I was going to wait to work on the sequel to The Damned until after I finished Why Are You Crying?, but I couldn't wait. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

"Do you fear death?"

Kida and Gaston were forced to their knees by Ursula. The hard wood of the Flying Dutchman's deck stung Kida's knees on impact, but she didn't flinch.

"No," Gaston replied firmly, not taking his eyes off the man, rather the creature, named Davy Jones.

As long as Kida had been exposed to the sea and sailors and pirates she had heard of Davy Jones Locker, but she had always thought Davy Jones was a myth. But now he stood in front of her and to say he was grotesque would be a vast understatement. He was tall with one human leg, but his right leg was that of a crab leg which somewhat resembled a peg leg. His left arm was a crab-like claw, while his right hand had tentacles instead of fingers. His skin was wet and had a greenish tint to it. His face was the most horrifying, though. Like his right hand, it had long slimy tentacles and had no human features at all; in fact instead of a nose he had a siphon-like tentacle on the left side of his face. On the back of his head he had a large sac sticking out from under his hat, which made his head as a whole look like an octopus. Kida had to lower her head to keep from showing how terrified she was of him.

"Do you fear death?" Davy Jones asked her. His face was close to hers and his breath reeked of death; she had to keep her mouth closed to avoid vomiting. He wrapped his tentacle fingers around her chin and lifted her face up towards his. Kida kept a stern face and looked him right in his dead eyes.


Davy Jones whipped her head to the side, then turned to address his crew. "Kill them both."

Kida glared at his back, then kicked out her leg and tripped him. His legs flew out from under him and he fell to the deck with a hard thud. She bent over him and spit in his face. The crew charged over to her, but Davy Jones stopped them.

"Wait!" Davy Jones demanded as he stood up, using a barnacle covered wooden stick as a crutch. He now towered over Kida and due to his lack of human features, his face showed no emotion. "Who are you?"

"My name is Captain Kida, and this is Gaston. You're not going to kill us, you're going to make us part of your crew."

Davy Jones laughed. "Am I now?"


"And why is that?"

"Unlike the rest of your recruited crew, we are not dead nor are we dying. We're strong and would be valuable assets to you."

Davy Jones was now studying Kida. "I have no use for a woman on my crew."

"I've killed every enemy I've come up against."

"Why do you want to join our crew?"

"Even though I do not fear death, I would still rather not die."

"Very well," Davy Jones said after a few moments. "I will give you both one day as part of my crew on a trial basis. If you don'tlive up to you've told me, I will personally remove your lying tongue and kill you both."

Kida smirked at the horrid creature. "One day is all we need."


Kida and Gaston kept to themselves the rest of the day. They did everything Davy Jones told them and stayed out of trouble. Kida did her best to ignore the lustful looks of the sea creature crew, but she was painfully aware of them. Her skin felt like it was crawling every time she caught one of their glances. When it was time for bed, Kida stayed close to Gaston and he was more than happy to be her bodyguard. It was a strange feeling for Kida to be sleeping on a worn out hammock among the rest of the crew instead of in her own bed. She couldn't wait to be back on her own ship.

"Everyone's asleep," Gaston whispered.

Kida nodded and the two of them quietly snuck out of the sleeping chambers. There was a room near Davy Jones' captain's quarters where he kept an old piano organ and his heart. Everyone who has ever sailed knows the legend of Davy Jones and his heart. According to the stories, whoever has Davy Jones' heart can control him. That was exactly what Kida was going to do.

Kida and Gaston had no trouble finding Davy Jones' capatin's quarters. He was asleep and making a weird gurggling snoring sound. Gaston kept watch as Kida carefully took the key to the heart's chest from one of Davy Jones' tentacles. He stirred slightly in his sleep, but Kida and Gaston didn't stick around long enough to see if he would wake up. They hurried towards the other room, side stepping guards asleep at their posts.

The chest was in the center of the room guarded by one creature that was still awake. Kida slipped Gaston the key and walked in ahead of him.

"Hi there, big boy," Kida greeted the disgusting man.

"You shouldn't be in here."

"I wanted to see you." Kida did her best to sound flirty, but she was struggling since the mere sight of this guard made her want to vomit. "I've been hoping to find you."


"I want to show you something." Kida slowly lifted up her top, exposing herself to the creature.

At first he just stared at her, then he reach hesitantly reached out to touch her. Just as he did, Gaston came out from behind her and grabbed his arm. With very little effort, Gaston broke the guard's hand and then pulled out his knife and stabbed him in the eye. He tossed the body to the side, then unlocked the chest and pulled out the small sack that contained the heart. Kida held her breath as she waited to see the heart beat. When it did, she and Gaston exchanged smiles.

They immediately made their way back to Davy Jones' room and woke him up. When he saw Kida holding his heart and Gaston holding a knife just above it, he froze in fear.

"You're under our control now," Gaston told him.

"I want you to attack the next ship we come across and give it to me. Then, I want you to help me find The Damned and kill everyone aboard it."