It was all Hermione's fault. Harry was studying with Ron alone at the Gryffindor common room when they heard a strange sound outside. He decided to ignore it. After a while,the sound came back. "Hey,Harry. You heard the sound too?",Ron whispered. "Yeah." "Oh. I thought I'm imagining it. Studying can do a lot of damage to your brain,you know." "Stop being stupid,Ron", Harry retorted. "Want to check it out? Or you are scared,Ron?" Harry challenged. "Uh.. Maybe later." They continued studying and ignored the sound that came at a few minutes interval. The sound got louder and Ron had had enough. "That's it. Whoever is making that sound is going to be Stupefied!",Ron yelled. "Shut up,Ron!",Harry hissed,"The others are asleep!". "Oh,and no cursing any person!" "Well,let's sneak out and find out who the bloody hell is it then!",Ron hissed back. So,together they sneaked out of the Gryffindor Tower.

Harry were scared half to death when someone pinched him and Ron. "How could this person sees us?",he wondered. Then,he realized he forgot to bring his invisibility cloak. Great. "Who the hell are you?" Ron hissed. "Seriously,Ron. Someone startled you in the middle of the night and all you ask is "who are you?" You should tackled the person to the ground,then ask." A girl's voice. Hermione. "But you're still not answering my question!" "Why am I still friends with you,Ron?" "It's Hermione,Ron." Harry said. "Oh. I knew that." "Yeah,sure. Anyway,Hermione,what are you doing here?",he asked. "Well,I heard a strange noise. Thought I might check it out." "Oh my gods,you heard it too?" Wait. Oh my gods? Where did that come from? "Yeah. Now let's go before we're caught". Hermione seemed to have not noticed walked for a while until Harry spotted something. It was a... thing. It was a figure of a woman,plump and short like a chicken and it has wings instead of hands. It flew off at the speed of light. "Come on,let's chase it!" Hermione ran out of sight. Harry sighed and signalled for Ron to follow her. Something tells him that this is going to be a long night.

Harry and Ron found Hermione at the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. "Uh..what are you doing?" "I'm trying to get into the forest. Did you not see the weird light over there?!",she snapped. Then she sped off in the direction of the light. Gods,it must be that time of the month. Wait. Gods? Note to self : Find out why the word "gods" has been popping into your head. "Wait,a weird light? Where?",Ron said. Harry sighed. "It's over there,Ron." "Oh." Harry sighed again. "Let's go,Ron."

The thing is, Harry felt compelled to the light. It was like the light was summoning him,willed him to come closer. It's so familiar. "Maybe it's a Patronus",he thought. He was snapped back to reality when he heard Hermione's scream. "Oh Styx,she's in trouble! Styx? Hermione may tell me what that meant..if we manages to find her", he thought. "Come on,Harry!" Ron yelled. Rom was running ahead of him. "Now why would he do that? I thought he hated Hermione." No time to think about that. Harry caught up with Ron and together,they reached the source of the first thing that he noticed that it wasn't a normal light. It was some sort of portal. The second thing was Hermione's scarf. So she has been through this portal. "Hermione!", Ron yelled at the portal. Is she safe? Well,there's only one way to find out. Harry jumped into the portal.

He was falling .Thank the gods,someone caught him before he hit tihe ground and break a few bones. "I thought boys were supposed to catch the girls,not the other way around.", Hermione joked and put me down. He laughed,not because the joke,but I was relieved to find Hermione. Alive. Seconds later,Ron dropped from a hole in the sky screaming bloody murder. So he jumped into the portal too. He lunged and caught him in time. "Oh,Harry. Thank you for saving me. How can I repay you with your heroic kindness?",Ron said. He must be traumatized. Harry threw him down and Ron yelled,"Ow! What was that for?!" And he's back to being Ron. "Nothing." "Nothing? Nothing?! You threw me on the hard ground for nothing?! Why you-" "Ron! Shut up!",Hermione interrupted. "He threw me and it hurts.",Ron whined. "Stop being a baby,Ron.",Harry said. He had registered a few facts such as they were on a hill , it was high noon and it was summer. Also they were not in Britain. They were in America. It seems like Hermione noticed this too. "Didn't you noticed anything weird,Ron?",she said. "Like what?" She sighed. Sometimes Harry wondered how Ron can be so dumb. "Like it's summer,and we're in America." Ron got up and looked around. "What?! How do we get here?" "The portal,Ron. Remember?",Hermione were interrupted by a yell,more like a battle cry."Hey! What are you doing here!" Uh-oh.