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Naruto walked through the living room and set his bag down on the couch. "Hi, Baby!" He chimed, running up to his little pride and joy, Akihisa. The boy gave him a hug and Naruto plastered him with kisses.

"Mommy, me and grandpa made art, see!" He gleamed, breaking away from his mother and showing the blonde a paper that had a crayon colored picture on it.

"Cool. We should make some more later." He gave the small Uzumaki a high five and the boy nodded, grinning with chubby cheeks.

Naruto began making his way towards the kitchen and sat down on a stool when he saw his mother in there, wiping the kitchen island down. "Hello momma hehe!" He tapped his hands on the counter top and his mother glanced up at Naruto who had a smile on his face.

"How was work?" She stretched and the blonde yawned, reaching for an apple in the small basket.

He tossed it back and forth in his hands. "It was fine, was he good?"

Kushina laughed and said, "He was bad in the afternoon, you should know he's never one hundred percent an angel." His mother giggled and he gave a small nod, frowning.

"Hisa, were you good?" He shouted from where he was sitting, his son looked away from his colorings and beamed,

"Yes! I was good all day!" The small raven went back to coloring and Naruto pouted. His son said the same thing all the time, even when he knew he was bad.

Kushina grinned and Naruto cocked an eyebrow. "So… do you have something to tell me?" She figured that's why he was in here.

The Uzumaki took a deep breath and leaned his head on his open palm. "Mom, I might be… pregnant, again." The red head's eyes went wide and her son gulped, fidgeting in his seat.

Itachi then came through the front door, carrying a drained red head in his arms, bridle style and looked at his nephew who stared at him as he made his way through the living room. "What?" He spat out and the child rolled his eyes.

"I don't like you touching Uncle-Kyuu." He said, bluntly, still coloring but not looking at his uncle.

The man decided not to reply and keep moving. For some reason he never got along with kids; he never knew why they were so scared of him. Go figure.

He strolled into the kitchen and Kushina who seemed shocked glanced at him. "Oh, Itachi-kun, you can put him in his room. Upstairs, down the hall and to your left." She instructed before turning her attention back to her nervous blonde haired son.

Sasuke sat stiff in a chair down in the basement. Minato said he wanted to talk to him downstairs, which meant he would kill him and hide the body or maybe Sasuke was thinking too much. "You wanna explain why you didn't keep your promise young man?" He seethed, gripping the raven's tense shoulder while circling around him.

"Ow, ow, hurting me." Sasuke's dark eyes screwed shut and the blond haired man exhaled the breath he had been holding in.


The Uchiha opened his eyes, gingerly and Minato sighed, heavily. "What do you mean fine?"

"I mean, I will not hurt you for what happened in the past," The pale man slumped in his seat, thanking God he didn't have to go through pain. "But… if I find out you ever laid your hands on my son again... I will kill you, got it?"

Sasuke's eyes widened again. "Um.. sir… about that…"

Minato's blue eyes narrowed and he clenched his fist. "About what?"

"Naruto and I are kind of… back together!" The man blocked his face with his hands in defense, thinking Naruto's father would beat the crap out of him.

The man rubbed his temples, grumbling insults about the Uchiha and the raven frowned in dismay. "I'm good with that. You are Hisa's father and I want him to have both of his parents in one house, taking care of him but I at least hope you're being safe this time. No more mistakes." The blond haired man looked at the Uchiha, sternly and Sasuke gulped.

"R-right sir." His legs shook, uncontrollably.

"Good." Minato beckoned the man to get up and Sasuke did so before quickly making his way back up stairs. Minato followed behind him and closed the door when they both got up the steps.

Akihisa smiled, getting up. "Daddy!" He ran up to Sasuke and the pale man picked him up in his arms.

"Hey, how's it going?" A smile crept onto his pale face and Minato couldn't help but smile at the sight of Sasuke actually taking care of his responsibilities.

"I made a drawing for you hehe!" Hisa grinned, showing his father the paper in his small hands.

"Seriously dude, for me?" The pale raven looked at it in awe.

"Uh-huh!" His son gave a nod.

"Thank you little man. It's awesome!" Sasuke ruffled his child's curly hair and blush spread across the boy's face. He was so happy his father liked his drawing.

