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Chapter 2

Winter was in the air. Winter was everywhere. When Merlin crept into his bed, he knew that winter was there to make him toss and turn and restless for the cold. When his meal was reduced to one per day because of the famine which caused by the lack of harvest in Camelot, he knew that winter had come. When he found that his clothes were all too scanty to keep him from shivering, he knew that winter was there, as stern and cruel as Uther Pendragon, coming with the cutting wind,

It had been raining for nearly two weeks. Sometimes it was a cloudburst; sometimes it sprinkled on and off, making everyone who dwelled here in Camelot frustrated and in a furious mood, and then it was hailstones following. Merlin looked at his worn out boots and felt like he would like to cry.

King Olaf and his daughter Vivian had paid Camelot a visit to sign up a treaty in economy with Uther. The treaty had been long in the making and all they awaited was the signing ceremony.

After so many days of rain, it was, at last, a sunny day indeed. There was breeze and sunlight. Beautiful sunlight. If Merlin had heard birdsong tweeting outside, he would have thought that spring had come.

It still had hours before sunset, and after cleaning up the Lady Vivian's chamber (one of the best guests' chambers in the castle), he put down the duster cloth and sat on the floor of her chambers. The window was stained but fair enough. The inflammations caused by the perniones on his heels had made him feel pain and itchy for weeks. He stretched his chilblained toes out to the tiny circles of sunshine reflected on the ground. It was so bliss. After having walked in the rain for a month and suffered such hash weather, it was so bliss. So bliss that he would like to spin around and around and giggle, or maybe he should lie down on the ground and stir, or maybe he should dance, should hum a tune, or…

He chose to stay in the wardrobe for a very short rest. Just an about five minutes' rest, he wouldn't fall asleep or stay any longer than this, he wouldn't cause any trouble. Vivian would never find out.

He opened the wardrobe and crept in; push all of Vivian's clothes aside to make a spot for himself. He sat himself down on it and closed his eyes. Red filled his line of sight as all the sunshine was soothing his eyelids. Sunshine, every corner of his universe was sunshine. He suddenly felt so very sad. Or it may not be sad, it's just kind of various emotions mixed together that he couldn't hold at once in his very young chest, but he just let them fill him.

The dawn fell. The sky turned grey again. The light from the fireplace was so faint and weird, and so different from the sunshine of winter hours ago; how many hours he had slept away he didn't know, though.

He'd got to leave for some footsteps were approaching and except that…except that he had weed in the wardrobe during his slumber and…

Vivian had been furious more than curious about why the door of her wardrobe was not fully closed, and before she could get close to shut it, the peek of a certain figure had already came to her. The night- year- old lady Vivian with fair blonde hair and ivory skin screamed like there had been rats and cockroaches dwelled in her wardrobe as she pulled open both of its doors.

Merlin jumped and was immediately on his feet.

"Father! Oh, good heavens-look at all my splendid dressed, all were damaged!" she continued her wiry voice, "Father, look at the BLOODY SERVANT in Camelot, he left his filthy wee on my dress, I want you to KILL him on right where he stands, I want to go home, FATHER!"

Don't scream-don't let Olaf or Arthur or Uther or the guards hear you-don't-please-stop-NOW! He prayed inwardly.

His prayers came true and after a while nobody answered her. She was silent for a moment then cast him a look full of abomination.

"Take off what you're wearing, you lowly chump!" she shrieked at his face. He flinched a little, and then did as she told.

"Very lucky for you if my father's not here or he will screw your head off. Now you'll pay for what you've done."

She asked him to pick up the light yellow dress she had just tossed on the floor, which was the only clammy one in her wardrobe, used to be her favourite and now her most disgusted with.

After that she tossed all of Merlin's clothes into the fireplace and told him to put her dress on.

He had hardly had time to save his worn out boots, his shirt and his handkerchief. Nor had he had time to watched the only thing his mother left him (well, he did think so) withered and died in the fire when she shouted for the guards.

This time, two guards arrived. They dragged him through the streets as Vivian ordered.

The dress was too large and too long for him; part of it had stuck to his flesh as he was forced to parade. The wind rose as the sun set, and the clammy dress had made it even harder to tolerate. His feet were bruised by tiny rocks on the ground and sometimes he would trip over the hems of the dress and the guards would pull him back on his feet fiercely. They kept hitting him with their spears, kicking him, especially when he couldn't walk at a certain pace and slow down.

His pace had become even slower when the groups encountered Arthur Pendragon. However, one of the guards dragged him ahead and the other greeted with a loud voice, "Good evening, sire."

Oh, for god's sake they just hadn't had enough fun kicking me like that and they would like to see Arthur Pendragon to gut me alive, surely he would. Merlin had seen what Arthur had done with some of the children in the lower town before, with his knights by his side. When he was younger, he had decided that the blonde head bully should be taught a lesson once he became more powerful with his magic, though his own life was surrounded by bullies and he had hardly managed to beat them. Now he was at one of bullies' mercy and he'd doubted that he could live to see the day when he became that powerful.

"What's wrong with you?" he was only eight but he was tall enough to look down upon Merlin. He waved his hand a little, beckoning to the oversize dress, eyeing Merlin up and down, the same abomination on his face as whoever had seen Merlin on the streets just now.

"He had…" one of a guard began and Arthur motioned again to stop him.

"I don't like cowards." He said with a frown, "Now tell me, boy. What have you done?"

Merlin gave him the answer and held his head up to look at him. For a sickening moment of silence, he thought he would run him through with his sword. Then he heard several of the prince's chortles.

"Let him go." The king of bullies and clotpoles said, still being amused, "It was this late and I think everyone should get some sleep."

"But sire…" very disappointed and confused, two guards unlocked the shackles and spared him.

He went back to the cellar still in that dress without the heavy shackles clanging as he walked. Off the dress-left it on the floor -climb into his bed and watch the fire dead slowly in the fireplace before he fell asleep. The other tatty outfit of his was still dribbling in front of the fireplace because of yesterday's rain. He was still a bit wistful for the afternoon he had-how heavenly it was, he thought.

Nearly a week after when he woke up, he found Nimueh sitting on his knees and staring at him, and he was sure that she had mewed. He heard that by his heart, not by his ears-because he was totally deaf -now.

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