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Chapter 1 : The new recruit

The light entered through the window in the room. It shone upon the sleeping person. He had black hair, with a white tuft, a few scars on his body, wich was muscular and strong. The room itself was medium size. A table next the couch, wich was placed to the wall. There were some pictures of people he probably knew. There was a big one, on wich were shown the same man on the bed, and one more, who had a moustache, his hair strange, and with a toothy grin. The pictures were drawn, as one could guess.

The man on the bed opened his eyes and a sight escaped his mouth. He sat on the bed and look at the window to chek what time it could be, but then remembered that he had that hextech machine, that its creators used to call a 'clock'. The man stood up, made his gymnastics, had a shower, wich was a hextech invention again, and got dressed up. His red cloak was on his back, his armor prepared. This was Darius, The hand of Noxus. He left his room in the institute to participate in a match after having breakfast. For that, he went to Morgana's bakery. It was a simple place, smelling so tasty and satisfying. Darius opened the door and greeted Morgana. She was a once beautiful angel, but her wings were now burned, for a reason Darius couldn't know. Other than him and the fallen angel, there were three more champions and one summoner. The champions were Amumu the little yordle mummy, Janna the storm mage, and Shaco, the pretty crazy jester. The summoner was calmly drinking tea. Darius went in front of Morgana and started a conversation.

"Hello, Morgana. "

"Hi. What are you going to eat?"

"I will take a muffin, because I will be participating in a match. "

She gave him a warm muffin, while receiving her payment. Darius left the bakery and walked towards the summoning building. He ate the perfect muffin and smiled, for he earned a telepathic message, that informed him for the finding of a match. Darius walked in the summoning area, and looked at the place that was going to form the match. All the nine places were already taken and the champions there were: Leona, the sun warrior, Skarner, the scorpion, Evelynn, the widow maker, Mundo, the madman, Singed, the mad chemist and some more. He stepped on the last circle and the summoning ritual began. This was going to be long...

The Warmaster looked at his young student, who already was a young man, 23 years old. His training was more than ten years long, but the young Noxian was ready.

"Master, what are we going to do now?" His student asked. The Warmaster stared at the sky, directly at the sun.

"Draven, now you are going to do on your own. But promise, that after three years you will join the so-called League of legends. This is the only prize you will have to pay for what I have done for you...

Draven woke up in the forest that led to the Institute of war. He smiled and stood up, walking towards the great building in the distance. Different foughts flew through his mind, but mostly the figure of the Warmaster. Draven knew his master tought him only one percent of his knowledge, if not lower, but it was enough for the executioner to advance in the military and then his doings. But Draven was only remembering the warmaster, the promise he gave, but broke. It was four years since then, and he was late with 365 days. He broke his only promise... But it was his ego that stopped him, he was loving the crowd that was shouting his name, yelling only 'DRAVEN, DRAVEN, DRAVEN, DRAVEN!' He knew he could not leave them, not so soon at least. Time passed so fast that he didn't understand when he got to the doors. Opening them, he Shouted challenging everyone in the Institute.


The yell was followed by his laugher.