Futures Past Prologue and warnings: I guess this is more a synopsis than a prologue, I dunno you decide on your own. This was my first attempt at writing since College and I have again decided to fix and improve it. I have been reading Chuck fan fiction for as long as the show was on, and I never read a story about Chuck dealing with people from the future or aliens, so I decided why not? I tried to keep the same character traits they had on the show, but since I hate wimpy guys I had to make Chuck more bad ass as the story goes on. I also have an aversion to anything Morgan. It was Morgan getting the intersect after season 4 that caused me to stop watching the show, so if he is in my stories he will either die or be on the wrong side of the law because of the inherent flaws he has on the show. I can't remember what I did to him here, but as I go I may change what happens to him.

The basic premise of this story is a group of aliens (to us not to the story of course) have come back in time to prevent Annika Hansen from being born. If you follow STV you know who it is, if not it's Seven of Nine, still don't know her, well Google her, lol. They plan to kill her family so the line stops, but they over shot the time and went back to far. Worm holes and temporal anomalies will be in play wreaking havoc on the time lines of several people. Several characters from STV make an appearance or three in this, as does the technology from it.

The two main OFC's come from the future, Gabriel a Borg drone severed from the collective and Sirella, his Klingon wife and partner. Much of these two will be explained as the story goes on. The basics are Gabriel, because of the augmentation the Borg did to his body is much stronger, faster and quicker than a normal human. Sirella is a full Klingon, a proud but honorable warrior species. She is about 50% stronger than a normal human male. Combat is in her blood because she was trained from birth to be a warrior. So while they may seem out of place, as being too good, they fit in from the universe they come from.

There is violence, explosions, death and destruction in this story. Some of the fight scenes can be very graphic so you have been warned.

I don't write fluff, what I try to write is a story that has a good plot and interesting twists. I never liked how they pulled the rug out from under the Charah fans after season 2 so I don't wait long to put the two together where they belong in any of my work, this is no exception. Chuck and Sarah become a couple in chapter 1, engaged in three and I forget where I get them married.

There is mention of same sex relationships in this as well, because let's be honest, they exist in real life and in the future universe they are accepted and celebrated. There is no graphic sex of any kind in this story, I figure if I say they go to make love, you all should know what happens behind closed doors.