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Naruto finished putting on clothes after his shower and then made his way down the steps and into kitchen to make breakfast for his child. He opened the fridge and took some fruit out and set the fruit on the table. He wore a pair of white shorts and a black shirt. His golden blond hair was frizzy and wet from the shower he just had.

The door bell then rang and Naruto yawned, making his way towards the front door. He opened the door and met the face of his boyfriend, Kiba Inuzuka. He has messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, and pronounced canine teeth; he was dressed in a pair of black jeans with a gray shirt under his biker jacket along with black boots on his feet.

"Hey babe!" The browned haired man hugged the blond and Naruto blushed before planting a kiss on the man's lips.

"Hi, I didn't know you were coming over today." The Uzumaki pulled back and let the man into the house.

Kiba kicked off his shoes after entering the house and grinned widely. "You know I have to come see you every day Naru." The man beamed and the blond rolled his eyes, making his way into the living room.

"I don't have work today so I'll be home all day." The blond mumbled, looking around the living room. He then kneeled down and looked under the couch and Kiba walked over to the couch only to look at Naruto's tempting ass as the man bent over.

"Looking for something?" Kiba asked and the blond nodded.

"I'm looking for my son's shoe." He muttered before letting out a squeaked when he felt Kiba slap his ass. "Kiba!" He hurriedly sat up and looked at the man that had a smirk on his face.

"What?" He looked at the blond innocently with a pout.

"Urgh, never mind. I don't have time for you." Naruto grumbled, getting up off the floor; the brown haired man then planted himself on the sofa and grabbed the tv remote. Naruto looked around once again to make sure he didn't over look the shoe he was looking for. That is until the man sitting on the couch pulled him into his lap.

"Kiba, I did say I don't have time for you." Naruto blushed slightly and the man gave him a peck on the lips.

"Mommy did you find it?" Akihisa came down the steps and spotted his mother sitting on Kiba's lap. The blond then jumped up and shook his head.

"Kiba!" The boy ran over to the brunette and gave him a hug; Kiba was the closest thing the boy had to a father; the man had been helping Naruto raise the child since Hisa was two so the child only knew the guy as a father figure.

"Where ya going little man?" The man asked with a fanged grin plastering his face.

"I'm going out with my daddy today!" He said gleefully, throwing his hand up in the air.

Kiba then raised an eyebrow and looked at the child with a confused expression, his eyes then trailed off to the blond standing up and Naruto mouthed a 'sorry' because he hadn't explained anything to his boyfriend yet.

"Oh really?" He ruffled the kid's hair.

"Uh huh, I'm gonna be with him all morning." The little Uzumaki grinned. His mother then found the shoe behind the couch.

"I found it!" He chimed, holding the shoe out to the boy; Hisa then grabbed it and put it on his other foot. "Do you have the other one?" Naruto looked at the child and the boy furrowed his brows before spotting his other shoe by the front door.

"Yes!" He ran over to get it and Kiba grabbed the blue eyed man's hand.

"So… when were you gonna tell me?" He asked.

Naruto sat down beside the man and sighed. "Well I was gonna call you today." He laced his fingers through his golden locks.

"Does that man care about him?" He questioned.

"Yes, he was happy when he found out." Naruto stiffened up.

"Do you still love him?" Kiba eyes narrowed and the blond's mouth gaped.

"Huh?" He looked dumbfounded and the man was starting to get pissed.

"You heard what I asked you." He spat out.

"Kiba I-" The door bell then rang and the Uzumaki huffed his breath, getting up off the couch and rushing to get the door. Kiba sat there glaring and mumbled things under his breath childishly.

"Hisa go sit at the table." Naruto said, sternly and the boy grabbed his shoe before running into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

"Good morning." Sasuke smiled when Naruto opened the door and the blond grinned; he felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw the man. Sasuke wore a white button up shirt, a black leather jacket along with denim jeans and timberland boots on his feet.

His dark hair was brushed and his creamy pale skin looked so smooth anyone would want to nip at it. He had that same charming smile like back in high school and his slender body was well built.

"Come in." He let the man into his house and the man looked around, nodding his head in approval of the place.

