One Shocking Surprise: KIQ (Konoha Ice Queens) New Gen Edition

By: Sheltie

I don't own Naruto at all

A/N: this one is kind of a future OSS. This is the new generation of Konoha Ice Queens that takes over for Anko, Kurenai, Yugao and Hana. They are Hinata, Ino, Tenten and Rei Uchiha. I thought it would be fun to do after writing my KIQ edition. This will also be the first time a new character is used as the one being surprised. Warning there's some language in this.

Konohamaru Sarutobi was walking to the Hokage tower. He had just returned from a long, long mission and he wanted to report to Naruto. Yup, Naruto is the Sixth Hokage and is one of the best Hokages ruling in a mostly peaceful time with only a few skirmishes, but he quelled them all with either a gentle or a firm hand. Konohamaru's goal was still become the Seventh Hokage, but right now he was a jounin. He got to the Hokage tower and made his way up. He got to the door and knocked on the door. There was no answer. The young Sarutobi frowned, but knocked again.

He didn't hearing anything still, but then the door opened and Konohamaru blushed brightly. There before him was Ino Yamanaka, also known as Konoha's Mind Fucker. She used her family jutsu and powerful genjutsu to mess with her enemies' minds. Many of them gone insane after they spilled their guts of any secrets they held.

But what made Konohamaru blush so madly was the fact that Ino was wearing a bed sheet and just that. It didn't really help cover her amazing body. The sheet was a bit thin and Konohamaru could faintly see a few parts of her through it.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" Ino asked.

"Um, uh, Konohamaru Sarutobi back from my mission from Spring Country" Konohamaru said not looking at Ino at all.

"Oh, okay" Ino said.

"Who's at the door Ino, I thought we said no breaks?"

Soon a new figure appeared and Konohamaru blushed brightly again. Before him was Rei Uchiha. She was the last survivor of her clan. She had killed her brother Sasuke after Sasuke tried to destroy Konoha. She was known as the Red-Eyed Demoness since when she fights she is a demon really. She was ruthless and showed no mercy to her enemies.

"I know, but the knocking wouldn't stop, I had to do something" Ino said.

Rei sighed. Her long black hair swayed back and forth. Konohamaru didn't even look at Rei either since all she was dressed in was her bra and panties. This really showed off her very fit body since her bra was straining against her ample chest and her panties were bikini cut.

The young Sarutobi's cheeks were bright red.

"What's taking you two so long?"

Soon a woman with pupiless eyes appeared. Konohamaru glanced up hoping this one would be dressed appropriately, but his wish wasn't granted as he snapped his head back down just as quickly as it went up.

Appearing was Hinata, who was known as Konoha's Gentle Devil which was an oxymoron really. But she was given that title since she was so sweet and gentle, but if you ever face her on the battlefield then she's a complete devil. Now she was dressed in what appeared to be Naruto's jacket and her panties. Her jacket was closed properly and it showed a generous amount of skin and if she dared moved in a certain direction then she'd give up her goods so to speak.

Konohamaru wasn't even sure what to say or do since right now he had three heiresses of three clans in front of him all in some state of undress. He kept chanting to himself that he wasn't a pervert. Though little good that did him when he was before such beautiful goddesses.

"You know, it's rude to leave the party just as it was getting going?"

Konohamaru knew that voice and looked up, but again dropped his head down as a bit of blood leaked out of his nose.

The owner of the voice was Tenten known as the Konoha's Weapons Mistress. Since she is skilled in numerous weapons, too many to really count actually. She was a part of Naruto's elite Anbu guard that went with him on trips to protect him. She was dressed scantily in black lace bra and panties in a sexy French cut style with her usual bun haired style undone and her flowing brown locks sweeping with every move she made.

Konohamaru knew he was standing before the Konoha Ice Queens V2. These four kunoichi took up the mantle that had been held by their predecessors; Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Hana Inuzuka and Yugao Uzuki. All for of them had retired from service and that meant new openings for the Ice Queen titles. Rei, Hinata, Ino and Tenten filled into the roles nicely as all four were the best and strongest kunoichi in their fields with each of them in the Bingo book.

"What's Sarutobi doing here?" Tenten asked.

"He said he had returned from Spring Country, but after that nothing else" Ino said.

"Oh, I suppose he's here to report" Rei said.

"Look kid, the Hokage is busy now. Come back tomorrow morning" Tenten said.

"Um, maybe early tomorrow afternoon is a better time" Hinata said.

"Hm, yeah, I suppose you're right. Kid, come back late tomorrow afternoon" Ino said.

The other girls didn't correct Ino on this.

"Himes, where are you, we need to get back our work" Naruto called.

"Yes Lord Hokage" the four Ice Queens chorused.

Ino then closed the door on Konohamaru. The young Sarutobi stood there for a long time then he just fainted. But his last thoughts before darkness took him were this. Man, I hope when I am Hokage I get the same treatment as Naruto.


A/N: that's the end of this one. It was kind of fun doing a kind of future OSS. My next set of OSS chaps will be very special. I won't give anything else away since I want to keep it a surprise. Thanks for reading and please review.