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Nick was watching his three kids by himself because Jackie had a late meeting at work. He had brought Jasmine's toy box into the living room and Jasmine and Houston were digging through it.

"No Houden, mine." Jasmine said, giving Houston a little shove as Houston went to grab a toy out of the box.

"Jasmine Nicole that is not nice, now say you're sorry to your little brother." Nick said scolding her, which was a very rare occurrence, especially in Jackie's eyes.

Instead of apologizing Jasmine turned to Nick and stuck her tongue out at him. Nick was almost shocked.

"Ok, if that is how you are going to behave then you don't get to play with the toys at all." Nick said as he picked her up and set her down on the couch a long ways away from the toy box.

"Me hate dada." Jasmine said angrily as she got up off of the couch and went upstairs into her room.

Nick was stunned, and hurt beyond measure. A few minutes later Jackie walked through the door.

"Hi." She told Nick cheerfully.

Houston toddled over to her and she picked him up.

"Hi big boy." She said as she kissed the top of his head.

He immediately became enthralled with her necklace and started playing with it. She looked down at him and laughed and when she looked at Nick she expected him to be smiling but he wasn't.

"What's wrong?" Jackie asked when she noticed the look on his face.

"Nothing." Nick mumbled.

"Yes there is, what's up?" she asked again as she sat down next to him on the couch.

He looked at her "Jasmine said she hated me." He finally admitted.

"Oh honey, what happened?"

"Well she almost knocked Houston over and so I told her she needed to say she was sorry but instead of doing so she stuck her tongue out at me and so I put her on the couch and wouldn't let her play with her toys. Then she looked me right in the eye and said me hate dada. Next thing I know she went up to her room and she hasn't been out since. I was shocked, and I gotta tell you when she said that it hurt me a lot more then getting pushed out that second story window by Nigel."

"Sweetie don't let her get to you, she didn't mean it, you know you're her favorite person on the planet."

"Well has she ever said that to you before?" Nick asked.

"Yes, a couple times." Jackie said.

"And it didn't bother you?"

"Of course it did, but honey, I promise fifteen minutes later I was her best friend again. In my opinion the person that coined the phrase the terrible twos was confused." Jackie said with a smile.

"What do you mean?"

"The phrase should have been the terrible threes." Jackie explained with a grin.

Nick laughed.

"Listen why don't you just go talk to her?" Jackie suggested.

"Alright, I can do that." Nick said as he got up off of the couch and headed upstairs.

He peeked his head into Jasmine's room. She was seated at her little table with several stuffed animals around her, having what appeared to Nick to be a tea party. She saw Nick and her eyes lit up.

"Dada pay." She said excitedly as she got up and ran over and grabbed his hand.

Nick smiled as he sat at the only available seat at Jasmine's table. Jasmine handed him a bright pink hat. Nick tried not to laugh.

"Put on dada." She told him.

"Oh ok." Nick said.

He put it on even though it was about 85 sizes too small. She then proceeded to "pour" Nick pretend tea. She then "poured" herself some and then sat down across from him with the sweetest smile on her little face.

Jackie peeked her head into the doorway and smiled. She caught Nick's eye, she winked and smiled at him before she turned around and walked back downstairs. As Nick sat there in the small chair that was really uncomfortable, wearing his tiny pink hat he couldn't help but smile, Jackie was right, Jasmine didn't hate him at all, her actions spoke way louder then her words.

The End!