"Nice place you got, you must get paid a lot." He commented and the blond held his hands on his hips while puffing out his cheeks.

"Actually my father bought me this house." Naruto stated. "He's been helping me out a lot and I couldn't afford this kind of place on my own so he paid for it." Naruto had just moved into that house after living with his parents for a while; his Mother used to be a lawyer and his father is one of the best doctors in Konoha.

"Yeah well I could have been there if–"

Naruto's baby blue eyes then saddened. "I said I was sorry." He muttered and the man shrugged. "I'm just gonna give him breakfast and then you can take him."

Sasuke gave a small nod when he walked further into the house and spotted a young looking man sitting on the couch. "Kiba?" Naruto walked up behind the sofa but the man still looked pissed.

"What?" He glared at the blond that tilted his head back.

"Could you at least say hi?" He whispered in his ear and the raven glared at the man; this must have been the lover Naruto told him about a few days ago.

Kiba then got up with a sigh and looked at the Uchiha. "The name's Kiba Inuzuka," He grinned, holding his hand out and Sasuke tsked.

"And you are?" He scoffed, neglecting the man's hand.

Naruto's eyes narrowed when the man wrapped his arm around the his waist. "I'm his boyfriend." After hearing what Kiba said the Uchiha felt a vein pop in his head.


Kiba then stepped closer to the man. "Have a criminal record?"

Sasuke folded his arms across his chest. "And if I do?"

"Then I just wouldn't agree to leave my 'little man' alone with you." Kiba mused, showing a fanged smirk.

"Your little man?" Sasuke hissed.

"That's right, I've been there for him ever since he was two…where were you?" The messy haired man barked.

Naruto had a worried looked on his face as the two men glared at each other. "Okay, please stop. Kiba sit." Naruto ordered and the man complied, taking a seat on the couch.

Sasuke then looked at Naruto who was biting his bottom lip nervously.

"Anyway," The man turned on his heels. "Have you had breakfast yet, you can stay and eat if you'd like." Naruto said, making his way to the kitchen with Sasuke following behind him.

"I can't believe that guy, he's a jerk. He only said that stuff to piss me off." Sasuke gritted through his teeth as he clenched his fists; he really would have put that guy in his place if he wasn't in Naruto's home, he didn't want to seem rude.

"He's not a jerk..he's really attached to Hisa and thinks of him as his own. So he wants to make sure you're a good guy." Naruto replied honestly and the Uchiha sucked his teeth.

"Well he's my kid and you should know I'm a good guy. Man, that dog idiot." Sasuke spat out and the Uzumaki chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Naruto walked into the kitchen and Hisa was asleep with his head on the table. Sasuke looked at his son and smiled, he looked so adorable the way slept with his hair sweeping over his eyes a little while letting out light snores.

"He was so excited when I told him you were coming to get him today, he got up extra early." Naruto ruffled the child's hair and the raven sat down in a chair across from his son.

Naruto nudged the sleeping boy's shoulder and the child began waking up with a groan. "Mm…I'm sleepy." He whimpered and the blond shook him lightly.

"Hisa, your father is here." Naruto said and the boy rubbed his eyes before picking his head up drowsily. "Wake up." Naruto patted his head the boy looked around lost for a few seconds.

He then laid eyes on the man he met a few days ago sitting across from him. "Hello!" His face lit up and he grinned at the man.

"Hi, have a good nap?" Sasuke's lips formed a small smile and his son nodded.

"I'm sorry about the pervert thing!" The boy looked worried, leaning forward.

"It's okay kid. It's not the first time I've been called a pervert." The man eyed Naruto who rolled his eyes and turned around to cook.

The boy then giggled.

"Um… where are we going today?" The child asked, timidly.

"What do you say about meeting your grandparents and uncles?" Sasuke suggested and the boy tilted his head to the side.

"Are they nice?" He asked.

"Yeah." Sasuke nodded.

"Itachi is not nice." Naruto said while cooking over the stove.

"Naruto, I'm trying to make my child comfortable here." Sasuke replied and the blond looked at the man apologetically.

"So is he mean?" Hisa frowned.

"He's not the nicest guy around but– yeah I have no idea where I'm going with this, my older brother has no nice traits." Sasuke scratched the back of his head.

