they would always end up hurting him.

Sasuke then kissed the blond, he couldn't help it. He saw Naruto as his and nobody else's.

"Nn?!" Naruto's blue eyes widened and his heart felt like it was melting. He loved the heat of Sasuke's warm lips on his and the way his mouth tasted. Sasuke pulled back and looked into those deep blue pools he loves so much.

"I promise I'll get you back." He said smoothly and Naruto blushed.

"Oi! You are one of those perverts!" He pushed the man away from his mother and Sasuke smirked.

"I'll see you again little guy." He ruffled the child's hair and the boy frowned before puffing out his cheeks cutely.

"Bye." Sasuke gave a palm wave and walked out of the fast food place. Naruto sighed and looked down at the boy.

"..Vert…" His son mumbled something under his breath.

"What?" Naruto tucked some of his blond hair behind his ears and kneeled down beside his son.

"I said PERVERT!" He shouted; Naruto blushed, standing up and pulled his son along. He just noticed people were staring probably from the time Sasuke planted one on him.

"T-That teme.." He growled under his breath.

"Yes, mom." Sasuke drove down the road with an ear piece in his ear, talking to his mother.

"I have a kid and could you please stop screaming you're hurting my ear." The raven groaned and his mother quieted down.

"I'm sorry..so what's his name?" Mikoto was trying so hard not to scream again.

"His name is Aki... hisa." Sasuke looked around for a few seconds and then it sunk in. 'It sounds so weird, well maybe I'll shorten it down to Hisa or Aki. Damn, if only I was around when he was born I could have given him a good name.'

"Why the hell did he name him Akihisa?" Mikoto sounded disappointed on the other line.

"I know. This is Naruto we're talking about and he's not too bright especially when it comes to names." Sasuke sulked.

"Well anyway I'm going to tell your father!" The phone went dead and the raven sighed, looking at the road ahead of him.

That night.

Naruto just finished washing up and Hisa was in his bed. He walked into his son's bedroom with a towel around his neck and his pj's on.

A Light red car bed with toy story bedding and books galore on his bookcase head board and blue walls with framed pictures nailed to them. Akihisa's bedroom was designed by his grandfather Minato of course Naruto was happy his father didn't go overboard.

"Hisa can I tell you something?" He looked at the boy that laid in his race car bed. The blue eyed boy looked up from his book and nodded, he sure was smart like an Uchiha. He was always reading and learning as much as he could actually more than he should.

"Mommy who was that guy?" He sat up and the covers pooled in his lap. He wore footy pjs that had cars printed on them and his scruffy black silky, hair was damp from his shower he had a little earlier.

"That man…is…" His son tilted his head and Naruto took a deep breath. "He's your father." The blond looked at his son to see his reaction.

"I knew it!" He grinned, pumping his fists in the air.

"Eh? You did?" Naruto looked at his child surprisingly.

"Yeah. I kept looking at him because he looks like the guy in photos that grandma showed me hehe!" He giggled and Naruto gritted his teeth.

'Why did she show him those photos?' Naruto sulked, he never knew his son at least had an idea who that man was.

"Would you like to spend some time with him? He wants to be in your life." Hisa rested back against his pillow and Naruto stroked his head soothingly.

"Of course I want to be with my daddy!...But what if he's mad at me for calling him a pervert?" He pouted, he couldn't believe he called his own father a pervert.

"Haha, I doubt that. I called him a pervert lots of times in the past." Naruto chuckled and his son grinned widely.

"I always wanted to be with my daddy because the kids in my class always made fun me because I didn't have one." His son's face saddened.

"Sorry.." Naruto kissed the boy's forehead.

"It's okay. I thought as long as I had you everything would be okay but now that daddy wants to be with me…it makes me very happy hehe!" He reassured; Naruto got up and grabbed a book off the book shelf.

"Want a bedtime story?" He asked, sitting down on the beside his son.

"Yes please." He sat up and Naruto opened up the book.

"Once upon a time in far far away land…" The blond read to his son and the little raven looked very interested, smiling and his mother read to himself until he felt sleep drifting over him. Akihisa? He himself didn't know why he picked the name, but he liked it and that's what he wanted to name his baby, even though his parents told him to think a little harder. But of course Naruto was known for being a horrible name picker; he gave his first child a name that would normally be a last name.

