"Kanani, it's time to get up sweetheart. You have to go and get sighed up for Duel Academy today." Aziza said walking into her daughters' room and pulling back her long silk curtains that covered the large window of her room. Aziza heard a tired groan from under the large black satin covers and the ruffling of the covers being moved. Aziza sighed and put her hands on her wrist.

"Kanani Kiryuu! Up at once!" Aziza said her voice in a demanding tone. She heard another groan before seeing a mess of white and black hair pop out from underneath the covers.

"Okay mom I'm up." Aziza smiled and left her daughters room to give her some privacy. Kanani yawned and stretched out her tired limbs before getting out of bed and heading towards her bathroom. After her shower, Kanani got dressed. She wore a black short sleeve shirt that said "DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I'M ME", a red mini skirt, black thigh high leggings and some high heeled wedge boots. She brushed her hair and put the finishing touches on her outfit and gave herself a wink in the mirror. She grabbed her deck and headed downstairs.

"Excited sweetie?" Aziza asked while placing some pancakes on a plate and putting it in front of her daughter.

"I guess I'm a little nervous though." Kanani said leaning her head on her hand.

"It'll be fine. After all you're a Kiryuu." Kanani rolled her eyes.

"I know mom but it's not that. I'm afraid that everyone will find out."

Aziza frowned a little at kanani's comment. She didn't understand why she didn't want anyone to know why she was related to her. Aziza wouldn't show it but deep down inside her heart was breaking of her daughter rejection. Not wanting her daughter to know that something was bothering her, she smiled sweetly and said:

"Don't worry sweetie everything will be alright." Kanani smiled and began eating her breakfast.

Kanani sat quietly in the stands watching the other duelist duel for a chance to get into the academy. She had been here for nearly three hours and she was beginning to get bored. Some of the duels she watched were pretty exciting. Especially when this one guy named Bastian Misawa dueled the crap out of his duel curator his duel was so exciting that it had her on the edge of her seat with excitement and anticipation.

She let out a long yawn as she continued to watch one of the duels that was currently taking place. The duelist was okay but he could still use some more practice.

'He'll lose next turn.' She thought as she watched the male duelist play another low level monster on his side of the field. And just like she predicted, the male duelist lost the rest of his life points.

"Kanani Kiryuu to arena 7, Kanani Kiryuu to arena 7." A male voice said over the intercom.

Kanani got up and headed down to her assigned arena. She stood silently on her side of the arena waiting patiently for one of the curators to come and duel her.

A few minutes later a tall dark haired male who looked roughly around his twenties walked onto the platform and onto his side of field.

"Ready to lose rookie?" the man said arrogantly at Kanani. Kanani didn't say anything as she shuffled her deck and placed them in her duel disk activating it. The curator did the same and they began their duel.

Fifteen minutes later and Kanani had this duel in the bag. She had four monsters on her side of the field while her opponent only had one. Kanani smirked inwardly as she saw the curator sweat under pressure. The curator, refusing to lose to some little girl, blindly declares an attack on one of kanani's monsters. Kanani smirks and orders one of her monsters to attack his monster. The monster obeys her command and kills the curator's monster and ends the duel with Kanani as the winner.

"And the winner is Kanani Kiryuu. Congratulations! You are now enrolled into duel Academy." The male voice from before announced over the loud speaker. Kanani walked back up into the stands and took her place back in her seat. Kanani could feel the eyes of the already enrolled students stare at her and whisper among themselves about her. She ignored all the stares from the other students and just watched the remaining duelist duel their duels. Although, when she felt a stare more intense than the others, she looked behind her. Lavender eyes met up with black ones that looked at her with such intensity it made her shudder. Getting a good look at the owner of the black iris's she saw that it was the one and only Chazz Princeton. Smirking, she turned back around and continued to watch the duels the other entry duels.

After an hour and a half of watching some good (and some lame) duels, Kanani stood up and headed for the exit to go home and call it a day but stopped when the announcer called a last minute entry. Apparently some guy named Jaden Yuki had arrived late and was made the last duel of the day.

'What's the big deal? He'll just win and get accepted. They should just let him on through." Kanani thought to herself. She was about to leave until she saw who he was dueling.

'Maybe I'll stay a little longer'

She went and sat back down in her seat and watched the guy named Jaden duel. She giggled softly when she saw the curator, professor Crowler, get 'crushed' by his Ancient Gear Golem as it crumbled on top of him. She smiled as she watched Jaden blow kisses and wave to the crowd as the cheered for his victory. At that moment, the two of their eyes met and for a moment everything in the world seemed to have stopped in slow motion. Kanani felt her heart beat faster and pump loudly against her chest and rib cage and her stomach twist with a fluttery feeling that she couldn't explain or bare. Not being able to take the feeling anymore, she ran out of the building. Once outside she took a couple of deep breaths to calm her nerves.

'Get over yourself girl. You don't even know him. You can't get all lovey dovey over a guy you don't know.' She scolded herself for even feeling such emotions.

'Don't try to act all tough now. You know what you felt.' A voice said from the back of kanani's mind. Kanani ignored it and took another deep breath. Once her nerves were calm, she walked on home to get ready for her new life a Duel Academy.

This story was suppose to be written after the sequel to Our love is Eternal but after reading the manga I decided to write it early. Let me know what you think of it and give me some advice on if I should continue it. Also, if I do continue it I will be following the manga instead of the anime. It's much better than the anime in my opinion. anyway enjoy.