"How old are you?" The child got up from the table and sat in a chair next to his father.


"When's your birthday?" He pulled a flip note pad out of his back pocket and began writing things down.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and looked at Naruto; the Uzumaki gestured his hands telling him to go along with it.

Sasuke told the child his birthday and the boy scribbled it down with a pencil.

"Favorite colors?" The small Uzumaki tapped the pin on his chin.

"Blue, black, red and gold."

"Sport?" He looked at his father with wide eyes.


Hisa then looked at his father in awe. "You like basketball?" The man gave a small nod. "Me too! I've loved basketball since I was four!" He beamed and Sasuke's eyes widened.

"Well when your mother and I had se-" Naruto then coughed awkwardly with blush spreading across his cheeks.

"I-I mean when you were conceived I was captain of my high school basketball team. Maybe that had something to do with it," The man rubbed his chin and Naruto laughed a little. "It's cool right?"

"Yeah, it's amazing! Can you teach me how to play?"

"Sure. That is if your mother will allow me to take you to the playground tomorrow?" Naruto turned his head and looked at the man.

"It's fine." He sighed and son cheered.

"Yay! Mommy you should come too." The child pried.

"Honey, I have work tomorrow." Naruto replied, causing his son to pout.

Naruto then walked over to the cabinet and grabbed three plates out. "Kiba, have you eaten?" The blond haired man shouted from the kitchen.

"Yeah but I'm hungry again." Kiba whined from the couch.

"Then come make yourself something to eat and get off your lazy butt." He replied after hearing the man groan.

"Oh come on babe." The man kicked his feet up on the couch.

"I could kick him out if you want." There was a serious tone in the Uchiha's voice and the blond grinned.

"It's fine. Kiba's a good guy you know, he's just really,"

"Lazy!" Hisa finished, puffing out his cheeks.

"Am not!" That said man shouted, making his way into the kitchen. He walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself some in a cup that was on the counter; Sasuke eyed the man, clenching his teeth.

Naruto took their breakfast out of the pan and put it on the plates; the shaggy haired man then walked up behind the blond and groped his ass.

Sasuke saw this and his blood boiled. "Kiba stop." Naruto tried to push the man away but the browned haired man kept touching him and caressing his body. "You're being annoying." Naruto muttered and his son jumped down from the chair.

He walked up to the man and pulled on his pants leg. "Mommy said stop!" The child glared at him with fierce blue eyes and the man put his hands up in surrender.

"Right. I'm sorry hehe!" He backed away from the blond and Naruto had blush on his face.

"And make your own breakfast." The Uzumaki spat out.

"I'll have breakfast later, coffee is all I need right now." The man walked out of the kitchen with his cup of coffee in his hand.

"Sorry about that, Kiba is a really wild guy, he can't help himself." Naruto sighed stressfully; Sasuke huffed his breath and glared.

"Yeah well..maybe you should break it off with him."

Naruto looked at the man and Sasuke locked eyes with him; the blond then turned around to grab the plates. 'God, I feel horrible..why did I wait so long to tell him?' Naruto felt stupid. If he knew Sasuke would have taken him having a kid this lightly he would have told him years ago but he was a kid and he was so scared plus he remembered what happened to his big brother Kyuubi.

"Here you go!" Naruto put two plates on the table and the Uchiha thanked him; Hisa stuffed his mouth with pancakes as he continued to talk to his father. They laughed and got to know each other really well which made Naruto very happy.

"Do you remember that Naruto?" Sasuke looked at the blond.

Naruto replied. "Yeah, I also remember you pushing in and me getting yelled at by my parents because I got home late." The man looked at the man who had a smirk on his face.

"Yeah..sorry for being such a jerk back then." Sasuke chuckled.

"No need to apologize, teme." Just hearing his old pet name roll off of Naruto's tongue and come out of his mouth was like music to Sasuke's ears.

"I'm finished!" The child got down off the chair and put his dish in the sink.

Sasuke let out a satisfied and mumbled. "Gochisousama deshita."

"Hisa put your other shoe on." Naruto picked up the child's shoe that was on the floor and handed it to him.

