I could look at her all day, and I wouldn't get tired of it. For her, we're just friends and nothing else, but in my mind we are more than friends, we are lovers. Sometimes she says some things that I really don't know how to construe, she's so mysterious. But I like mysteries, puzzles and all kind of things that I have to think to understand.

Sometimes I imagine me and her, and it's right, looks right, seems we were made to each other. Seems I've been waiting for her all my life, I was made for love her for all my life. Don't seem, we were made to each other.

I was looking at her during all the break, but she was talking with Nick and laughing. Oh her laugh, I love her laugh, is so spontaneous.

Finally Nick left her, and I was there, taking courage to go talk to her about my feelings, even I am not so good at it. I was trying move my feet, even they wasn't moving. Finally I got up and walked to her.

- Hey Grissom! What's up?

I froze, I couldn't move one single muscle.

- Grissom? Are you ok?

- Ãh… Yeah, yeah… we a… We have a case!

- We're already in a case, are you really ok? Don't seems like!

- Oh yeah, sure! Ah… I have to go to my office.

- Ok!

I just leave there. How could I be so coward? How? I'm not like this! I am brave, so many times I faced serial killers and murders, but I can't face a single woman? What are you doing Grissom?

I sit in front of my desk and stayed there looking for nothing.

- Ãh… Grissom?

- Yes Catherine?

- What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me? Well… is… you!

- Nothing! I'm just with a... one of my migraines.

- Oh… but shouldn't you be locked in here and in the dark? You usually do that! – She started to get closer to me. – Grissom, I know you aren't fine, you can tell me! – She sits in front of me.

She stayed there looking at me; she seems that wouldn't leave there so soon.

- Ok… but I never told this to anyone… I'm not the kind of guy who says this kind of things!

She shook her head.

- Well… there's a woman… and she a… she works with me…

Her breathing gets faster, I couldn't understand.

- It's Sara, right?

- Hm… no!

- Sofia! – I shook my head negative. – Judy? Mandy? Ãh…

- Stop guessing Catherine! It's none of them!

- So who is?

I thought for seconds before answer her question. Is now or never.

- It's you!