Sasuke sat down with his son on the sofa and played around with him. He hadn't seen his child for two days, besides when he visited Naruto's house the other night, so he was excited. "Ahahaa, d-daddy stop!" Sasuke blew on his tummy and the boy squirmed, pulling at his father's jet-black locks of hair.

Minato held his hands on his hips, yawning and then noticed yelling coming from the kitchen. Sasuke heard it too.

"Naruto, I can't believe you." Kushina hissed, rubbing her aching head.

"I said might mom. Don't get so mad." He grumbled and his mother glared at him.

"You already have one baby, you're twenty years old! What about going back to school, huh?" She looked at her child, disbelievingly and he rolled his eyes.

"I am gonna go back to school." He muttered, biting his finger nail and she slammed her hand down on the kitchen island.

"How are you going to go back to school with two kids, you can't even take care of one?" His mother replied and his father came storming into the kitchen.

"Oh, so now I don't take care of my kid?"

His mother opened her mouth to speak but her husband interrupted.

"You are not pregnant again, please tell me you're not?" Minato pointed his finger, sternly and his son bit down on his bottom lip.

Naruto then huffed his breath. "I said might." His father then took a second to glance back at Sasuke who looked else where. Right when he warned him about no more mistakes, another one pops up.

"Daddy, let's color." Hisa grabbed his crayons, paper and coloring book and his father gave a nod, helping his son climb up on the couch.

"What the fuck is wrong with using a condom?" Minato shouted, furrowing his brows and his son's eyes narrowed.

"It's not like I broke it on purpose!" He shouted back and his father pulled at his blond locks. God, why did Naruto have to make such stupid decisions?

"Hisa is five, how exactly are you going to take care of a five year old and a baby. You're twenty years old, no, scratch that, in my eyes you're still nineteen. You just turned twenty a few months ago." His father looked furious and Naruto laced his fingers through his golden locks, stressfully. All this yelling was making him angry and frustrated.

He slapped his hand over his face, half listening to his parents until he heard. "I can't believe you're making the same dumb mistake twice. I love Hisa, I really do but you have to be the most reckless -Ugh- why can't you be like your brother and learn from your mistakes." His mother groaned and the slim blonde got up, placing his hands on his hips.

"Well I'm sorry I'm so stupid! So how about I take my child and leave, would you like that?" He glared at the two and his father tried to calm him down because Hisa was right in the living room.

"Naruto, you dropped out of high school for this baby but now you're doing it all over again, being irresponsible while having sex, again. We took care of Hisa when he was a baby because you were so overwhelmed with being a mother at fifteen, you started taking care of him when he was almost one-"

"I took care of my child when I needed to! So stop throwing it my face!" He yelled, tightening his fists.

"Why is mommy yelling?" Hisa looked at his father, curiously and Sasuke rubbed his head.

"Mommy's just a little angry. He'll be fine." He tried to draw the child's attention to coloring pictures.

Naruto went back and forth with his parents for a while and now all the blood had rushed to face. It was bright red because of all the anger building up and he was crying too. "Naruto are listening to me, I'm being serious here. Start growing up and thinking about the things you do because two kids right now-"

The blonde sniffled with tears streaming down his face. "Papa, leave me alone!" He yelled out, covering his face and his father threw his hands up in the air. He didn't give a shit anymore because Naruto wasn't listening, so he walked away.

Kushina continued yelling at the crying dobe and his boyfriend watched from the living room. Man, Naruto's parents were hard on him but this was kind of Sasuke's fault, so he felt bad.

"I'm leaving, Minato-san." Itachi came down the steps and the blond haired man smiled, nodding his head. "I have work in the morning and Kyuubi is acting crazy, he won't talk to me." He stated with an emotionless expression on his face.

"Yeah, it's best you wait until he's sober." The Uzumaki's father smiled; Itachi knew the red head was really out of it because he jumped on him and begged him to get him pregnant again. That was too much for Itachi and that left the red head fuming because the Uchiha said he had to leave.

Itachi strolled towards the front door and looked back at his little brother. "Sasuke, I'll drive you home." Minato finally said and Itachi shrugged, walking out the front door. The pale man gulped with shifty eyes and Naruto's father smiled.

Hisa stared at the sight of Naruto arguing with his mother but he didn't know what was going on. Minato looked at the child and pinched the bridge of his nose. 'Sooner or later he's gonna notice the things going on around him.' The child kicked his sock covered feet, leaning his chin on his folded arms.