The boy skipped over to the table and bent down to get his shoe and put it on his foot. "My daddy and I are gonna have soooo much fun together hehe!" The curly haired boy gleamed. The child wore a long sleeve shirt with jeans that had a tiger on the pocket and black shoes. His curly black hair was ruffled and his cheeks were rosy.

Sasuke looked over at the blond and Naruto smiled. "Please don't let your crazy family scare him."

"He'll be fine." The man got up from the table and the child stood up straight. "Besides my mother is pretty excited to see him." He finished and the blue eyed man chuckled.

"By crazy I was talking about Itachi."

Sasuke felt a chill go up his spine after hearing his brother's name; God, he hated at man. "Trust me I won't let Itachi do anything to my kid." He made his way out of the kitchen and growled inwardly when he laid eyes on Kiba.

"Problem?" The man didn't even look at the raven.

"Yeah. You." Sasuke replied and the browned haired dog lover tsked.

"Naruto belongs to me remember that." Kiba stated confidently.

"Yeah right..Naruto has and always will be mine. Don't forget we have a kid together so we're tied together by that but I will get him back eventually." The Uchiha scoffed.

Kiba opened his mouth to say something but was cut off when,

"Okay, I'm ready to go!" Hisa ran up to his father with Naruto behind him and Sasuke ruffled his hair before grabbing his hand and pulling him along. Naruto walked ahead of the two and opened the front door.

"Behave honey, okay." He kneeled down and kissed his son's forehead.

"I will." The boy nodded with a smile on his face.

Sasuke looked at the blond who stood up. "He doesn't have to behave, I'm his father I think I can handle him." He smirked and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"I just don't want your family to think I haven't raised him right. You know them."

The pale man gave a palm wave and pulled his son along; Naruto closed the door and looked at Kiba who had been glaring at him for while. "What?" He had a questionable look on his face.

"Nothing. Come sit." He patted his legs where he wanted the blond to take a seat; Naruto made his way over to the couch and then took a seat on Kiba's lap.

"Why didn't you tell me you met that guy?"

"I said I was gonna tell you-"

"When did you meet up with him?"

"Monday." Naruto's body stiffened in the man's lap.

"So you met him a few days ago and you didn't tell me before today, why?" Naruto had a worried look on his face and gulped.

"You were gonna hide it from me weren't you." Kiba's eyes narrowed.

"No! I was gonna tell you but…I just needed sometime to take everything in." Naruto pouted his lips and Kiba kissed him; he blushed and then pulled away from his lover.

"I forgive you. I can't exactly stay mad at a face like that hehe!" Kiba grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

Naruto grinned and Kiba laid him on the couch before crawling over top of him. "Kiba.." The blond breathed out when the man captured his lips again and caressed his thighs. He tangled his fingers in the man's hair and opened his mouth to let the man's tongue in.

"Hn..Mmh..." Kiba then tugged at his shorts and Naruto let the brunette slip them off.

"Mm..K-Kiba-Nhn-wait." Naruto panted after breaking the kiss and Kiba looked down at the blond with a lost look on his face.

"Don't forget the condom." Naruto's face flushed red and the man groaned in response.

"Naruto, do you ever think about having my kid?" Kiba looked at the blue eyed man meaningfully. Naruto raised an eyebrow, tilting his head to the side.


"I really want you to have my baby.." He stated honestly and Naruto's blue eyes widened. He then sat up a little and pushed Kiba back.

"Kiba, I don't want another baby."

"Or is it you don't want my baby?" The messy haired man had a sad look on his face.

"No. It's not that, I already have one kid to take care of I can't handle two." The blond laced his fingers through his blond locks; the man sighed and then smiled.

"It's fine. Sorry I asked." Kiba kissed down the man's tanned neck and Naruto still looked at little confused and nervous about what the man asked.

Was it that he didn't want to have Kiba's baby or was it because of something else?

Sasuke drove the car and from time to time he would look back at his child who was in the backseat. He looked liked him when he was little, he couldn't believe he and Naruto made such an adorable child.