"And they all lived happily ever after!" Naruto hummed and closed the book, he looked over at his son who rested his head on his arm and smiled. The boy let out light snores as he slept and his scruffy raven hair swayed to the side along with his head.

"He really does look so much like his father." Naruto got up slowly and laid his son back on the pillow; he then pulled the covers up to his chest and tucked him in.

"Sorry." Naruto caressed the son's pale face and smiled. His son sure was a strong kid, he never once complained about not having a dad or even mentioned the fact that kids were teasing him.

"I know Sasuke will be a good daddy…" He turned the lamp on and got up, he then cut the room light off and cracked his son's room door before walking out.

Ah, the Uchiha mansion...

When you walk inside you can see the tallest ceiling ever, in the dinning room there is a table in the center, a spiral staircase going up to the third floor and the floors are ceramic tile.

The living room was dark with just a lamp on and the tv off; Sasuke sat on the couch thinking about everything. How was he supposed to be a father, what kind of things he needed to learn; those were only things that ran through his mind at the moment.

"Otouto?" Itachi walked into the mansion living room and his brother was sitting on the big couch looking very worried.

Itachi is a young man with onyx eyes, black hair with bangs that framed his face, and a low-tied ponytail which reached down into his upper back. Itachi's most distinguishing features were the long, pronounced tear-troughs under his eyes.

"What Itachi?" Sasuke looked at his sadistic older brother and frowned. His older brother always had that stoic face that never showed any emotion.

His older brother started to look sorry for him and said, "Is there anything I can do-"

"No I don't want your help nor do I want you in my business." Sasuke got up and his older brother hit him with a book on his head.

"Listen I just want to be a good brother and be there for you." Itachi said soothingly; Sasuke sucked his teeth and back away from his brother.

"Mother and father told me the news. I have to say I'm very happy that you and Naruto-kun have decided to get back together." He rested his hand on his brother's shoulder, looking at him meaningfully.

"You know that we're not back together are you trying to tease me? Then again we didn't exactly break up back then." Sasuke muttered under his breath; Itachi smirked evilly and stepped on his brother's foot hard.

"Itai!" He screamed out as Itachi's hard shoe crushed his toes.

"What's wrong Sasu-chan?" Mikoto walked into the living room wearing an apron over her clothes and the raven had tears in the corner of his eyes.

"Oh mother, we were just talking about his situation and he's very upset that he and Naruto-kun aren't together anymore," Itachi turned his little brother around to face his mother, Mikoto gasped, seeing tears of pain flowing down her son's pale face.

"Do you see the tears mother, it's sad really. I wish I could heal his broken heart." Itachi stroked his little brother's head soothingly with a pout forming on his face.

"Get the hell off me! You monster. Stop torturing me." He hissed through his clenched teeth, rubbing his foot.

"Oh Sasu-chan don't be that way. You really are heart broken aren't you and now you're taking it out on your loving and caring brother tsk tsk tsk." His mother shook her head and he choked a gasp.

"You know what, fuck it!" Sasuke walked out of the living room and stormed up the mansion steps. It had been like this in the past, Itachi would hurt him purposely and if he ever got caught he was good at pretending it was his little brother with the problem.

"Otouto has a child. Interesting I'd love to meet him." Itachi sat down on the couch and opened up his book. Everyone knew leaving Itachi alone with children was dangerous because the children would always end up screaming for their parents or the police when they were left alone with him.

"Me too. I can't believe I have a grandson oh I'm so excited!" Mikoto hurried back into the kitchen to finish making the cake she would give to her grand child.

"I will be sure to help him out a lot with this child of his, maybe we could become friends." Itachi mumbled to himself before a smirk spread across his pale face.


"Achoo!" Sasuke sneezed and shivered before getting into a warm bath. He felt like something or someone was thinking something very evil and he knew exactly who that person was.

"…Nii-san." He growled. That's what he called his older brother Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke has two older brothers.

Itachi is the oldest and Sasuke hates him oh so much.