Soon stomping was heard and Kyuubi came running down the steps still dressed in thigh-shorts, sneakers and a long sleeve shirt that raised above his navel. "Kyuubi go to bed." His father said, sternly and the boy ran towards the door and out the house in a flash.

Minato stomped his foot and rubbed his temples. That boy was too damn fast.

It was really dark out now but there was a cool breeze blowing. The trees beside the driveway brush up against the cars park in the house driveway and the moon could be seen, clearly in the night sky.

Itachi began backing his Corvette out the drive way, looking out the car mirrors. Minato let him park it there after he was able to calm his son down.

He stopped for a minute rubbed his hands over his face, stressfully. He couldn't stop thinking about Kyuubi and the baby that would have been here if it wasn't for him; he felt like shit for the first time in his life.

Kyuubi came running down the driveway and the Uchiha looked up with wide eyes. He opened his car door but then remembered the Uzumaki was drunk at the moment but before he could close it back Kyuubi put his hand in the door way. "Ow, you're fucking closing my hand in the door!" He shouted and Itachi opened the door up enough so the red head could move his hand.

Kyuubi clenched his teeth because the man closed the door back. "Kyuubi, baby, go to bed. You're drunk." The Uchiha mused and the Uzumaki started yelling out of anger.


Itachi growled, inwardly, staring at the steering wheel. "What?"

Tears dripped down Kyuubi's face. "I need to talk to you!" He was still shouting, even though Itachi was talking to him normally.

"For what?" Itachi let his eyes stray from the steering wheel and turned to look at the red head outside his car who keep pulling on the door handle.

"Because I fucking love you and I wanna talk to you!" He sobbed and the Uchiha felt like getting out and comforting him, but Minato said he should wait until he's sobered up.

"No, I'm leaving." He replied and Kyuubi stomped his foot.

"Why?!" His face was still very red from crying and screaming so much.


"Come here! Please!"


"Let me talk to you." He calmed down a little and the man in the car sighed; Itachi couldn't stand to see his beloved crying like this so he got out and Kyuubi whimpered, clutching his hand.

"Ow.." It still hurt from when he closed it in the door.

"I'm sorry." The tall Uchiha hugged him and Kyuubi cried into his chest.

"Tachi, why don't you love me anymore?" The man stroked his head and whispered into his ear,

"Kyuubi, I love you so much but please go to bed. You're not going to remember any of this when you wake up." He kissed his forehead; Kyuubi was the only who Itachi actually showed emotions towards, he never felt cold when he was with Kyuubi.

The red head wrapped his arms around the pale man and sniffled. "I'm sorry about the baby. Please don't hate me, I was scared." This is probably what he wished he could do sober but a drunken Kyuubi was someone who always showed his true feelings.

Itachi wiped the Uzumaki's teary eyes and the red head looked up at him with blue-green orbs. The Uchiha missed those beautiful eyes so much, he missed having Kyuubi gaze at him in want and need, he caressed his cheek and gave him a soft peck on the lips. "I have to go now, but I'll come find you when I can really talk to you." The man pulled away and got back in his car before continuing to back out the drive way.

Kyuubi broke down in tears and covered his face with his hands. He didn't want Itachi to leave him again, the Uzumaki knelt down and cried, loudly, his blood-red bangs covering his eyes.

"Naruto, do not talk to me like that!" Kushina seethed, clenching her fist.

Hisa came walking into the kitchen and Naruto wiped his puffy, red eyes as he leaned down and picked the boy up in his arms, hugging him close to his chest.

"Naruto, listen to me-"

"I. Don't. Want. To. Talk. To. You, get the fuck out of my face." He rolled his eyes. The blonde was at his breaking point now.

"Stop speaking to me like that-"

"Leave me alone, mom! Shut up!" He cried and Hisa wanted to cry too because his mother was upset. It was probably his anxiety too; when Naruto gets overwhelmed with stress he starts screaming because he doesn't know how to handle a situation.

The red headed woman then walked over to him and reached her arms out. "Naruto, give him to me and stop yelling in his ears." She said, letting out an audible sigh.

"Mom, leave me alone!" He yelled, holding his son close to him every time his mother tried to grab his child.

Sasuke strolled in the kitchen and walked up to the crying blonde. "Naruto just give him to your mom, so you can calm down." He tried to hush the blonde and the blue eyed Uzumaki whimpered, not wanting to give his mother his baby.