'Hm...I wonder what position we were in when he was conceived?' Sasuke had a lost look on his face, trying to remember all the times he and Naruto had sex; he remembered all the times so clearly, he couldn't exactly forget. Naruto was so damn amazing when they made love.

"Sasuke-san, is there something on my face?" The boy suddenly asked and the raven noticed he had been staring at his child when he stopped at a red light.

"No." The man shook his head.

"So why are you looking at me?" The boy asked, tilting his head to the side.

"You're really adorable that's why. I'm happy that I have you in my life now." A smile crept onto his pale face and the boy in the backseat grinned like his mother.

"I'm happy too, can you take me to school next Monday?" The child beamed.

"Sure." The man nodded.

"Great 'cause I want to show all the kids in my class my daddy, they always tease me about not having one but now I do!" The child looked very excited and Sasuke was happy that his child still loved him even though he hadn't been in his life for five years. "I wish me, you and mommy could be a family." The child puffed out his cheeks and Sasuke gripped the steering wheel; he could only imagine the things that Kiba was doing to his dobe right now.

"Me too but don't worry it'll happen soon, I promise you that." He stated and the child smiled softly. "I'm never gonna let anyone take you or Naruto away from me again." He gritted through his teeth.

Hisa held his father's hand after they got out of the car and looked around in awe at the front entrance of the mansion. The gates protecting the home were made of shiny black stone and the mansion made of polished white rock. Marble statues stood tall and mighty by the entrance and he couldn't seem to take his eyes off the brilliant details on them.

"You live here?" He boy asked in disbelief.

"Yeah..but I'll be getting my own house soon." Sasuke pulled his son along and then pulled his house keys out of his pocket, he unlocked the mansion door and soon it opened with a creak.

"Whoa!" When they entered the place the child look up at the high ceilings and spiral staircase leading to other floors. "No way, you can't live here. It's so big, it looks like a museum." The boy walked away from his father and looked at pricey vases and pictures that were framed on the wall.

"Is that you?" He turned and looked at his father as he pointed to a picture.

"Yeah, I was ten then." Sasuke put his keys in the small basket near the entrance.

"It looks like me." The boy tried to look at it better by stepping on a small stool near the wall; it wobbled and his foot accidentally knocked over a vase, making it shatter on the floor. "Oops, I'm sorry!" He jumped down and Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose.

"It's fine."

"Sasuke-sama, welcome back." A maid greeted him.

"Um…if it's not too much trouble, could you clean this up? My son accidentally knocked it over." He looked at the maid with a stoic face; the lady then looked at the child that stood behind his father and her eyes widened.

"Yes. Right away." She hurried away to get the broom.

"I didn't mean to do that." The boy pouted and his father ruffled his hair.

"It's fine really, don't worry about it." Sasuke reassured; when they reached the huge living room Hisa sat down on the couch and his father told him he'd be right back before walking out.

The boy looked around astonished for a while until his father returned. "This is my son..Akihisa," He gestured his hands towards the child on the couch and the woman's face lit up.

"Kyaah! You're adorable!" Mikoto ran over to the child and the boy's eyes widened. She stared at him and then looked at Sasuke. "Yup, he's yours, aw you're so cute!" She hugged the child and Hisa gasped.

"Um…who are you?" The child muffled into her chest.

"Oh. Right." The woman blushed bashfully and stood up straight. "I'm your grandmother Mikoto Uchiha, it's very nice meet you Aki."

He then jumped up. "You're my grandma!" He hugged her and she looked stunned. "Wah, you smell good! Like sweets!" He nuzzled his face in the woman's dress and she blushed.

"Thank you."

"I heard Sasuke's kid was here!" Kagami came running into the living room, panting. The man has short, black, untidy hair with dark eyes and pale skin. He wore a black sweater vest, a white dress shirt underneath it and black black dress shoes with black pants.

He then spotted a boy with scuffy hair and blue eyes standing next to his mother. "Whoa! It's like a little Sasuke." The man walked up to the child and stared at his face in awe.

Hisa back up a little and looked at his father with nervous baby blue eyes; he always had been a shy kid. "Hey little guy, I'm your uncle, Kagami Uchiha." The man kneeled down to the boy's level and the child held his hand out.

"Hi." He mumbled and the man shook it.

"He's cute, nothing like Sasuke when he was little." Kagami joked, earning a glare from his little brother. "Chill out bro." He waved Sasuke off and the pale man rolled his eyes.

"Is Itachi here?" Sasuke seethed that name.

"Yeah." The raven's older brother nodded, and as if on cue a tall man with long hair tied into a ponytail walked into the living room with his hands in his pockets.

"Look aniki isn't he cute?" Kagami grabbed the child's hand and placed him in front of him so Itachi could stare him down and give his opinion. Which is not something to look forward to.

Sasuke put his foot out when Itachi began making his way over to the child in hopes of tripping him but instead the man stepped on his foot; Sasuke gasped and winced. "Fuck! Itachi!" Mikoto then slapped her hand over her mouth.

"Sasu-chan, watch your mouth! There's a child here." Mikoto said sternly and he whimpered, holding his foot.

"Otouto you might want to keep your foot away from me, you never know what could happen to it while you're sleeping." The man smirked and his little brother trembled with anger.

Akihisa looked up at the man who wore a crisp suit along with dress shoes; he looked like a very well put together person but he could tell maybe there were a few screws loose.

Itachi then kneeled down to the child's leave and Hisa gulped. "Hm?" The man tilted his head to the side. His eyes were dark and almost cold. "So you're my little brother's seed, well I can't say I like you but then again I don't want to torture you." He smiled chillingly and the boy gave a small nod before hiding behind Kagami's leg.

"…Sadist." Hisa whispered but Kagami heard him.

"He thinks you're a sadist aniki." The man looked at his brother with a frown on his face. "See, this is why kids hate you and want to stay far away from you." Itachi shrugged and stood up before making his way out of the living room.

"So that's it, you're just leaving?" Everyone's eyes widened and they looked at the boy. "I'm your nephew, you could at least try to get to know me!" He tightened his fists and Itachi stopped in his tracks before turning around.

"How old are you?"

"Five." Hisa folded his arms across his chest.

"Well you talk every well for a five year old I'll give you that.. how is your uncle Kyuubi hn?" He questioned and the child furrowed his brows.

"He's fine, why?" The child replied.

"Just asking. I'll take my leave now." Itachi tightened his tie and walked out of the living room.

"You see mom. I told you there was something wrong with that one!" Sasuke shouted hysterically and his mother sighed, placing her hand on her cheek.

"Sasu-chan, there's nothing wrong with him, he's just different."

"Different my ass." He grumbled and the woman laced her finger through her long raven hair.

"Where's father?" Kagami looked at his mother.

"Ah, he's still at the office, he'll be home in a little while but until then," She looked at the small Uzumaki and held her hand out. "Would you like to come get some cake with me?"

"Yes!" Hisa ran over and grabbed the woman's hand and she pulled him along. Sasuke sat down on the couch and his brother plucked his forehead, he groaned and swatted that hand away.

"Nii-san stop!" Sasuke kept hitting his brother's hand away but the man kept provoking him. He kicked the man's leg and Kagami glared before jumping on his little brother.

It was now 3:00 in the afternoon and Sasuke had returned his son with his mother after spending the whole morning and afternoon letting the child get to know his grandparents and uncle, Kagami.

Naruto came down the steps and spotted his son sitting on the living room couch watching tv.

"Hisa, how did things go?" He asked, pulling a shirt over his head and shaking out his wet hair.

The boy grinned and looked at his mother. "I got to know everyone but uncle Itachi didn't like me." He pouted and Naruto sighed, flopping down on the couch next to his son.

"Don't worry about him. He doesn't really like anybody... I think." Naruto tapped his finger on his chin.

"He asked me about uncle Kyuubi though." The raven looked up at his mother with baby blue eyes.

Naruto's eyes then widened. "H-He asked about Kyuu?"

"Yeah, he asked me how he was doing?" The boy looked at the tv and the blond raised an eyebrow. "And grandpa tried to change my name too because he didn't like it, he also told me to tell you you're a horrible name picker." The boy grumbled the last part of his sentence.

Naruto blushed a little. "Huh, so Fugaku-san thinks he can do better?" He folded his arms across his chest.