He passed Sasuke his five year old and the man handed his son to Naruto's mother. "Thank you, Sasuke-kun, please take Naruto to his room." Hisa looked at his crying mother and began to whine.

"I want my mom!" He squirmed, kicking his legs.

"Mom just put him down, he doesn't want you to hold him!" Naruto shouted through his gritted teeth, trying to grab Hisa away from her.

"When you learn to take care of this one that's when I wanna hear about you maybe being pregnant again." Kushina's eyes were narrowed and her son felt his anger boiling.

"You won't let me fucking take care of him you stupid bitch, I hate you!" Naruto stormed out the kitchen crying and Sasuke stood there with wide eyes, he never heard Naruto talk to his mother like that.

"There you go running away, leaving your child with me again!" Kushina's voice cracked before she bursted into tears; the Uzumaki ran upstairs, sobbing.

Sasuke decided he should cut in. "Look, Kushina-san I know you're upset but if he is pregnant I can take care of him. I won't make it hard on him and I'll do everything in my power to make him happy, you didn't have to go off on him like that!"

Kushina glanced at Sasuke and sniffled. Wow. He was a really devoted guy, she didn't mean to go off on her son like that but... she just wants whats best for him.

"Oi, oi! Young man!" Minato shouted up the steps but he only got a door slam in return.

Kyuubi came in the house a few seconds later and began making his way up the steps, wiping his teary eyes. "Kyuubi!" Minato called out from the kitchen where he was trying to calm down his wife who was crying her eyes because of what Naruto said to her.

"Papa, Leave me alone." He said in an irritated tone before his room door slammed shut. Normally he wouldn't talk like that to his parents but he was drunk and probably had a head ache now.

Minato rubbed his temples, glaring at the floor. "Why is this family so dysfunctional?" He hated how things turned out tonight but maybe things would be better tomorrow.

"I can't believe he said that to me." Kushina did provoke him instead of leaving him be.

Hisa glanced around, aimlessly and his father mouthed 'go upstairs with mommy', he nodded and ran out the kitchen and upstairs to his mother.

Akihisa walked down the wide hallway, towards his mother's old room and grabbed the door handle before walking inside. "Momma?" He saw his mother lying on his bed, crying.

Hisa didn't know what to do, so he climbed up on the bed and the blonde looked at him with watery blue eyes. "Hug?" Naruto held his arms out and Hisa jumped into his mother's arm.

Naruto sobbed, hugging his son tight and Hisa asked, "Momma, why are you crying?" He was so innocent; the child had no idea what was going on.

"Because I love you baby." He whimpered and the boy had a confused looked on his face.

"I love you too mommy!" He gleamed, grinning, widely in his mother's embrace.

A few minutes later Hisa's father came in and the child got down off the bed. "Grandma says it's time for dinner." His father stated and the boy cheered for pizza, running out the room.

The pale Uchiha climbed on the bed with his lover and the blonde started crying again. "You okay?" The man wrapped his arms around him and Naruto shook his head.

"I'm trying so hard and they keep throwing that one mistake in my face." His eyes screwed shut as he cried hard into Sasuke's chest and the Uchiha stroked his head.

"And I'm crying because I said something so horrible to my mother and I can't take it back!" He muffled, sobbing and his boyfriend comforted him. Naruto never talked to his parents that disrespectful before and he felt ashamed of himself.

"I called my mother a bitch, I don't know why! I was so upset and no one ever listens to me, they always tell me I'm wrong and I'm stupid." He couldn't stop crying and Sasuke kissed his forehead; Naruto wrapped his arms around the man and the raven whispered sweet nothings into his ear, trying to calm him.

A knock then came at the door. "Naruto, come talk to your mother." His father said in a loving tone; he wasn't going to yell at his angel anymore, seeing as he was stressing him out so much.

Sasuke looked down at the blue eyed beauty to see what he would say and an eyebrow rose when Naruto said nothing.

The knock came again. "Naruto-"

Naruto closed his eyes, lacing his fingers through his golden locks, his baby hair showing as he pushed his hair back; Sasuke thought it was sexy until Naruto screamed to the top of his lungs, "Leave me alone!" His boyfriend winced because of his ears and Minato groaned, storming away.

Today was too much for Naruto and he broke down at the end.



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