"Oh, Hisa we're gonna go shopping in a little while." Naruto smiled and his son nodded. "So be dressed around seven." Naruto got up after ruffling the boy's hair and the child nodded.

Naruto walked into the kitchen and sighed heavily.

His brother, Kyuubi Uzumaki wasn't very fond of Itachi Uchiha or rather they had history. When Kyuubi was seventeen Itachi tricked his into sleeping with him; well that's how Kyuubi put it.

Itachi told him he loved him and said everything Kyuubi wanted to hear, Kyuubi felt loved and of course fell for his charm but a few weeks after that one night Kyuubi found out he was pregnant with the Uchiha's child.

He never told Itachi because when he went back to school the Uchiha was nothing but cruel to him, he pretended nothing happened between the two of them which scarred Kyuubi's heart. He got rid of the child because he was too scared to tell his over-protective father Minato and mother Kushina. So Itachi knew nothing about him being pregnant and he was never going to tell him; it was his and Naruto's secret.

Of course when Naruto found out he freaked but he promised his brother Kyuubi he'd never tell anybody.

Naruto grabbed the phone off the kitchen counter and dialed his boyfriend's phone number.

"Yo, Naruto?" The man answered.

"I need you to come get me from the super market today. Can you be there around nine?"

"Yeah… Okay." The man one the other end nodded and Naruto smiled before saying goodbye and hanging up the phone.

Naruto rested his head on the table and exhaled his breath. He then let his eyes travel into the living room and stared at his son who was laughing at what was on tv. "I couldn't imagine my life without him." He smiled softly.

~Later that Night~


Naruto pushed a cart through the super market with Hisa walking beside him. "What should we get next?" Naruto turned to the snack aisle and his son grinned widely.

"Marshmallow treats!" The child cheered and Naruto nodded.

"But not too much, only one box." The blond said sternly and his son pouted before hesitantly nodding his head.

"Okay, maybe two." He saw the sad look on the child's face and Hisa ran to the shelf to grabbed his favorite treats.

Naruto had finished shopping and they had everything they needed for the house, he pulled his phone out and called Kiba who was supposed to be there but he was no where to be seen and it was dark. "Where are you?" Naruto asked with an attitude.


"Shikamaru, where's Kiba?" He growled and the man yawned.

"He's drunk right now, why?" Naruto's eye twitched and he tightened his fists.

"Oh nothing. Tell Kiba I'll kill him tomorrow." He gritted through his teeth.

"Got it." After that was said the man hung up; Naruto sighed and looked at his son who was shivering from the cold weather. The blond stood by a cart full of bags and then picked up his child.

"You cold?" He asked and the child nodded, his teeth chattering.

The blond's phone then started ringing and he answered it. "Yes?"

"Naruto, I called to talk to my son." He heard Sasuke's voice and smiled inwardly; he missed that voice. It was so soothing and sexy at the same time.

"We're out right now." Naruto stated and the raven cocked an eyebrow.


"The supermarket." Sasuke nodded but he could hear a bit of distress in the blond's voice; like maybe something was wrong.

"What market?"

"Konoha mart." Naruto replied, rubbing his cold child's head.

"Okay, stay there." The line suddenly went dead and Naruto's mouth gaped.

'That teme just hung up on me!' He clenched his teeth and Hisa whimpered, nuzzling his face in the blond's neck.

Naruto tapped his foot impatiently. 'Is that teme trying to play a prank on me?' He was already angry that Kiba decided to get drunk and not come get him but now Hisa was cold and Naruto was fuming.

A car then pulled up in front of the super market and Sasuke rushed out; when he was the mother of his child, holding his son. "You came to get me?" Naruto's blue eyes widened when the raven rushed over to him. He looked the slim blond up and down, Naruto wore a pair of tight jeans along with a baby blue sweater and shin high boots on his feet.

Damn he looked hot!

"Yeah. You sounded worried so I figured something was wrong." He grabbed Hisa from the blond and the boy rested his head on the man's shoulder.

"Daddy?" He mumbled and Sasuke's eyes widened; that was the first time the boy called him daddy.

"Yeah it's me." He turned around and made his way towards the car; the child was freezing so he hurriedly put him in the car. He buckled him and Hisa sniffled. "Wow you're cold," He caressed the boy's pale cheek and his son whined.

The man then closed the car door and opened up the trunk so Naruto could put the stuff in. "You could have asked me to come get you, dobe." The blond puffed out his cheeks.

"I didn't want to trouble you."

"It's no trouble Naruto, you're mine and I'd love to take car of you." He said smoothly as they both put bags in the trunk; Naruto's face turned bright red and Sasuke closed the trunk when they finished.

"T-Thank you." The Uzumaki muttered and the raven smiled, walking up to the short blond.

"You were cold too weren't you?" Naruto's nose was red and Sasuke kissed the tip of it.

"Don't be weird." The blond rolled his eyes and Sasuke smirked. "I can take of myself." He scoffed and made his way around to the passenger's side and getting in before buckling himself in.

"Why does he have to be so cute?" Sasuke walked around to the driver's side and got in.

"So where was your boyfriend tonight?" Sasuke snorted smartly as he drove the car.

Naruto leaned his head up against the window and sighed. "He went out drinking with his friends."

"And that's the kind of man you want to be with, he didn't even make sure you got home safe." Sasuke tightened his grip on the steering wheel, Naruto bit his bottom lip nervously.

"No, he's not always like this but sometimes..."

"Naruto, he's immature."

"I know that! But…he helped me out a lot in a past so-"

The car then stopped at a red light. "You think you owe him something?"

Naruto laced his fingers through his hair and his eyes saddened.

"Yeah, I guess that's why I put up with it."

"You don't owe him anything if he decided on his own to help you, he shouldn't expect anything in return from you." Sasuke felt his anger building up.


"You see him," The Uchiha turned and looked back at his sleeping soon; Naruto gulped and looked back at his child and tears streamed down his face. "That's the only thing that matters, not some immature guy who can't even take care of himself."

"I know but… I can't do it alone." Naruto sniffled and the raven ruffled his hair.

"You don't have to, I'm not going anywhere and my parents want to be there too." Naruto smiled and the pale man wiped his tears away.

"Kiba is very irresponsible and this isn't the first time he's done this… I think I'll break it off with him."

Sasuke then smirked and the blond looked at him with narrowed blue eyes. "But that doesn't mean yes I'll be with you." He groaned and Sasuke huffed his breath.

"Well as long as you're not with anyone besides me, I can deal with that."

"I heard your father tried to change his name." The Uzumaki pouted and the raven nodded. "I'm not good at picking out names, so when I named him it was the first name that popped into my brain."

"Well that explains a lot." Sasuke stepped on the gas peddle and the car went speeding onto the high way.

Naruto grinned widely and Sasuke's fore head formed a sweat drop. 'Damn, I wish I could have been there when he was born.'

Naruto stood by the front door of his house. "Thank you again." Sasuke finished helping Naruto take the shopping bags in the house and Hisa stood beside his mother.

"Can daddy stay over?" He looked up at his mother with the puppy dog face.


"I'll stay over another time okay, your mother looks tired." Sasuke kneeled down and the boy frowned.

"Okay." There was a disappointed tone in the child's voice. "I'll miss you daddy." The boy hugged him and a smile spread across the raven's face; Naruto smiled, looking at the sight.

"I'll miss you too." The Uchiha kissed his forehead.

"Don't forget you promised to take me to school too." He muffled and his father nodded before standing up and looking at the blond.

"Hun, go get ready for a bath." Naruto said to his son; the child puffed out his cheeks and turned around, running through the living room and up the steps.

"I guess I'll see ya." Sasuke turned on his heels and the Uzumaki grabbed hold of his shirt. He looked back at the man with dark onyx eyes and Naruto blushed.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Sasuke." He looked at the man with alluring blue eyes and the Uchiha raised an eyebrow. "You promised to take him to the playground remember hehe!"

Sasuke's eyes then widened. "Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot." The Uzumaki then let go of his shirt and the raven gave a palm wave and made his way back to his car. Naruto walked into his house and closed the door before placing his hand on his chest; he could feel his heart pounding hard. It almost hurt.

'I guess I still love that guy…'



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